It is the mission of the SWM LYSL to develop, deploy, and maintain a comprehensive program for the development and promotion of the game of soccer for the youth of Lincoln Township and surrounding areas. This League has been established as a non-profit an

Picture Day May 8th
by posted 05/04/2021

Capture Studios

Good afternoon parents, coaches, and players!

Picture day number one was a great success, we heard lots of good things about how smooth things went and we are hoping to have the same for this coming weekend for picture day number two! Pictures will take place near the concession stand. Please look for the tents/tables for check in. Keep your team together and do your best to collect all packets and have one person at the check in table. This will ease in the congestion and keep things moving quickly. Below you will find the schedule for picture day. Make sure you arrive prior to your picture times and get settled in with your coach and team. 

Masks will need to be worn until your picture time. Your child will be able to take off their mask during their individual pictures and during the group photo. Your coach will determine your jersey color for pictures so look to them for what color you will be wearing. 

Your coach should have delivered your picture packet to you by this time, however if they have not you can look on the website to see the order forms and get an idea of what pictures you will be purchasing. There will be paper order forms at the field should you need more. 

Look below to find the schedule for Saturday May 8th.


MAY 8th Picture Day


7:40 AM

8:00 AM

8:20 AM

8:40 AM


U12 COED Team 3 Cross

U6 GIRLS Team 7 Lovell

U6 GIRLS Team 6 Burke

U4 COED Team 10 Johnson


U6 GIRLS Team 2 James

U6 GIRLS Team 5 Silverthorn

U6 BOYS Team 3 Deja

U6 BOYS Team 2 Arnold


U6 GIRLS Team 4 Krauss

U6 GIRLS Team 1 Korfmacher

U6 GIRLS Team 3 Longobardi

U6 BOYS Team 9 Kohtz




9:00 AM

9:20 AM

9:40 AM

10:00 AM


U12 COED Team 1 Colthorp

U6 BOYS Team 10 Wolf

U10 BOYS Team 1 Clark

U10 BOYS Team 3 Pschigoda


U10 BOYS Team 4 Burgess

U6 GIRLS Team 8 Schmidt

U10 BOYS Team 5 Rasmussen

U8 BOYS Team 3 Crowder


U6 BOYS Team 7. Lopez

U8 GIRLS Team 8 Zavoral

U10 GIRLS Team 2 King

U8 GIRLS Team 1 Van Dusen


Stephanie Watkins | Picture Coordinator

SWM Rec (Formerly Lakeshore Youth Soccer League)
e: stephanie

Like SWM Rec on Facebook!

SWM Rec is a part of Southwest Michigan Soccer Club, Inc.



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Irrigation; Auxiliary Parking Lot Work To Begin May 3rd
by posted 05/03/2021

The Greatest Township in Michigan

Irrigation; Auxiliary Parking Lot Work To Begin May 3rd

Well Team (all of you are on our team by the way), appears the statement we have made has been heard again, again, again,..etc. Our beloved Lincoln Charter Township has seen the ravenous appetite you all have for soccer, so much so, that they have accelerated development efforts toward an improved driveway for our location.

Refer back to my publication dated March 11th, 'Irrigation; Auxiliary Parking Lot Approved by LCT Leaders' by clicking HERE. Well, with all the cars dotting our lawn, they want to provide a more structured driveway for us to enjoy. Sooner, rather than later. LCT is excited as we are of the interest in our program and would like to see it continue.

Therefore, the contract for work was signed April 30th, between the Contractor and LCT to begin work on our new driveway. The Contractor is set to begin this today, May 3rd. With this being the case, the driveway off of Cleveland Avenue will be blocked off beginning today, Monday, through the completion of the project.

As a measure of precaution, please respect the placement of the construction barrels and avoid moving or driving through them or around them or over them. We kindly ask of you to use the Rocky Weed parking in the interim to allow the Contractor to complete the work approved, safely, and speedily.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Please pay close attention to your kiddos to ensure they steer clear of the new construction zone. And while the construction equipment may look like an enticing play gym, they are most certainly NOT! We would like to avoid any Curious George’s out there. Please help us, avoid this.

