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Current and archived issues of American Hockey Magazine (which is published by USA Hockey).
American Hockey Magazine Coaching Tips Archive
Get printable copies of American Hockey Magazine's "Coaches Playbook," "In The Crease" and "Tips From The Stars" from issues over the past two years, with topics from off-ice training to on-ice skills covered.
Atlantic Youth Hockey League
officeial website of the Atlantic Youth Hockey League
Canlan Classic Hockey Tournaments
We run Boys, Girls, Mens, Womens and Co-ed hockey tournaments in the Toronto and Montreal areas in Canada.
Connecticut Hockey Conference
CHC site on usahockey.com
Connecticut Hockey Conference
CHC site on League Athletics. Has CHC standings, schedules and other information.
Darien Ice Rink
Darien Ice Rink is home to many MFYHA games and practices. It has one rink, 4 change rooms, a snack bar and a sports shop.
Hockey Arena Maps for USA & Canada
This is a web link to a site that provides driving directions to hockey arenas across the USA and Canada. It provides easy-to-read, printable maps. You will also find information on lodging, restaurants and sports stores nearest your destination. (Comment - it is not a complete list as there seem to be quite a few missing arenas but it is a good start.)
Hockey Coach
THE WEBSITE where hockey coaches, from around the world, learn the latest teaching methods and strategies from professionals and by sharing ideas with each other.
Hockey Drills
There are currently over 700 drills in thirty one categories posted with more added weekly. In addition, the site offers many more coaching resources, including featured writers Jim Corsi, Brad Pierce and Laura Stamm.
Hockey Made Easy
Coaching instructional assistance. Coaching ideas for coaching young ice hockey players.
Hockey Playbook
Hockey Playbook has the following features: Storing of plays in a database ordered in categories you define. A design tool to sketch hockey plays and drills. An animation screen to help you follow the flow of plays. A limited text editor to describe your plays and drills. An export and import function to exchange plays with other users of this program. Printing of graphics in high quality.
Hockey Practice
HockeyPractice.com is dedicated to assisting todays amateur hockey coaches worldwide.
Hockey Shot
From HOCKEYPLAYER.COM "Consider the top scorers in the NHL. Not one of those guys got where they were without shooting 300-to-400 pucks a day."
Hockey Tournament Listings
North American hockey tournaments listed by state or province. List is far from complete but it is a reference.
Hockey Webs
Loads of links to important sites.
The internet hockey database with information on current and former college, junior and pro players
Hot Hockey
World's Largest On-Line Hockey Resource: 14,492 Links!
Just for Coaches
A site dedicated to help Hockey Coaches.
National Hockey League
National Hockey League official web site.
Official Rules - NCAA
Official rules of the NCAA
Official Rules - NHL
Official rules of the NHL
Official Rules - USA Hockey
Official rules of USA Hockey
Pass Hockey
Hockey coaching tips. Books for sale.
Positive Coaching Alliance
In any given year, more than 4 million volunteer coaches work with more than 40 million young athletes (ages 5-18) in the United States. The youth sports experience provides opportunities for children to learn important lessons about determination, commitment, hard work, teamwork, and empathy while acquiring increased self-confidence and positive character traits.
Prep School Hockey Programs
Links to prep school hockey programs.
Safe Hockey
Dedicated to makeing hockey safe for all ages.
Skate4Speed Video Skating Analysis
Skate4Speed provides low-cost professional video skating analysis that you can view on-line from the comforts of home.
Stamford Twin Rinks
Located at 1063 Hope Street in Stamford. This is a twin rink facility. Many MFYHA games and practices are scheduled for here. It has two rinks, 8 change rooms, a sports shop and a resturant/bar.
The Rinks at Shelton
Connecticut's Premier Sports Center. Two rinks, heated food court, 13 locker rooms, baseball academy, golf center, fitness center.
USA Hockey
The USA hockey web site.
USA Hockey - Disabled Hockey
Special needs hockey programs sponsored by USA Hockey across the nation are proving that hockey is for everyone. Check out these USA Hockey-sanctioned programs that help athletes of all abilities find their way into the game.
US College Hockey Online has all the information you need about men's and women's college hockey team, scores, rankings and recruiting
Wide World of Hockey
Your one-stop hockey resource with links to hockey stores, hockey camps, tournaments, amateur hockey programs and more around the country.
Youth Hockey Report
Whether you are a player, parent, coach, administrator or a fan, you are passionate about the sport of youth hockey. Youth Hockey Report is made for you, no website provides you more timely relevant information about the sport. With scouts across the country, you are sure to get up to the minute information about the world of youth hockey on YHR.