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A Few More Updates for This Week
  Coaches, I forgot something very important...
Coach's Bulletin Week of 2/10
  Background Check Screening If you haven't...
Background Screening at Towngate Park 2/6 3-7pm
   For those who need to do a fingerprint...
A Few More Updates for This Week
by Pembroke Lakes Optimist posted 2/10/2020


I forgot something very important last week. This week is our Spring Classic Tournament so there will be limited field space this week. Tball schedules should remain the same but all other divisions I will try to squeeze you in a least once this week somewhere. If you are unable to use that time then unfortunately you are out of luck this week. Cages are available. The best times to use them are from 6-7pm and any time after 8pm. Please do not kick out teams that are preparing for their games. This is a big fundraiser for our park and our 12U travel teams so we want these teams to feel welcome.

Those needing equipment, I will be around the park everynight this week except Thursday and tonight.

Thank you,


Coach's Bulletin Week of 2/10
by Pembroke Lakes Optimist posted 2/7/2020

Background Check Screening

If you haven't been fingerprinted by the Pines Police Dept, they will be at our park February 13th to do fingerprinting. Please be sure to relay this to your assistant coaches or anyone else who will be on the field during practice or games.

Assistant Coaches

I need a list of your assistant coaches by Wednesday 2/12 so I can turn in a list of names to the city to get badges. By Opening Ceremony (2/22) everyone MUST have their badge in order to be on the field. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Coach's Shirts

I need sizes for coaches shirts by Monday. Anything after Monday is not guaranteed by the beginning of the Season.

Weather Updates

During the week, we generally give an update on fields between 3 and 4:30pm. It will never be earlier. However, if you feel the weather/field conditions have no chance of improving you are welcome to cancel your practice early. Please do not ask me for a field update before 4:30. You will not receive an answer. Saturdays are always a bit tougher. A lot of times we get a field report around 7:30/8am which is sometimes too late for coaches with early practices. Some times on Saturday we might get an update at all so it is a bit of a crapshoot. In these instances use your best discretion. For games we will have an answer, it just may not be very timely.

Also, please keep in mind that the decision to close fields is not my decision at all. These are city of Pembroke Pines fields anf they dictate when we can and cannot use a field. Keep in mind that they will always err on the side of caution which may be frustrating at times.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Matt Velez

PLO President

Background Screening at Towngate Park 2/6 3-7pm
by Pembroke Lakes Optimist posted 2/5/2020

 For those who need to do a fingerprint screening for their background check there will be one done tomorrow at Towngate Park on Thursday, 2/6 from 3:00 to 7:00PM.

Address: 901 NW 155th Avenue



8U Draft List

Adobe PDF file Vechs Waiver Agreement and Statement form B *

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