OYA Boys organization of Orland Park, Illinois, provides quality leagues for baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

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Positive Coaching Tools

Honor The Game

"The scoreboard definition of a winner is an imperfect measure of performance, and it plays a huge part in demotivating young athletes. This definition involves three key elements: 1-results, 2-comparison with others, and 3-avoiding mistakes."

"Acting like a winner involves three things. It means 1-Giving your best effort every time, 2-Continuing to learn and improve, 3-Not letting mistakes (or fear of making a mistake) stop you."

"Coaches who emphasize mastery and de-emphasize the scoreboard can help their athletes in two ways: athletes will be less likely to "choke" in a pressure situation, and they will recover faster when their confidence is rocked by a bad performance or the emergence of a powerful new competitor."

--The Double-Goal Coach, by Jim Thompson. Forward by Phil Jackson.

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Microsoft Excel file Basketball Draft Grid for Commissioners-  This is a sample commissioner draft grid for basketball, and some hints for commissioners.

Microsoft Excel file Basketball Substitution Rotation-  This page specifically details how players should be substituted according to how many players are present.

Web Page file Bronco Manager Tips-  This document is for managers who are moving up to Bronco level, where most baseball rules now apply.

Adobe PDF file OYA Coach Job Description *-  Coaches must sign this agreement at the Coaches Meeting prior to the start of the season.

Microsoft Word file Pitching Arm Medical Information *-  Research Statistics and medical information on the protecting the throwing arm of your pitchers.

Microsoft Word file Roster Uniform Order Sheet *-  Coaches use this sheet to order uniforms for their team at a draft.

Microsoft Excel file Sample Draft Grid *-  This is sample draft grid, indicating draft sequence picks and protected players. The draft follows down the first column, up the second column, down the third column, and so on. Names aleady filled in are protected players who occupy early round draft picks, so those coaches cannot draft until a round that they have an empty box in.

Web Page file Sample Draft Instruction Sheet *-  Your commissioner will provide you with an updated copy of draft instructions, that will look something like this.

Microsoft Word file Sample Snack Schedule *-  Coaches of the younger teams traditionally provide families with a snack schedule at the Shetland, Pinto, and Mustang levels.

Microsoft Word file Sample Team Roster Handout *-  Every manager should provide his players with a team roster, so that they have a way to contact each other for carpooling, and to foster friendships.

Microsoft Word file Shetland Manager Info Handout *-  This is a general handout that Shetland Managers can pass out to their parents at the beginning for the season. The commissioner may update and pass out to managers at the manager's meeting.

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.