The Riverside High School Athletic Booster Club is committed to providing student-athletes at Riverside High School the very best facilities, equipment, protection and opportunities. We raise funds for uniforms, training equipment and team support.

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Softball & Soccer Practice Field Fundraising Campaign
by Riverside HS posted 06/06/2021

Softball Field and Soccer Practice Field Fundraising Campaign


Riverside athletics is raising funds for field maintenance at the school. Due to challenging socioeconomic factors, we’ve struggled to properly maintain fields for teams in a condition they need to maintain success. 

The softball game field is in poor condition, with significant drainage issues and poor field conditons overall that often lead to game cancellations. Riverside's rear practice field used for men's and women's soccer teams is also in dire need of maintenance. Due to 30 years of usage, erosion, and weather damage, the field is in sad shape. The cost of repairs is not covered by DPS and so must come from donaitons.

With our seasons fast approaching, we are opening our softball field and soccer practice field fundraising campaign to the public. This is a “big ticket” purchase, costing $12,500.

  • Softball Field - $8,500 - Laser grade softball infield, 50 tons of infield mix, cut out and reshape, topdress 25 tons.
  • Soccer Practice Field - $4,000 - 50 tons of fill sand to be added to the field and the planting of Bermuda grass.

It is with the support of our families, and good people like yourself, that our kids have an opportunity at an otherwise uncharted path to success. We thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to your momentous role in working alongside our program so that kids, seeking opportunities in the greater Durham area, feel empowered to reach their goals. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you feel can help our cause.

Best regards,

Riverside Athletics and Riverside Booster Club


Please click here to access the donation page.

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by Riverside HS posted 01/18/2021



The Riverside HS Athletic Booster Club is a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to provide financial support for the Riverside High Athletics. 100% of money raised by the booster club helps to pay for uniforms, practice and game equipment, and capital projects.

The RHS Athletic Booster Club is comprised of RHS parents, teachers, students, and community supporters who together raise money each year to support 30 RHS Varsity & Junior Varsity teams and athletes representing 19 sports. We have 19 sports to support, but we are all Riverside Pirates.

Please join us at our next Booster Club meeting. We meet at Riverside the first Monday of each month at 7 PM on Zoom - contact AD Robert Duncan or any coach for the Zoom link. Annual dues have been set to zero for the 2020-21 school year. We need your help with communications, fundraising, spirit wear sales, pictures, website content, and many other areas.
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Keep Our Kids in the Game!
by Riverside HS posted 10/19/2019

Keep Our Kids in the Game!

Help us keep our 440 students competing on 19 teams at Riverside by making a gift of $203 during this special fundraiser. Your gift of $203 provides the equivalent of the expense for one student to participate in one season this year.

Did you know that Durham Public Schools only provides 14% ($15,000) of the funding needed to run our Athletics program at Riverside? The other 86% of the funding comes from ticket sales, sponsorships, and fundraisers. That means the Athletics Department and the Booster Club need to produce over $89,000 in revenue this year to support our students.

100% of donations through this effort will go directly to the Booster Club to help our kids – in contrast to a small percentage we make off any fundraising sales (candy, coupon books, etc). If we are successful with this fundraiser, the Booster Club won’t be asking you to sell anything later this year!
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Sponsors Support Riverside Athletics
by posted 08/28/2019


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2018-2019 Year in Review
by posted 08/28/2019




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84 Projects Funded by the Booster Club
by Todd Patton posted 08/17/2019


The Booster Club is proud to support every Riverside team and athlete. Over the past 7 1/2 years, the Booster Club has spent $99,512 on behalf of Riverside Athletics, including the following: 