This project will move along as quickly as weather permits. Please be patient as they proceed to the tune of $133,070 worth of work on our behalf. This has been decades in the making, and TODAY they break ground! Your voice has been heard very…LOUD. And very CLEAR. Y’all want soccer and y’all want it now.  

Again, special thanks to the best township in America for making this happen for us, as quickly as they have:

Dick Stauffer, Terrie Smith, Stacy Loar-Porter, Marc Florian, Deb Peterson, Rick Stone, Kevin Gillette, Dave Austin, Gil Urban (SWM SC), Jay Meeth (SWM SC), Jarrett Burgess (SWM Rec) and Yours Truly.

I can personally attest, that their management of our facility and our community’s resources are in the finest government hands in the state of Michigan. An exceptional example of governance at its finest.

Should you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or Ms. Terrie Smith (or Ms. T, as I call her), Township Treasurer, at , or 269.429.1589 extension 112.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but this project has been moved to the fast lane.

Have an amazing season!


Love y’all ; ).


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Virtual Meet Your League Night April 15th Update
by posted 04/13/2021

As I’d mentioned in my last update, this event was originally scheduled for tomorrow and was planned to be in person at the Lakeshore Youth Soccer Complex. Again, out of respect for Governor Whitmer’s request we have decided to hold this event Thursday, virtually.

This event is intended for you, the Parent (and Coaches), to provide you an opportunity to meet in person and to ask any questions you’d like. There’s only so much you can do via email, websites, blah blah, blah, it just never replaces that ‘In-Person’ element. Please join us in the following:


U4 and U14 Division: Meet Your League Night

Thursday, April 15 · 6:00 – 6:30pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 929-249-4792 PIN: ‪643 203 544#


U6 Division: Meet Your League Night

Thursday, April 15 · 6:30 – 7:00pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 785-251-8906 PIN: ‪736 886 649#


U8 Division: Meet Your League Night

Thursday, April 15 · 7:00 – 7:30pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 443-671-4726 PIN: ‪939 351 181#


U10 and U12 Division: Meet Your League Night

Thursday, April 15 · 7:30 – 8:00pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 240-514-8491 PIN: ‪156 292 050#


Seating (or spots available to join) is limited and we expect to have several in attendance. First come, first serve. So, join early if you can. We will have 30 minutes for each and will begin promptly on the hour and half hour.

Please if you have any questions prior, shoot me an email at and I’d be happy to answer.


PS: Coach Equipment will be delivered April 17th. Teams for U8, U10, and U12 will be created and communicated to you April 18th. Your Coach will contact you soon after.

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Meet Your League Night to be Hosted Virtually, April 15th
by posted 04/12/2021

In response to Governor Whitmer’s latest Press Conference, April 9th, MSYSA and SWM have been making adjustments to ensure compliance with her requests. (For reference, feel free to watch the Governor’s COVID-19 Update by clicking HERE.)

Our goal is to provide you the best youth recreational soccer experience possible, and this includes a safe and compliant one. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution, and out of respect for Governor Whitmer, we have adjusted our approach to this event to be conducted virtually, Thursday April 15th.

Prior to Thursday, we will send (and publish) you a link to attend the virtual event to allow for you to meet your Coaches and SWM Rec Leaders. The agenda for April 15th is as follows:

U4 and U14 Divisions                                            6PM                 to         630PM

U6 Divisions (Girls and Boys)                                630PM             to         7PM

U8 Divisions (Girls and Boys)                                7PM                 to         730PM

U10 and U12 Divisions (Girls and Boys)               730PM             to         8PM

During this time, we will cover the following items:

  1. Introduction to Board Members
  2. Safety, COVID Considerations
  3. Schedules, Teams, Game Format
  4. Parking, Lincoln Charter Update
  5. Question and Answer

Given the environment we are operating in, flexibility and patience is required. Thankfully, this event was planned with a backup option to allow for this to happen.

I promise, we are doing all we can to ensure you have an enjoyable, organized experience. Please if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions, etc. reach out to me anytime at .


PS: SWM Rec Player Cup Week will continue as planned, no changes for this event.

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Team Formation Update
by posted 03/31/2021

Starting Lineups!

