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Off Season Clinics and Domeball
by posted 09/19/2017


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Dome Ball


Pitching Clinics
- Featuring MN Gopher Pitching Staff
- Instructors from NCAA and National Professional Fastpitch (NPF)

Hitting Clinics
-Featuring Minnesota's Best Clinicians

Skills Clinics
Instruction on all Softball Fundamentals
-Infield/Outfield Drills with Quality Instruction
-Designed by Coach Mike Carter

Catching Clinics
-Multiple Sessions For All Skill Levels
-5:1 Student / Clinician Ratio


Slap Hitting Clinics
Instruction specific to slap hitters


Also Offering..
-MN State High School Season Pre-Tryout Prep Clinics
-Coach Mentoring


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TC Fastpitch Academy serves our Fastpitch community providing a turnkey answer for your softball training needs.  Whether your need is player skill development, coaches clinics, off-season opportunities or a wish to handoff the administration of your softball training, then TC Fastpitch Academy is the right answer for you.  

Formed in 2012 by veteran coaches Mike Carter and Jack Thibault, the two brought 50 years of experience to the plate as well as a pool of instructors and coaches with incredible credentials.

Learn more about our expanded training opportunities by visiting tcfastpitch.com

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