Emphasis will be placed on the development of good, sound baseball and softball skills without sacrificing the enjoyment and fun of playing the game.

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Articles for Coaches


Below are some insightful articles about coaching. WYBSL appreciates the volunteers who coach for the league and hope you'll find these articles interesting and helpful. Thanks for all you do!


The following are handouts from the AtBats 2018 Spring Coaches Cinics.

AtBats WYBSL Baseball Coaches Clinic (PDF)
Covering Preseason kick off, Fundamentals of the Game, Warm-Ups and Drills, Hitting Basics, and fun Games.

AtBats WYBSL Softball Coaches Clinic (PDF)
Covering Throwing Mechanics, Ground Ball Mechanics, Defensive Games, Hitting, Bunting and Base Running


The following practice plans and drills are WYBSL handouts from Player Development

Tee-Ball Practice Plans and Drills (PDF)

U7 Baseball Practice Plans and Drills (PDF)

8U Softball Drills (PDF)

10U/12U Softball Practice Plan Templates (PDF)


The following is an excerpt from PositiveSports.net.
This set of tools can help coaches teach positive life skills through sports. Each tool is a simple one-page handout based on one of the life skills outlined in the Positive Youth Sports Model. The tools are designed for athletes in any sport from middle school through high school and competitive club levels. Note: All of the following downloads are in PDF format.


The Power of Positive Character
Positive character is the most important thing we teach in youth sports.  Use this Power Series handout to help your athletes learn the power of positive character for top performance in athletics and beyond.

The Power of Self Direction
Self direction is the ability to lead ourselves toward a goal.  Athleteswho have it are able to get the most out of their talent.  Athletes who lack it never quite fulfill their promise.  Use this Power Series handout to help your athletes learn the power of self direction for achieving their goals in athletics and beyond.

The Power of Positive Teamwork
Teamwork is critical for success in sports.  Yet a surprising number of student-athletes come to their team with no real sense of what it means to be team player.  Use this Power Series handout to help your athletes learn the power of positive teamwork in athletics and beyond.

The Power of Positive Leadership
On a good team the coach is the primary leader who sets the direction.   But every good team also has one or more athletes who provide team leadership in competition and in the community.  Use this Power Series handout to teach your athletes the fundamentals of positive team leadership.

101 Things Youth Can Learn through Sports without Being an All-Star
Not every athlete can be an all-star.  But every athlete can learn life skills that last a lifetime.  At PositiveSports.net we came up with a list of 101 things youth can learn through sports without being an all-star.  Share this Power Series handout with your coaches, parents, and athletes to affirm their good work and remind them of what counts most in youth sports.




Microsoft Excel file Game Practice Import CSV-  Use this document to upload the games and practice for your division's teams

Microsoft Excel file Game/Practice Import CSV

Microsoft Excel file Game/Practice import CSV-  Use this document to upload your game and practice schedule for the teams in your division

Microsoft Excel file Team / Game Help File-  Use this help file and key to understand how to fill-in and submit your team's to divisions and game/practice schedule to the calendar.