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Coach Pitch Full Practice Plans
This 12-week step by step program focuses on the fundamentals of coach pitch baseball, and is designed for coaches with limited experience. AA and AAA appropriate.
Detailed Guide to Throwing Mechanics
A thorough step by step video overview of proper throwing mechanics by Trent Mongero. Very detailed with a heavy focus on mechanics. Geared more for the upper divisions, but great insight for any level coach.
General Pitching Video
Short video explaining the three basic parts of youth pitching.
Little League links with Positive Coaching Alliance
LLI Bat Info 2018
New Bat Standards from LLI 2018
LLI Coaching Tools Overview
A very high level overview of coaching at different levels from Jr. Tee Ball to 50/70.
Majors Videos
A link to a wide range of videos from pitching to base coaching designed for Majors coaches. Make sure to hit the load more button at the bottom of the page to see additional videos.
New Coach Outline
A quick checklist of items for new coaches.
Outfield overview
A 4:29 minute video providing a pretty good overview of basic outfield play. AA to Majors.
Outfield QB Drill
A good description of the standard QB outfield drill by one of my favorite coaches Trent Mongero. 2:40 video.
Outfield: Tennis Ball Drill
A less than two minute video describing the tennis ball outfield drill. Great for all ages.
Pitch Smart: An Overview of the Latest Rules and Guidance on Youth Pitching
The latest from Little League on rules and guidance on youth pitching. How to protect arms and prevent injuries.
Pitching Basics Video
A 9 minute video breaking down pitching into very basic steps. AA-Majors appropriate.
Positive Coaching: A Must Read for All Coaches
A great one page list to remind coaches that baseball is a game and these are young kids.
Tee Ball Overview
Great overview of drills, practice plans, videos, and general information. Everything you need for the season.
Tee Ball Overview and Resources
Great overview of Tee Ball with additional links to practice plans, videos, and drills. (make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page). You can pretty much use this as the guide for your guide to the season.
Tee Ball Practice Plans
A detailed 10 week practice plan that features structured learning. Jr and Tee Ball Appropriate. This is featured as a link in the Tee ball overview section as well.
Throwing Progression Drills: Warm Up With a Purpose
Overview of various throwing drills and progressions to incorporate into your warm up session. These can be modified for various ages.