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Vernon Lacrosse has consistently been one of the most affordable lacrosse programs in the area. Our registration fee is considerably lower and we do not charge for uniforms. We have been fortunate enough to be able to provide helmets and most other equipment to our players, where other towns do not provide any of this. With the changes in equipment guidelines, we will NOT be able to provide shoulder/chest pads this year. The US Lacrosse Association has passed new shoulder/chest pad guidelines to help better protect our players. The new equipment guidelines state that players must wear pads with the NOCSAE "logo". For more information about this please go to the following website link  We will still be able to provide helmets to each player, and will have a limited supply of elbow pads and gloves (sizes fit mostly our younger players as our older players generally like to have their own style of gloves as they develop in the program). Please reach out if you have any questions regarding the new guidelines.

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Please check out the Vernon Lacrosse Facebook page.(click on above link or copy and paste the web address:


The page is updated frequently with tips for players and information about lacrosse clinics and camps as well as news about the league.

Please help us get information out by liking the Vernon Lacrosse Facebook page and sharing our stories, it is a great way for us to reach potential players.


posted 09/22/2016
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