OYA Boys organization of Orland Park, Illinois, provides quality leagues for baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

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Carl Sandburg/District 230
Carl Sandburg / Consolidated District 230 Website
Chicago white Sox

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Orland park Cares Website
Individuals and families of those dealing with substance abuse have a new resource. The OPSAF site offers avenues of support ranging from inspirational stories to treatment and resource options.
Orland Park Pioneers Football Program
Orland Park Pioneers Football Program
Orland Park Recreation Dept.
Orland Park's Recreation Department Website
Orland Park School District 135
Orland Park Grade School District 135 Website
OYA Girls Programs
The OYA Girls Program is a Non-Profit organization designed to provide young girls of Orland Park the opportunity to play ball. The program offers Softball, Basketball, and Volleyball for both grade school and high school age girls. The OYA Girls Program is an in-house Recreational League and is most focused on the instruction of the game. Although this is an instructional league, the girls always put forth efforts which create some very competitive games, especially as they learn and develop their skil

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