Sports Complex Update
Hello all.  I'm sending this note to update you about the Sports Complex.  Starting tomorrow (Thursday, June 8th) we won't have access to the Sports Complex GAME field.  It should be ready again mid to late July.  I'll explain why further down but will get right to the point:
  • All U18 and U15 games will be moved across the parking lot to the practice field.
  • Any conflicting practices on the practice field will be moved to Portage Park.


The city will be weeding and reseeding the Sports Complex soccer fields.  They are starting with the game field and will then repeat the process with the practice field.  It's a short term sacrifice for a long term gain.  Tomorrow morning (6/8/17) they are going to spray the field then you'll start to see the grass die off.   Then they'll come in and reseed it.  At first it will look still usable yet I have made the decision to move the kids to other fields while whatever they are spraying to kill the grass and weeds does its work.  We have the field space available to let the City do the work they need to do.


Let me know if you want to change your practice times to stay at the Complex otherwise I'll plan to move what I can to Portage.  I'll handle one conflict at a time yet games moving will be first priority.


It's a good time to remind families to use the app or check online for the most up to date information!!

http://www.grsoccerclub.org/  ~ ~  http://www.siplay.com/leagues/mobile

Sean Martinson
(218) 259-3129
Field Development/Coordinator