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Edit Game Results
by Eagles Basketball posted 2/21/2015

Edit Game Results:
This section will allow you to enter or change a score as well as any other information about a game.

  1. First make sure you are signed in as coach/ manager/admin.
  2. Select "Teams" from the menu tabs at the top of the page
    (select season, league and team at the top of the page)
  3. Select "Results" from the menu pages at the left
  4. On the team results page, find the game you wish to edit and click on the "Edit" icon  to the right of the game
  5. Enter score or any additional result changes and optionally, game commentary
  6. Click submit to confirm changes.

The Eagles website is linked to the AYL website. All results posted on the Eagles website will post to the AYL website. There is no need to enter them on both websites.



Adobe PDF file Equal Play Tracking Form *

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