Hello SWM Rec,

First, thank you for allowing your child to play soccer in SWM Rec this season. We look forward to meeting all of you. We are extremely excited about this upcoming spring season! Second, our focus for this season will be to ensure your kiddo develops a love for soccer and is able to take with them valuable learning experiences applicable to every aspect of their lives.

For this season, and beyond, we kindly request that each participant be respectful of their teammates, opponents, officials, etc. It is our desire that each participant practice good sportsmanship and teamwork for everyone's enjoyment. Please re-enforce with your kiddo.

Now for the moment each has been eagerly awaiting --> Team Formation and Coach Assignments. Teams have been formed for the Coed U4, U6 Girls, U6 Boys, and Coed U14 divisions. These teams are subject to change as we have had several Coaches come forward to lead, since our latest communication from SWM SC President Gil Urban. Naturally, with our new Coach additions, we respect our new Coach requests and adjust the team rosters accordingly. These changes will occur in the short-term but will settle firmly before April 10th, if not sooner. Now, to unwrap the surprise of your Team Roster, please login to your SWM Rec Soccer by clicking HERE.

In the event you do not have an opportunity to check prior to our ‘Meet Your League Night’ hosted by Beth Staley, April 13th, we will have the list available. As for the divisions for U8 Girls, U8 Boys, U10 Girls, and U8 Boys, and Coed U12, these will be formed at the conclusion of SWM Rec Player Cup Week.

We cannot wait to kick things off!

Brittany Dunham

Vice President of SWM Rec Soccer

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Lakeshore Legend Appointed to Dev Committee
by posted 03/27/2021

Burgess Family


Stevensville – Jarret Burgess has been appointed to the Lakeshore Youth Soccer Complex Development Committee as an Advisor. He will work with Committee Chair Jay Meeth, Committee Members Gil Urban and Jefferson Clark to ensure the capital improvement projects take into account our soccer community’s best interests and he will add his expertise in the area of civil engineering.

For those of you who do not know Coach Burgess, he is a graduate of Buchanan High School, where he lettered in football and baseball. He earned his bachelor’s in civil engineering from Tri-State University now known as Trine University.

After graduating from college, he accepted a position with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) in 2002 as a Design Engineer. He is currently employed by MDOT, and has worked in design, utilities, and permits. He oversees multiple bridge and road construction projects every year in SW Michigan.

He has coached varsity football for 19 years, 15 of which have been for Lakeshore. He has also coached high school track for about 17 years. He is a current Lakeshore Rocket Football board member and youth football coach and has been involved with the program for about 2 years.

Burgess has been involved in the Lakeshore community since 2004 and has lived here since 2016. His wife is Nicole Burgess, and they have 2 sons, Tyler (9) and Nathan (6). Both are active registrants of SWM Rec. His family loves Lincoln Charter and Lakeshore Schools and is deeply appreciative of what each provide to our community.

I know the Burgess family through my association with Lakeshore Youth Sports and jumped at the opportunity to add him to our team. I coached his son Tyler in t-ball, coach with him in Lakeshore Rocket Football, and will work alongside him in both Lakeshore Rocket Football and now SWM Rec Soccer. Couldn’t be more pleased to have him on our team.

When you see them, please tell them thank you for their time and service. Welcome to the team, Coach!


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Meet Your League Hosted by Staley
by posted 03/24/2021

League of SWM Rec Legends

Meet Your Coach, Teammates, and Board Members Night Hosted by SWM Rec’s Beth Staley

It's time to lace up the shoes and welcome everyone back!

With much awaited anticipation and excitement, we eagerly invite you to join us at:

The Lakeshore Youth Soccer Complex

6343 Cleveland Ave.

Stevensville, MI 49127

Tuesday, April 13th


6pm for Age Groups U4, U6, and U14/15

(Team Assignments and Coaches will be finalized and Communicated March 28th)


7pm for Age Groups U8, U10, and U12

(Rosters will be finalized the day following SWM Rec Player Cup Week April 18th)

We will discuss the season and give you the opportunity to ask questions and know what to expect from our program. You will also find which field your soccer player will be participating on. For the safety of everyone, we kindly ask that attendees wear a mask and only the registrant’s parent, guardian be in attendance.

It's going to be a great season with the sights and sounds of our children participating in soccer again.

