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US Lacrosse
The national governing body of Lacrosse in The US
Boston Cannons
The Boston Cannons are a professional Lacrosse team in Major League Lacrosse. They play their home games @ Harvard Stadium in Boston.
Core Skills - Face Dodge
Video Explaining and Demonstrating the Face Dodge
Core Skills - Face-Offs
Great breakdown of face-off basics and keys to success. This video is intended for midfielders and players who want to improve their face-off skills.
Core Skills - Roll Dodge
Video Explaining and Demonstrating the Roll Dodge
Core Skills - Scooping
Ground balls are a fundamental skill requirement for youth lax players. This video, featuring Kyle Harrison, demonstrates proper ground ball (scooping) technique.
Core Skills - Split Dodge
Video Explaining and Demonstrating the Split Dodge
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Four Face-Off Drills Every FOGO Needs
Review of four drills that will help you improve your face-off skills.
Goalie Skills - Defending Behind the Goal
Standout goalie Jesse Schwartzman explains the proper technique for defending the net in this situation and why a lax goalie never wants to lose sight of the ball.
Goalie Skills - Goalie Footwork Drills
Video Explaining and Demonstrating Goalie Footwork Drills.
Goalie Skills - Goalie Hand Placement
Video featuring FHS, UVM and Chicago Machine standout, Mike Gabel, that explains and demonstrates proper goalie hand placement.
Goalie Skills - Goalie Hands Drill
Video Explaining and Demonstrating How to Develop the Hand-Eye Coordination and Hand Speed of Goalies
Goalie Skills - Goalie is the Leader of the Defense
The goalie must be the leader of the defense, calling the defensive plays and assigning responsibilities.This video explains why a goalie must assume a leadership role on defense.
Goalie Skills - Goalie Stance
Featuring Mike Gabel from FHS, this video demonstrates the elements of a good goalie stance.
Goalie Skills - Goalie Stance 2
Jesse Schwartzman explains the basics of the lacrosse goalie stance, the proper way to hold a goalie stick and where to stand in the crease.
Goalie Skills - Goalie's Arc
Video featuring Falmouth High School, UVM, and Chicago Machine standout Mike Gabel.
Goalie Skills - Off-Side High Save
Video featuring Mike Gabel from Falmouth on making an off-side high save.
Ground Balls - 3 Across the Field
A great drill that can be done by an individual to improve their ground ball skills in a short period of time. Very good for beginners as you introduce the skill. It gives advanced players the chance to get a lot of reps in and focus on the fundamentals.
Lacrosse Wall Ball Workout
This video provides a series of exercises for improving passing and catching and using a stationary lacrosse wall. The wall we built at Sandwich Road Field is a great place to hone your skills. Any concrete or brick wall where there are no windows will work as well.
Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse
Falmouth Youth Lacrosse Club is a member of the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League
This is Lacrosse
This video provides an overview of lacrosse that is intended to educate parents and players about the oldest game in North America. Some rules have been modified since the production of this video; nevertheless, we hope you’ll find the video to be helpful in your understanding of the game.