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Registration for Fall Ball is now open! 


Since we had enough interest we are opening the registration for Fall Ball. It is open for children age 4 through 12.  Click on the Register Now button to register.


This will be held on Sundays and the cost is $25 per child.


Fall Ball starts this Sunday, September 11, 2022 at the Pines Field



- 9-12 year olds (or anyone that was playing minors or majors during the regular season) will be from 8am - 10am

- All others will be from 10am - 12pm

- For those that are in the 9-12 age group, make sure your child comes prepared with cleats, pants, cups, gloves and a great attitude.

- For those in the younger age group, make sure you have your gloves and a great attitude.

- Anyone interested in helping to coach, please contact Rich at rich@tnll.org.


The Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 6 PM at the Pines Community Center


The following positions are/will be vacant (although you can run for any position)


Fundraising Coordinator

Player Development Coordinator

Snack Shack Coordinator

Asst. Snack Shack Coordinaot





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