See you at the field!

Beth Staley

Director of Parental Experience

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Have You Considered Coaching?
by posted 03/18/2021

Sir Alex Ferguson

If you ever thought, I could coach, you are 100% correct, you can. Now here is another secret, it is extremely fun and rewarding. If this is something you have been considering and just did not know how to go about doing, let me help you.

Here is what you need to do, and how to coach.

  • Must have the desire to be a mentor, and help kids have fun.
  • Sign up – it is as easy as sending me an email.
  • Complete three online training sessions, within 45 days; two are for safety and the other is a how to.
  • Show up with a positive attitude to every practice and every game.
    • Everybody understands there are times when life happens. When life happens to you, call me, and let me know.
  • Understand your goal as a coach is to do three things.
    • It is about continual improvement
    • It is about fun
    • Focus on the process of improvement, not the outcomes of the competition.

Douglas DeCamp

Director of Coaching Development



Sean James

Director of Player Development



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SWM Rec Unveils Player Cup Week
by posted 03/18/2021

SWM Rec Player Cup Week

We hope all of you are as excited as we are to host this Spring 2021 Season! What better to way to kick things off than to have SWM Rec Player Cup Week. Those of you who were a part of our soccer league in the past are going to see a bit of a different format this season. Our goal is to provide the best recreational soccer experience possible.

In the past, there were significant differences in ability between teams which did not provide the children with a positive experience. To avoid this, SWM Rec is making positive improvements, starting with a mini camp (called Player Cup Week) for age divisions U8 through U12.

This will allow SWM Rec to build the most balanced teams possible. Not only will it give us the opportunity to create a positive experience for you, but it will also provide your child with the experience they require to have fun.

SWM Rec Player Cup Week will take place on April 17th at the Lakeshore Youth Soccer Complex. Please click HERE for a tentative schedule for the day AND HERE for the season. This is an excellent event for our league, and it will be an upgrade from the past. We want to make sure you and your kiddos enjoy the experience.

Please if anyone has any questions feel free to reach out to me at and we will answer those for you. We look forward to this season and look forward to seeing kids out on the fields again and enjoying soccer again in SWM Rec.


Sean James

Director of Player Development


Douglas DeCamp

Director of Coaching Development



PS: Watch your inbox for more information regarding the Player Cup Week.

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by posted 03/16/2021


Hello SWM Rec, our spring season activity is ramping up and we are looking forward to having all of you. The initial field measurement and outline was a success thanks to Varsity Coach Samuel, the Lakeshore Soccer Boosters, and a few SWM Rec and SWM Kickers volunteers. Great job!

The final step in the field setup will be completed by Coach Samuel and the Lakeshore Soccer Boosters on March 20, 2021. Volunteer help is needed for lining every week so please sign up to complete your volunteer obligation if you haven’t. A healthy, vibrant, and effective volunteer workforce is required for our viability as a league.

Our partnership with SWM has reduced our volunteer requirements for overall field lining, therefore our share of the load is focused on the U6-U10 fields, March 20th through June 6th.

Please check the sign up sheet for dates and times. The SWM Director of Field & Facilities, Jason Neidlinger, will lead most field linings. You will meet him at the Lakeshore Youth Soccer Complex shed.

Jason will guide you in how to line the fields and answer any questions you have.  For those not familiar with the Lakeshore Youth Soccer Complex, you will meet Jason at the blushed (I think it’s blue) located near the parking lot off of Rocky Weed, East of the soccer fields. 

If you are not able to do field lining, we have 3 other volunteer opportunities: Picture Day, Gameday Photography, and Our Player Clinic.  The information for each volunteer opportunity is located on the sign-up sheet. 

Picture Day, Player Clinic, and Gameday Photographer Sign-Up Sheet

Field Lining Sign-Up Sheet

We kindly ask that all volunteers have their selections made no later than Friday, March 19. Starting Saturday, March 20, we will fill the spots that are empty with volunteers that did not sign up.

It is your responsibility to show and help during the time you are scheduled. Please don’t let SWM Rec down by not showing up. Attendance is required and attendance will be taken.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. We are very thankful to all of you. Youth sport organizations depend on volunteers to run successfully.  Without volunteers youth sport leagues would cease to exist.


