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WYB has 13 separate sports that allow opportunities for over 6,000 children in the Worthington School System to play sports. Because we do not own any of our own sports facilities, we rely on the Parks & Recreation Departments (Worthington & Columbus) and the Worthington School District for use of their indoor / outdoor facilities. Due to the high volume of activities, space to practice / play is at a premium. Therefore, space must be allocated fairly while giving priority to sports that are in season.

WYB's Partners in the Worthington Community offer the WYB program use of their facilities at greatly reduced rates. Most of these groups stipulate that a minimum amount of the team make-up consist of Worthington School District Residents. It is vital to Worthington Youth Boosters that no program take advantage of this situation. The restrictions on team make-up shall be maintained for all teams paying the WYB Rate for facilities. Worthington Parks and Recreation have established this minimum at 75% Worthington School District Residents. Any program permitting any of their teams or programs to take advantage of this pricing without meeting this residency minimums will be removed from WYB at the end of their current season.