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T-Ball Specific Items

  • TBall follows these ground rules
  • Managers bring to games:
    • Tee
    • Throw Down Bases
    • Tee Balls
    • Lineup  - just to make sure you don't skip anyone and keep the kids moving around to different "positions"
  • Will play multiple games on Harrison Field at a time.
    • Left Field
    • Right Field
    • Center Field
    • Infield
  • We have pop up benches for players to sit on in left, center and right field.
    • Benches will be in the Parker Field Shed - help setup and return to shed after game (benches are in blue canvas bags)
  • TBall Managers will receive:
    • Bucket that will include:
      • Tee
      • T-Balls
      • Throw down bases
      • First aid kit
      • Practice Guide Book