PS: Please check our website to stay abreast of current events by clicking HERE. Please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator Kristi Rumsey at with any volunteer specific questions you may have.

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Board Elects Former Mayor; President to Leadership Team
by posted 03/15/2021

New Director of Parental Experience

Board Elects Former Mayor; President to Leadership Team

Stevensville – SWM Rec has elected Beth Staley to its leadership team and thankfully she has accepted. She will lead the organization in the area of Parental Experience. Our goal with her position is to help improve the experience with our league from the perspective of the parent. We all know the league is for our kiddos, however, our Parents are a BIG BIG part of the experience.

Staley will focus on those things that our league can do better to ensure our parental experience is the best possible. Prior to joining our leadership team, Staley served as a Mayor in California, President of Child and Youth Services, VP of Youth Sports and Activities, and several other community leadership positions.

I am fortunate to know Ms. Beth through my involvement with Lakeshore Rocket Football. Her son Blake, and husband Mike were both a part of the team I coached. Mike Staley was an assistant coach of mine and is slated to be head coach for our league. Mike Staley is a Veteran of the United States Army, and I am very grateful and appreciative for the service he and his family provided to our country. Please give them a warm welcome and thank them for their service to our league. Much much appreciation from SWM Rec to the Staley’s.

You could not ask for a better family to be a part of our league. Grateful to have them and their time. The Staley family is testament to the leadership team we have built for SWM Rec. Staley’s election and acceptance rounds out the final leadership team post. Going forward we will work to focus on executing a solid spring Season for all of you.

Today is the last day for registration, unfortunately. Please, if you haven’t register with us, do so by clicking HERE. We’d love to have you. Coach, League, and Volunteer communication soon to follow for those involved. Please do not hesitate in reaching out to me if you have any questions.


PS: See tentative Spring Calendar HERE. As registration comes to a close, we’ll update this with detail highlighting events and schedules.


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Irrigation; Auxiliary Parking Lot Approved by LCT Leaders
by posted 03/11/2021

The Great Township in Michigan

Irrigation; Auxiliary Parking Lot Approved by Lincoln Charter Township Leaders

I love you Lakeshore and let me give you an example why; our Community Leaders have seen the interest you have in soccer and have approved, Tuesday, capital improvement work on our Youth Soccer Complex to make YOUR soccer experience an enjoyable one.

This approval includes work to improve field irrigation and drainage along with an additional new, auxiliary parking lot to the north of the soccer fields, off of Cleveland Avenue. We met yesterday morning at the Lakeshore Youth Soccer Complex to discuss plans for the approved work. Exciting stuff!

As I stated in my prior communication, when there is a need, our people deliver. A sincere and special thanks to the following for making this happen:

Dick Stauffer, Terrie Smith, Stacy Loar-Porter, Marc Florian, Deb Peterson, Rick Stone, Kevin Gillette, Dave Austin, Gil Urban, and Jay Meeth

Like I said, you were heard very LOUD. And very CLEAR. Soccer belongs in Lincoln Charter Township and our community’s leaders, resoundingly, agree.

Love y’all.


PS: Registration closes March 15th. Register HERE. For a tentative schedule for this Spring Season, click HERE.

Also, as I’d mentioned earlier, we are a proud supporters of all local Lakeshore Youth Sports. This includes the fine programs they have at The Garden Ice Arena of which we (Me, Emma, Levi, and WillieHank) are a part. Spring programming is now open, check them out by clicking HERE.


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SWM Rec Recognizes and Champions International Women’s Day
by posted 03/09/2021


SWM Rec Recognizes and Champions International Women’s Day

Michigan’s Great Southwest – I would like to take moment to recognize all the women in the world today. International Women’s Day was yesterday and is focused on bringing equality to women around the globe. See the following link for a brief history of the day HERE.

With that, SWM Rec comprises of 10 leaders of our community; six of which are women (Brittany Dunham, Superwoman, Kristi Rumsey, Jessica Potter, New Addition Beth Staley, and Stephanie Watkins). Because of their leadership SWM Rec is making a record comeback.

