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Subject: Re: Intro Level Program
Posted by: Greg Goss of <a href='http://brooksidelacrosse.org' target='_blank'>brooksidelacrosse.org</a>
Tim mentioned 7U but US Lacrosse rules are now based on the even years so in the KCYLL the odd year ages are playing by the rules of the age division above (i.e. 9U is playing by 10U rules). We should adopt the 6U US Lacrosse rules wholesale, no changes. It will not matter that we have kids over the 6U DOB cutoff playing. No officials should be necessary, one coach on field per team. Or we can have a HS player on the field with officials jersey one. It give the game a bit more seriousness just having the stripes out there.

I would suggest a fun name like "Brookside Lil Scoopers Lacrosse" or something like that.

Ages should be K-1st on boys, k-2nd for girls and all playing on same team. So there may be a Visitation team consisting of this mix and a similar St. Peters team. Maybe we can invite Pembroke/St. Paul's, STM and Academy Lafayette to each submit a team.

Participants would receive a reversible pennie and a soft lacrosse stick to use for the season. I think all players should be required to use this stick even if they have their own standard stick. It sounds like communism but it would keep all the players on the same level and put an early halt to the arms race.

The Saturday game would fall in an hour time slot where coaches can run a short 20 minute practice then play a game. If coaches want to hold a practice during the week they can do this too. I don't know if Tim would want to hold a joint practice for all participants during the week. It's something to discuss.

Costs to offset via registration:
insurance (I don't want all these kids to have to buy US Lacrosse #s)
field paint
officials fees


> This subject is about Tim Reidy's idea for a
> sticks only entry level program for first time
> players.
> Overall it is my belief that the boys program
> should average about 24 players per grad year.
> This would create a robust boys program on par
> with Blue Valley and Prairie Village. This is
> what every club in the KCYLL should be striving
> for. If a club does not have a footprint
> (recruiting area) that could conceivably provide
> this they should expand their efforts or
> consolidate with an adjecent program.
> Brookside has consistently produced about 16 to
> 18 players per grad year and it has been
> difficult to break through to that next level.
> We have been successful at fostering the programs
> of PV and Leawood (and to a lesser extent
> Northland and Olathe). However, that has left us
> a bit cornered especially because we have a
> school based program which draws many players out
> of our neighborhood to Pembroke/St. Paul's.
> Under the new divisional setup an average grad
> class of 24 would produce the following teams (3-
> 14Us, 2-12Us, 2-11Us, 3-10Us, 3-9Us, 4-8Us).
> KCYLL Divisional Setup new in 2018
> 14U (7th & 8th)=10v10
> 12U (6th) = 7v7 (although there is a 12U 10v10,
> BKS will only submit 7v7)
> 1U (5th) = 7v7
> 10U (4th) = 6v6
> 9U (3rd)= 6v6
> 8U (2nd) = 4v4
> I don't think my plan for number of teams in each
> division would ever really work out perfectly but
> a framework is there. It would be more likely
> that in the 10U (4th grade) and 9U(3rd) we set a
> goal of fielding a team for each school in each
> grade (i.e. Vis 9U team, St. Pete 9U team &
> combined schools with remaining 9Us). However
> BKS structures it, the goal of 24 boys/grad class
> should be the objective. This would mean getting
> about 140 boys (2nd-8th) out each spring with
> lesser numbers at the younger age divisions, then
> adding boys every year. We are at about 90 right
> now and this would mean a roughly 50% increase in
> participation. The output of this is 48 boys
> each spring in the 14U division (7th & 8th)
> divided into 3 full field teams divided primarily
> by skill (1 red and 2 blue division teams).
> It took me a while to get here but this is where
> Tim's idea makes a lot of sense. The obstacle of
> equipment for 1st graders keeps a lot of kids out
> of the game. We have worked very hard on making
> equipment more accessible and affordable but it
> may not be enough simply because the perception
> is "lacrosse is expensive". This equipment
> explanation video is posted on our registration
> page: https://youtu.be/SScivYfJqcI . It does
> demonstrate how complex and daunting it may seem
> to a new parent while it seems simple to us.
> I think Tim is suggesting that we launch a sticks
> only program where kindergartners and 1st grade
> boy and girls can participate with only an
> investment in cleats. It would be nice to get 24
> kids out for this program but there would be many
> details to sort out. It would also jump start
> the 8U division the following year. I would like
> to make certain that it does not canabalize the
> new 8U division. We already have 5 players in
> 2nd grade that played 9U last year as 1st graders.
> That is a good base to get to at least one 8U
> team and maybe two for 2017.
> Let the furtive discussion begin. I expect input
> from Cole Dimond!!!!!!!!!  
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