Aug-19 Two $500 College Scholarships $1,000
Aug-19 Video Management $2,599
Aug-19 Website Hosting Fee $575
Feb-19 High Jump Pit (1/3 cost) $1,000
Feb-19 Softball Pitching Machine (1/2 cost) $624
Oct-18 Swim Team Caps $250
Sep-18 Sideline Benches for Football Stadium $1,690
Sep-18 Uniforms for 4 Teams in 2018-19 (1/3 cost) $4,089
Aug-18 Two $500 College Scholarships $1,000
Aug-18 Cross Country - Meet Fees (1/2 cost) $275
Aug-18 Website Hosting Fee $575
Aug-18 Video Management $2,599
Aug-18 Coach Reimbursement for Clinics & CDLs $1,430
Mar-18 M/W Soccer - Nets $234
Feb-18 W Basketball - Uniforms (1/3 cost) $891
Sep-17 M Basketball - JV Uniforms (1/3 cost) $343
Sep-17 M Basketball - Away Uniforms (1/3 cost) $611
Aug-17 Two $500 College Scholarships $1,000
Aug-17 Wrestling - 3 Rings $300
Aug-17 M/W Basketball - Clock $325
Aug-17 Website Hosting Fee $575
Aug-17 Video Management $2,599
May-17 Baseball - Batting Cage Netting $1,500
May-17 Lawn Mower & Blower Downpayment $2,132
Aug-16 Two $500 College Scholarships $1,000
Aug-16 Website Hosting Fee $575
Aug-16 Video Management $2,599
Aug-16 Women's Lacrosse - Uniforms $700
Mar-16 Baseball - Field Drainage $350
Mar-16 Softball - Pitching Machine $1,095
Mar-16 Track & Field - Hurdles $3,200
Feb-16 Softball - Pitchers Screen $207
Nov-15 Baseball - Backstop Padding $650
Nov-15 M/W Basketball - Shoot-away Remote $109
Oct-15 Golf - Team Bags $548
Oct-15 Cross Country - Meet Fees (1/2 cost) $450
Sep-15 Wrestling - Takedown Mat $525
Sep-15 Wrestling - Uniforms (2/3 cost) $1,200
Sep-15 Women's Soccer - Uniforms (2/3 cost) $2,997
Sep-15 Volleyball - Uniforms (2/3 cost) $956
Sep-15 Swimming - Meet Manager Software $398
Aug-15 Video Management $2,599
Aug-15 Field Hockey Goals $2,400
Aug-15 Two $500 College Scholarships $1,000
Aug-15 Website Hosting Fee $575
May-15 Athletic Recognition Day $145
May-15 Sports Medicine Equipment $210
Mar-15 Soccer Training Equipment $216
Dec-14 Swimming Caps $880
Aug-14 Men's Soccer Uniforms (1/3 cost) $1,490
Aug-14 Website Hosting Fee $575
Aug-14 Video Management $2,399
Jul-14 Two $500 College Scholarships $1,000
Jun-14 Women's Tennis Uniforms (1/3 cost) $325
Jun-14 Men's Basketball Uniforms (1/3 cost) $787
Jun-14 Football Coach Communication System (1/3 cost) $1,301
Mar-14 Soccer Equipment $621
Mar-14 Baseball Uniforms (1/3 cost) $1,126
Feb-14 Baseball - 2 Protector L-Screens $927
Feb-14 Softball Uniforms (1/3 cost) $506
Jan-14 Men's Tennis Uniforms (1/3 cost) $601
Jan-14 Men's Lacrosse Uniforms (1/3 cost) $2,051
Jan-14 Women's Lacrosse Uniforms (1/3 cost) $1,176
Nov-13 Wrestling - Gear Bags $1,090
Nov-13 Softball - Batting Cage Netting $1,017
Oct-13 Gymnasium Floor Mat $440
Oct-13 Basketball - M/W - Ball Storage Rack $175
Oct-13 Swimming - Timing System (1/2 cost) $412
Sep-13 Cross Country - Uniforms (1/3 cost) $475
Aug-13 Athletic Dept/Booster Club Website $775
Aug-13 Two $500 college scholarships $1,000
Jul-13 Basketball – M/W – Shoot Away training equip. (1/4 cost) $1,000
Jul-13 Soccer – M/W – backstop net system (2/3 cost) $2,815
Jul-13 Football – training equipment $1,795
May-13 Football – blocking sled (1/3 cost) $1,810
May-13 Lacrosse – Women's goalie safety gear $930
Apr-13 Weightroom upgrade (½ cost) $5,597
Feb-13 Baseball pants $1,600
Feb-13 Stadium goal post covers $1,000
Jan-13 Basketball – Men's uniforms $1,000
Jan-13 Stadium sound system $5,529
Aug-12 Two $500 college scholarships $1,000
Feb-12 Gymnasium chairs (½ cost) $1,900

There are many more projects we would like to take on, especially uniforms. We try to maintain a 4-year cycle on uniform replacement. 

You can help us. We are working on fundraising plans for 2019-20. We have Pirate shirts for sale. And we have a business sponsor program that is ongoing.
We welcome your ideas for new projects, and any help you can offer to make Riverside even better.



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The Pirates' Hook Perspective on Riverside
by posted 05/25/2019


Pirates' Hook Perspective on Riverside

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Riverside Soccer Beats Northern 6-1 for Bull City Cup
by posted 04/12/2019




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Tri-6 Champions!
by todd.patton posted 11/15/2018

For the first time in 16 years and the second in school history, this hardware lives AT THE RIVER!


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by Sarah Bell posted 08/27/2018

Please contact Sarah Bell at for size availablity and purchasing information. 

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Women's Basketball
by Sarah Bell posted 07/23/2018

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by Sarah Bell posted 03/12/2018

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RHS Spiritwear
by Sarah Bell posted 10/03/2017

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