In addition to the above, we are grateful for the following women who have stepped up to the challenge of Coaching and developing our young athletes:

Shanthini Balaraman, Amber Becker, Jamie Griffin, Connie Gunkel, Jamie Halsel, Laura Kilmartin, Megan Longobardi, Amy Miliken, Julie Piller, Terra Rasmussen, Heather Steffens, Stephanie Watkins, and Sarah Zavoral

We are extremely proud of our Women Leaders and welcome more to join us. Diversity and inclusion are the keys to our success.

A couple business items to note, Volunteering and Tentative Spring Season Schedule. We are in the process of setting our schedule for Volunteers and their assignments. Please work with our Volunteer Director Ms. Rumsey (at to firm up details. We will re-send an updated roster of those who committed to volunteering for the Spring soon.

Tentative Schedule for Spring 2021:

2nd Coach Clinic - 3/9/2021 ***TODAY, 530PM, THE KOHN FIELD HOUSE, COACHES ONLY***

Registration Ends - 3/15/2021

3rd Coach Clinic – 3/21/2021

Initial Field Lining - 3/13/2021 ***Volunteering Begins***

Coach Equipment Delivery - 4/17/2021

Season Start - 4/17/2021

Pictures - 5/1/2021

Season End - 6/9/2021

Please contact me directly with any questions. I would be happy to assist.


PS: Register HERE.





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Director of Coach Development Elected
by posted 03/06/2021

New Director of Coach Development

Youth Expert Coach Elected to Director of Coach Development

Stevensville – SWM Rec Soccer is proud to announce the election of Douglas DeCamp to its Leadership Team. DeCamp, a software engineer and local business owner, and longtime youth coach, accepted the position this week.

In this position he will look to encourage and guide our Athletes and Coaches to the appropriate level of play and instruction. To do this he will introduce some metrics to measure the progress of our Coaches and Athletes throughout their involvement with SWM Rec.

DeCamp is currently in the throes of youth hockey as a Coach, at the most beloved, Garden Ice Arena. Prior to joining our community, DeCamp coached both Recreational and Club soccer teams for 9 years. In addition to coaching youth World Series baseball and advanced level hockey.

I know Douglas both personally and professionally, and I am elated to have him join our team. His addition helps set SWM Rec apart and his expertise will be incredibly valuable to our community. Please, when you see him or his wife Michelle or son Chase, tell them thank you for lending a hand to our soccer community.

Welcome to the team DeCamp Family!

Love to everyone this beautiful SW Michigan weekend.


PS: Registration closes soon, March 15th. Please join us by clicking HERE.

Big shout out to Coach Samuel, Lakeshore Public Schools, Mr. Philip Freeman, and the Coaches who joined us for our Coach Clinic at the Kohn Field House March 2nd. Our second Coach Clinic will be held March 9th, 530pm, hosted by none other than The Varsity Head Soccer Coach Brian Samuel. Our third Coach Clinic is March 21st, 11am to Noon, at the SJK Indoor Facility, hosted by SWM SC Director of Coaching Brian Lawrence, Officiating Director Mark Smith, and new addition Douglas DeCamp.

Also, remember LYBSA’s registration closes the 7th of March. We encourage folks to participate in all leagues in Lincoln Charter and this includes our friends at LYBSA. For those not familiar with LYBSA, this is the local Lakeshore Youth Baseball and Softball Association. We will encourage our Coaches to do their best in accommodating both baseball and soccer schedules to allow for both and to ease the burden on our parent’s schedules.

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Director of Player Development; Secretary Elected
by posted 02/26/2021

New Director of Player Development

Lakeshore Alum Appointed to Director of Player Development; Former League Secretary Re-Elected to Secretary Post

Stevensville -- Sean James has been appointed to the post of Director of Player Development. In this role, he will work to ensure every player in our league is in the best position to succeed and develop. Our goal is for each player to be on their desired path of development, be it in Recreational Soccer, Competitive Soccer, Level, Age Group, etc.

Jessica Potter, former League Secretary, has been re-elected Board Secretary. In her post, she will document and record Board Meeting minutes, manage each meeting agenda, and ensure documentation is up to date and available upon request.

We are very excited to have both join us in our work to provide you a great youth soccer experience. Our season registration is approaching its conclusion, so please register as soon as you can HERE. Registration closes March 15th.

