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Jeff-Houston ES
Address: 1501 Cameron Street  Map
City: Alexandria , VA Map
Jefferson-Houston field is a practice field for Alexandria Lacrosse
Jefferson-Houston School for Arts and Academics
1501 Cameron Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Web Site: http://www.acps.k12.va.us/houston/
Click on the address on the page. A map opens indicating the location of the school
The best way to get directions is to use an on-line site such as Map Quest. The school is in a residential neighborhood near the King Street Metro with multiple access options.
Web Site: www.mapquest.com
The school sits at the corner of Cameron St. and N. West St.
The field is off of N. West St.
There is limited street parking.
The parking lot entrance is on Cameron St. just past the adjacent Durant Community Center
The parking lot exits behind the school onto Buchanan St.
The parking lot is the safest drop-off and pick-up area.

Minnie Howard
Address: 3801 West Braddock Road Map
City: Alexandria, VA Map
Minnie Howard is the ALC Home Game Field.
This is an artificial turf field.
1.  Pets are banned from this facility. Dogs and other animals are prohibited from inside the fence which includes the entire spectator area, the game field, the sidelines, the team benches and the softball field.
2.  Spectators are restricted to the fenced spectator area which is across the field from the players. No spectators are allowed on the player side of the field or on the field.
3.  Rubber cleats are permitted. No metal cleats. Cleats are optional.
4.  Food, fruit juices and sodas are banned from the playing field and sidelines. Water is permitted. Food, fruit juices and sodas are permitted on the natural grass areas and in the spectator areas.  
Minnie Howard 9th Grade Center
3801 West Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA 22302
1.      Bradlee Shopping Center adjacent to the field.
2.      Fort Ward Park.
The park is on West Braddock about 1/4 mile past Minnie Howard. The rest rooms are in a small building behind the main building. The main building is on the left as you enter the park. There is parking behind the main building and immediately to your right as you enter the park.
From D.C. and the G.W. Parkway
Take I395 South to Exit 7 - Shirlington/Glebe Road. Follow Shirlington signs and then look for Quaker Lane signs. Follow Quaker Lane signs around Shirlington Circle and off the circle. Once you are going up the hill on Quaker Lane, go thru 4 stop lights. At the 4th light you will see a Circle K gas station. Turn right onto West Braddock Road at the gas station. Go up Braddock approximately 1/4 mile and look for the entrance to Minnie Howard School on the right.  
From the Springfield Mixing Bowl

Take I395 North (toward DC) to Exit 4-Seminary Road. Follow Seminary Road East to the 3rd stop light, Howard Street. Alexandria Hospital is on the right. Take a left onto Howard Street and follow to the first and only light. Take a right at the light onto West Braddock Road. (The entrance to Fort Ward Park and rest room facilities is on your left immediately after the turn.) Follow West Braddock approximately 1/4 mile to the second entrance to Minnie Howard School on the left.

The school parking lot is adjacent to the field on West Braddock Road.

Patrick Henry ES
Address: 4643 Taney Ave. Map
City: Alexandria, VA Map
Patrick Henry ES is a practice field for ALC
4643 Taney Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304
Patrick Henry ES is on Taney Ave. between N. Howard Street and N. Latham Street.
The field is off N. Latham Street.
Web site: www.acps.k12.va.us/henry/index.php
Click on the address on the page. A map opens indicating the location of the school
The best way to get directions is to use an on-line site such as Map Quest. The school is in a residential neighborhood with multiple access options.
Web Site: www.mapquest.com
From Seminary Road:
Turn onto North Howard Street so that Alexandria Inova Hospital is on your right.
Follow North Howard Street to North Jordan Street. This is the second light on North Howard after turning off Seminary. The first light is at the hospital parking lot.
Make a left onto North Jordan Street.
Make a right at the next light onto Taney Avenue.
The school is on your right up two blocks. Turn right into the parking lot. The parking lot is first, then the school building and then the field. The field is beyond the school on the right.
Respect the Parking Zones and the Neighborhood
ALC practices and events create a large amount of traffic in the limited road space on North Latham. The field side of North Latham is a No Parking/No Loitering zone. Assist ALC in retaining the field permit by respecting the parking zone regulations.
Do Not Block or Turn Around in the driveways across from the field
The neighborhood association request that parents turn around in the first street beyond the field on North Latham. Do not create access issues for the neighbors during drop off and pick up.
Find a Legal Parking/Stopping Spot
There is not enough space on the field side of North Latham for drop off and pick up of the 50 players at our events. Find a legal parking spot. Do not loiter with the car running next to the field 
The Access Road is for Emergencies Only:
Do not enter, block, park in, drive on or stop at the access road that runs between the school and the field. This road appears open and the access restrictions signs are not visible. Do not use this open area as a drop off spot. This is strictly prohibited. The access road is for emergency vehicles at all times. Violations put our field permit at risk. The active playground behind the school does not mark a curb for the children therefore there is a tendency for them to cross the access road without using proper precautions.
Address: 2600 Witter St Map
City: Alexandria, VA Map

Off Duke Street, behind Land Rover of Alexandria