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The objects and purposes for which the corporation was formed were to promote and foster local, district, regional, national and international competition in the sport of baseball as deemed appropriate by the Vienna Little League and the Vienna Baseball Foundation Boards of Directors. VBF was also formed to support and develop amateur athletes for competition in the sport of baseball and to engage in other such activities as may be necessary and proper to accomplish these objectives.

The most important purpose of VBF's efforts is to support Vienna Little League's long term capital goals, which are not covered in VLL's annual operating budget. These include long range plans to improve fields, to build needed administrative buildings at Yeonas Park and to provide other facilities such as batting cages or indoor practice facilities that would allow Little league to better develop its young players.

The financial goal of the Foundation is to manage an existing endowment fund to provide a reliable and continuous source of income to further the Foundation's purposes set forth above. And, when that fund is drawn down to a certain level to engage in fund raising activities to increase the fund to the ultimate benefit of baseball in our area.

The corporation is organized and run as a 501 (c) (3) organization under the Internal Revenue Service code and is exclusively for the charitable and educational purposes listed above.

No portion of the net earnings of the corporation shall go to the benefit of its directors, officers or other private individuals, or organizations operated for a profit, except that the corporation may pay reasonable sums for services rendered.