Our season is tentatively scheduled to begin April 17th and conclude June 5th. Given the wonderful SW Michigan weather this time of year, these are of course, subject to change. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in reaching to or . We’d be happy to assist. We look forward to seeing you.


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Highly Anticipated Coaching Clinics to be Hosted
by posted 02/21/2021

The Greatest Youth Coaching Clinic

Lancer Varsity Soccer Coach Samuel and SWM SC Coaching Director Lawrence to Host Coach Clinic

Stevensville -- Coach Samuel will host the Coaching Clinics March 2nd and March 9th from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM at the Kohn Indoor Facility. The league has decided, out of an abundance of caution, to keep this a small, invitation only event.

Coach Lawrence will host a third Coaching Clinic Sunday, March 21st, 11 AM to 12 PM at the SJK Indoor Facility. Also, invitation only. A fourth Clinic is still in the works and will be announced soon.

If you ever had the desire to Coach and lead one your child’s teams, these are events you do not want to miss. If anyone is interested in Coaching or Assistant Coaching these programs are put together to help provide tools to enable our new Coaching staff. These invitations are exclusive and only open to those who have stepped forward to lead a SWM Rec Soccer Team this spring and have been confirmed with the SWM Rec President.

The point of these clinics are to bring valuable, expert coaching insight to the foundation of our SWM Rec youth soccer program. Our team's goal is to make inroads into better Coach and Player development. We want to provide our community the best developmental and fun recreational soccer program in SW Michigan.

We are very appreciative to Coach Samuel, Lakeshore Public Schools, by way of Mr. Philip Freeman, Coach Lawrence, SWM SC President Gil Urban for lending their resources and time to our community. Please, if and when you see them, extend a bit of gratitude for their generosity. Also, take in a Lakeshore HS soccer game this spring and support our Lancers.



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Late Registration to Begin Soon
by posted 02/14/2021

Late Registration to Begin Soon

Late Registration Period to Start in about 24 Hours

Please register as soon as you can, HERE. Prices go up tomorrow! We don't want you to miss out!

Let us know if you have any questions, we hope to have you this Spring.


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Head Coach and Assistant Coach Opportunities
by posted 02/10/2021

The Coaching Visor
Lakeshore, you are a town after my own heart, registrations are booming and we anticipate a full league across all ages! We are extremely excited to be able to safely provide our upcoming Spring Soccer Season. We are going to be successful, no doubt about it. Our hope is that you will join us on the sidelines as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach. 
Our goal is to be as proactive as possible.  I understand coaching may seem daunting, especially if you have minimal experience. Rest assured, we will provide the tools throughout the season and guide you along the way. For example:
We will host 4 Coaching Clinics that will include:
  • a 30 Minute Training Section Highlighting Activity and Levels of Development
  • a 30 Minute Section for Q&A
  • Hosted Indoor
  • 2 Lead by Lakeshore High School's Varsity Head Coach Brian Samuel
  • 1 Lead by Competitive Soccer Coach Brain Lawerence
  • 1 Lead by SWM Rec Coaching Lead Stephanie Watkins
Please, if you have any interest in Coaching, reply back directly to me by March 15th, and let's discuss the next step.
Thanking you in advance,
PS: Late Registration begins February 15th and prices go up. Please register as soon as you can by clicking HERE.
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Registrations Through the Roof
by posted 02/05/2021




Lakeshore, yep, I love you. We heard you very LOUD. And very CLEAR. Y’all want soccer. Registrations have gone through the roof AND Governor Whitmer has bequeathed our request for sport!!!


Please spread the word that soccer is coming back to Cleveland and Rocky Weed. 


Register as soon as you can by clicking HERE.


Late registration begins February 15thand prices go up. Prices can be found HERE.


Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions at president@lakeshoreyouthsoccer.comor



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Spring Season 2021 Update
by posted 02/02/2021

Hello there, hope you all are staying warm and looking forward to Spring. A few of our patrons have asked us to send another note regarding Spring Registration. Spring Registration can be completed at the following link:
Or paste the following URL into your web browser:
We are converting to a new registration system, to be consistent with our competitive soccer program, SWM Soccer Club. Going forward we will be using this system. If you’d like assistance, please do not hesitate in reaching out to or . 
If you are due a credit from 2020, there is an option to register indicating this and our league will follow up with you to confirm the amount to ensure you receive.
Finally, with Covid-19 at the front of our minds we will ensure we take the appropriate safety precautions as outlined by the Berrien County Health Department, Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, CDC, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, etc.
We have been pleasantly surprised with the number of registrations to date, and hope you choose to join us this Spring.
Registration Began - 1/15/2021
Late Registration Begins - 2/15/2021
Registration Ends - 3/15/2021
Coaches Meeting - 3/20/2021
Initial Field Lining - 4/3/2021
Coach Equipment Delivery - 4/10/2021
2nd Field Lining - 4/10/2021
Season Start - 4/17/2021
Season Start - 4/17/2021
Pictures - 5/1/2021
Season End - 5/29/2021
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Spring 2021 Registration Link
by posted 02/02/2021

SWM Rec 2021 Registration Link


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SWM Rec Soccer Spring Registration
by posted 02/01/2021

SWM Rec Soccer Spring Registration 

Hello there, hope this finds you well and that you and your family are having a great start to 2021. We certainly are. This email is to inform you that Spring Registration is open and can be completed by clicking here =
We believe SWM Rec will provide you and your Rockstar the best possible youth soccer experience in SW Michigan for the following reasons:
  1. SWM Rec will provide a soccer experience that abides and respects all safety protocols, that include precautions for communicable diseases such as Covid-19, EEE, etc., developed by community leaders such as Berrien County Health Department, Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, CDC, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, etc. More to come on this topic.
  2. SWM Rec provides all the benefits of every major sport at an extremely competitive value
  3. SWM Rec will ensure your child is treated fairly in ALL respects be it playing time, ability, assessment, opportunity, etc.
  4. SWM Rec will ensure to provide a transparent view into how we do things, just ask
  5. SWM Rec will encourage any and all feedback from you the parent, because while our league is about the child, it is because of YOU that they play
  6. SWM Rec will ensure each and every Coach is vetted with a Background Check and Safe Sport Certification, prior to assigning them as Coach
  7. SWM Rec benefits from being part of SWM SC. We plan to leverage soccer expertise from the SWM Director of Coaching and Director of Player Development  
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate in reaching out to or . We look forward to having you this Spring.
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SWM Rec Soccer League Elects Gast President to Board
by posted 02/01/2021

SWM Rec Soccer League Elects Gast Manufacturing President to Board

January 29, 2021

Lakeshore, I love you. As I’d noted in my prior league communication, we have the best people in Michigan. When there is a need, our people step up and deliver. Here’s an example, for which I am proud to announce. Mr. Sunil Samtani, President of GAST Manufacturing has just been elected to our Board of Directors.

Mr. Sunil Samtani prefers to go by, Sunil. Sunil and his wife Haseena are residents of Lincoln Charter Township. They have two children in Lakeshore Public Schools, both at Stewart Elementary. Both of his children are also active participants in our SWM Rec Soccer league (Zahra U8 and Jaiden U6). 

Sunil and his family moved to the Southwest Michigan area almost two years ago. Sunil is currently the President of GAST Manufacturing and actively involved in the community as board members with both the Boys and Girls Club of Benton Harbor and the Southwest Michigan United Way.

I could not be more pleased than to have a person of Sunil’s experience, sophistication and values join our Board. He not only has been running successful businesses as one of largest enterprises in our community but has been deeply involved in the economic development of our community. 

I was fortunate to have coached alongside Sunil in our league and immediately thought he would be a great addition if he was interested. Fortunate for us, he is. Sunil has always been thoughtful, knowledgeable, insightful, and often prescient. He will bring tremendous value to our Board and to the future of SWM Rec Soccer.

Please, when you see him, give him a warm Lincoln Charter Township welcome.


PS: Please register as soon as you can at

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Spring Season 2021 Registration Open
by posted 01/15/2021

Spring Season 2021 Registration Open

January 15, 2021

As promised, registration is now open. Please follow the below link to complete your registration:

Please forward any questions you have to:


We look forward to having you.


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