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Total registration fee = $215.  $25 non-refundable deposit due upon registration.  $190 remaining registration fee to be collected starting in March 2021

If you are currently registered for the Spring season and received an email to finish the registration process, please continue on and follow the steps in the email you received.  During this process you will be prompted to complete the USLacrosse Membership for Girls or the MBYLL Insurance Membership for Boys.  Any questions regarding the process or payments please contact us at info@wilmingtonlax.com.  

If you chose to roll your 2020 registration fee your account should reflect a $0 balance or a negative balance owed (ex. $190.00).  If  it is showing a balance owed or any other errors please contact us.   

USLacrosse and MBYLL Memberships MUST be completed by April 9 2021 or your player will not be eligible to participate in the first game on Sunday April 11th.


Go Wildcats!!


*Given the struggles to meet COVID guidelines and practices in order to get our classic players out on the field this season unfortunately we werent able to get all of the pieces to align in order to also field Boys and Girls Select Teams.  The Board will work in the off season to try to bring the Select program back to Wilmington in 2022.*