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Livermore Area Recreation & Park District
The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District (LARPD) is an independent special district separate from the City of Livermore that was created by the vote of the public in 1947. It has its own, five-person Board of Directors that is elected by the citizens. LARPD operates many parks and recreation programs throughout the Livermore area.
Oakland Diocese CYO
SM/SC CYO is part of the Oakland Diocese CYO program. The site posts pre-season tournament opportunities, and official CYO rules.
Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Community
Welcome to St Charles Borromeo Catholic Community. If you have never attended one of our services or activities, you are in for a treat. Mass at St Charles is a joyful event with great music, upbeat homilies, and the warm, friendly atmosphere generated by our parishioners all leading to authentic worship. For the newcomer, Mass will be familiar yet enhanced and revitalized by the congregation's active participation.
Saint Michael Parish
St. Michael Parish, a diverse Catholic community, welcomes all people to celebrate and give thanks for God's unconditional love. As disciples of Christ, we are committed to proclaim the Gospel message of faith through worship, sacraments, prayer, service and hospitality.