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Late fee applies after October 8th Call to verify we have room on a team for your player

7th Boys is Full

6th Girls is Full
Please contact Jacquie Pearson at 303-880-1415 or jacquiepearson@yahoo.com with questions.



Chatfield 2021 Youth Tryouts (please register on line)

Click HERE to register 




Saturday, August 28, 2021 at Chatfield HS


2nd-5th grade Boys-- may return to their 2020-2021 team, form a new team or request to be placed on a team.  They will NOT attend tryouts.  Any team (6th-8th grade) that wants to play in the B division (Recreational, can form a team without attending tryouts)


6th Grade Boys 4:00p.m.-5:15p.m.

7th Grade Boys 5:15p.m.-6:30p.m.

8th Grade Boys 6:30p.m.-8:00p.m.




Saturday, August 21, 2021 at Chatfield HS

2nd-6th grade Girls--may return to their 2020-2021 team, form a new team or request to be placed on a team.  They will NOT attend tryouts.  Any team (7th-8th grade) that wants to play in the B division (Recreational, can form a team without attending tryouts)


7th and 8th Grade Girls Tryouts cancelled.  all 7th graders will play on the same team.  8th grade team is formed based on last year.

Please bring a reversible jersey, basketball and a water bottle.


Jefferson County Basketball Conference Winter League

We allow teams to play in our league from anywhere in Colorado as long as they are sponsored by a Jeffco Member area, so you may sign up as a team.  We just want kids to play basketball—especially this year!  We do take individual registrations for most areas listed above and can place you on a team. 


Please call or email JP Sports for more information: (303) 880-1415


RULES: Click here to link to our Game and League Rules Page.



  • Registration is open now through October 3, 2021, late fee of $15 after Oct 4, late fee of $25 after Oct 18.

  • Available for boys & girls grades 2 through 8.

  • $235 per-player for grades 2, 3, & 4: 10-game guarantee plus playoffs for qualifying teams (top 8 in every division).  Practice time is included.  There will be an additional cost for Uniforms, see Jerseys & Uniforms section below.

  • $255 per-player for grades 5, 6, 7, & 8: 12-game guarantee plus playoffs for qualifying teams.  Practice time is included.  There will be an additional cost for Uniforms, see Jerseys & Uniforms section below.

  • Roster rules do not require all players to be from same high school area and will include separation of teams with competitive players from teams with recreation-level players.

  • Individual Registration: we can place you on a team, or you can request to be on a specific team.

  • Divisions for teams with various skills levels: Gold, A, B, and C in most grade levels for boys.  Girls usually just have one division.

  • No Sunday Games or Practices.

  • PRACTICES: Every team that pays for practice should get two practices per week.  The coach will schedule those practices.  Sometimes, a coach may decided to only practice once a week, and sometimes practices get cancelled because a school cancels our gym use.  

  • REGULAR SEASON GAMES begin Monday, November 29th and will conclude on or before February 19, 2022.  Games could be any day of the week except Sunday.  League Blackout dates are; November 22-28; and December 23 – January 3.  Game day typically varies from week to week.  Game locations likely will include Gold Crown, River Church, Tony Grampsas, Lilly Gulch Rec Center and any other gyms in the Jefferson County area.  (including Metro State College)

  • PLAYOFFS & LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS are included as part of the League  and will be held the week of February 22 and will end on or before February 26, 2022.  The top 8 teams in each division will qualify for the playoffs, single elimination format. No Game Admission Fees for Spectators.

  • PRE-SEASON TOURNAMENT: JPS hosts the Pre-Season Tournament (see details on our website), this is not included as part of the Winter League, but is a great way to “warm-up” for the season.





  • A $30 fee will be charged for any player withdrawing prior to the registration deadline.  Requests for refunds must be in writing and sent to JP Sports.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF OFFICIAL PRACTICE NOVEMBER 1st.


  • There will be an additional cost for uniforms.  Each player must have a matching team uniform.

  • Chatfiled area players will need to order NEW uniforms for the 2021-2022 season because the previous style was disconitnued by the vendor. If you are a returning player in the Chatfield area from the 2020-2021 season, you will  need to purchase a new uniform in order for teams to have matching unfiorms.  Click here to link to the Chatfield uniform order.

  • Uniforms will be ordered October 12th.



Are you interested in coaching?  We need YOU!  Please fill out the Coaches Application on the JP Sports website (link below).  Once the application is approved, you will need to complete the background check and the concussion training.

  • Coaches Application: Every first-time head coach, and any coach that did not coach in the league last winter season must fill out a coaches application followed by the background check and the concussion training.

  • Background Check: good for two consecutive seasons, each coach must complete the background check once every two years.

  • Concussion Training: All coaches are required to complete the concussion training EACH YEAR.

  • Coaches Meeting: October 27th at 6:30pm at Dunstan MS cafeteria. 


COVID-19 & SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES: As of September 10th, 2021 most of these are no longer being followed.  We will update closer to the start of the 2021-2022 season. Masks required in all Jefferson County Gyms (even while playing)

  • Masks: Face covering masks are required at all times in all Jefferson County Schools: during play, entering, exiting, on the bench, etc. (players, coaches, scorekeepers, and spectators).  See Current mask mandate for indoor sports below. 

  • Hand Sanitizer: Every player should have their own hand sanitizer and should sanitize their hands every time they come off the court.

  • Disinfecting Wipes: Every coach or team manager should have disinfecting wipes to sanitize the ball before and after each game and during timeouts.

  • Scores: Every coach or team manager is required to bring their own scoresheet or scorebook and pen/pencil to each game; and scoresheets are to be taken with you after each game to avoid unnecessary touching; scores are entered online by the winning team.

  • Spectators & Parents: ONLY ONE spectator per player is allowed at this time.  Maximum of 23 people in the team party to include players, coaches, score-keeper and any parents.

  • Water & Snacks: do not share water or snacks, everyone should provide their own water.  There is no water provided at the venue.

  • Game Ball: Each team should be prepared with a game ball and a ball for warmups.

  • Scoreboards: will be sanitized by event staff after each game.

  • Hand-shakes & celebrations: players and coaches should refrain from hand-shakes, high-fives, fist bumps, elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations and hugs, etc.

  • Referees have been asked to help sanitize the balls at time-outs, half-time and end of the game.

  • Coaches should sanitize the bench and score table before allowing the team to sit down or the scorekeeper to touch the bench.  The sanitizing spray will be available at the score table.

  • Enter as a team unit—don’t be late, late arrivals will not be permitted to enter the facility.



Teams Playing in the Gold Crown League

Click link for Gold Crown League information--dates, divisions, structure.


Gold Crown Costs vary from team to team depending on the number of players.  League Fees, Practice Gym Rental and game gym rental is computed and divided by the total players on the team.  You will be provided a cost breakdown once fees are calculated.  

Uniforms and additional tournaments are extra.  


Teams Playing in BOTH the Jefferson County Basketball Conference and Gold Crown will incur the Jeffco fee plus the Gold Crown league fee and game gym fee for Gold Crown.  


Contact:  Jacquie Pearson 303-880-1415 or jacquiepearson@yahoo.com with questions.