Grandville Little league exists to provide an environment in which young players can learn to play the game of baseball or softball, sharpen their skills, learn social skills in regards to teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and work ethic.

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GvLL Documents
by Grandville Little League posted 1/1/2012

Information and Requirements for all Grandville Little League Coaches

2019 Supplemental Rules 
These rules supplement the official Little League rule book which is published annually.  There are general rules for all divisions and division specific rules reviewed and board approved for each season.  This document also contains some common book rules for your reference.

Coaches Rules Clinic Presentation
The material presented at the annual Coaches Rules Clinic.  This presentation includes information on common and not so common Baseball and Softball rules and myths from the Little League Rule Book and our own league Supplementary Rules.

2019 Season Guidelines
This document covers General Information, Chain of Command Direction, Board of Directors Purpose, Coaches Guidelines, Little League Weather Policy, Game Rescheduling and Concession Volunteering information.  It is reviewed and updated annually.

Coaches Information and Tips
Ten Guarantees, Golden Rules, Early Season Throwing, Coach Tip and Game Over article

GvLL All-Star Participant Agreement Form Minors
Documentation of players and parents commitment to All-Stars requiring tryouts

GvLL All-Star Participant Agreement Form Majors and Older
Documentation of players and parents commitment to All-Stars for Major, Junior and Senior Divisions

GvLL All-Star Tournament Travel Reimbursement Policy


Website Instruction
by Grandville Little League posted 11/1/2011

League Athletics Coach's Website Guide  (Also in help menu when logged in)

Managers Guide to Entering Game Results and Pitch Tracking
Rev B 5/4/2014

How to use the practice scheduler
Rev B 4/7/2013
Team Managers can log in with their account password to change, delete or schedule new practices in the pre-season.

Manager Guide to Printing Player Bio Sheets
Rev A  3/29/13
Player Bio Sheets have all contact information for the player and emergency contact information.  Managers must have this information with the team at all events in case of an emergency.

How to reset your account password
Team Managers must log in with their account password to access Bio Sheets, enter game results and pitch counts.  Forgot or lost your password?  Use this guide to get it back or make a new one.

Coaches Contact Settings
A guide for what and how contact information is available to the general public without a password.

Softball Information
by Webmaster posted 10/1/2011

Softball Pool / Call Up Players Guideline
Softball uses pool players to prevent cancelation of games.  Anyone on a team can become a pool player.  Managers are required to request pool players if they are going to have less than 9 players.

2011 Softball Tournament Pitch Log
District 9 Tournament Documentation and Mandatory Rest requirements.  To be signed off by the umpire at the conclusion of each game.

Baseball Information
by Webmaster posted 9/1/2011

Baseball Game Pitch Log
The Pitch Count tracking sheet to be used by each team and verified between coaches each inning

2010 Baseball Pitching Rule Update
Current requirements for Pitch Count and Mandatory Rest

Coaching Instruction Website Links
by Grandville Little League posted 2/28/2011

Links to websites that help develop coaching skills.  If you have any links you would like to share please send to

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