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Opti for sale
by Hilary Babcock on 5/8/2022


Opti (Sea Torch) for sale ($800) with racing sail and spars. Pick up in Cotuit.

Also includes extra practice sail, extra mast, extra centerboard and rudder/tiller, as well as bailer, bow tow rope, 2 wind indicators and whistle. 

Contact Bill Babcock at

Opti 2 session 1 Boat rental needed
by Nancy Curran on 5/7/2022


Last year we rented Sea Biscuit but can't find the contact for it.  If anyone else has a rental available please let me know.  Opti 2 session 1.  

Open to buying a used boat as well.

Thank you,



Opti for Rent
by Phil Leopold on 4/28/2022

White Caps



 Opti available for Opti 1, Opti 4, and Opti Race for both sessions.  White Caps has a relatively new sail and an older hull.  Fee - $125 per class per session.  Please text 908-672-5060 if interested.  Thanks!

Need to Rent for OPTI 2 Session 1
by Jean Roma on 3/13/2022

Hi All,

I am looking to rent a skiff for OPTI 2 Session 1. We rented last year but I lost the contact information for the person.

Please contact me at 508-428-2594 ot


Jean Roma


Looking for Cotuit Skiff
by Jennifer Creedon on 1/16/2022

We are very interested in buying a skiff suitable for racing. 

Ok if it needs some work. 

Please let me know if you are interested in selling. 



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