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SYB Summer Registration Reminder



Please do so today as knowing our numbers will help us plan for the start of the season.

Than you.

by posted 06/01/2020
SYB Return to Baseball Update

We are very happy to be sending a message with an indication that baseball is going to be played in Salem!  We had a very productive Board Meeting Monday evening and we are all working on our best way to get the kids on the fields as soon as safely possible while following the state’s guidelines for reopening youth sports.  There will be a lot of information here, please read thru it, but an important request we ask of all: 


Registration fee will be 0 .  We will also allow new members to sign up and SYB will follow up for registration fees. Understanding the numbers of our membership is critical for us to plan how we will make 2020 Baseball work.  Please do so by 5pm on Monday 6/1 as we are meeting as a Board again Monday, 6/1 and this information will be very helpful for our conversation.

  • We have made the unfortunate decision to cancel the 2020 Bambino and Challenger programs, where both programs are extremely hands on and socially distancing is almost impossible.  For the Bambino members we can put your Registration Fee towards 2021 season, refund it in full or accept it as a donation to Salem Youth Baseball, just let us know.
  • We will also adhere to the Economic Task Force Reopening Guidelines that “no teams/groups/athletes from other states are allowed at the sports training events in NH.”  This means that no players from out of state will be allowed to attend Phase 1 Clinics.  We are hoping this will change in Phase 2 and we can allow our current out of state members to play then.
  • Dependent on the Town releasing the fields to us, we plan to start clinics up for Farm thru Babe Ruth as soon as the middle of next week.  We will have signups for 1 hour sessions based on age group.  These will be attended by 8 or 9 players and 1or 2 coach (10 max people makes up a Pod ).  We can have 2 Pods on the Little League Fields and several Pods on the Big Diamond.  These Pods will never intermingle with the other Pods that are at the facilities.  Board Members and Volunteers will be on hand at all events to make sure Social Distancing is being practiced between and within Pods.
  • Tee Ball - We are still working out the details and will get those out early next week. 
  • Practices will have a very new ticket to entrance.  A temperature check will be made on all players before they are allowed to play – NO TEMP CHECK - NO PLAY - SIMPLE.  There are also 3 important questions to be answered each time and we ask that Parents respect this and are 100% truthful with not only the player but the household that the player lives in and/or people which they may have come in contact with.  Believe us when we say we do not want to send any kids away from baseball but the safety and wellness of our community is very important to the SYB Board of Directors and should be to our membership as well.   If there is a temp of over 100.4 or there is a yes answer to any of the following the player will be asked to leave the premises immediately;
    • a.           Has had any symptoms of COVID-19 (see Universal Guidelines for list of potential symptoms) or fever of 100.4 degrees F or higher.
    • b.           Has had any close contact with someone who is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
    • c.           Traveled in the past 14 days either:
    • i.            Internationally (outside the U.S.),
    • ii.           By cruise ship, or
    • iii.          Domestically (within the U.S.) outside of NH, VT, or ME on public transportation (e.g., bus, train, plane, etc.).
  • Athletes DO NOT NEED TO WEAR MASKS while playing, but when not engaged in athletic activities, and there is an inability to social distance they must have one available to wear. Coaches will be asked to wear masks and have them on during any situation where social distancing cannot be met.
  • We will work to hold tryouts on June 13th, during the day, at Michele Park, again these will be attended by small groups and we will create a schedule as the day gets closer.  Managers will draft on June 14th and we would begin holding Team practices on the 15th.
  • The season:  For Farm League thru Majors we would like to play a full Little League season of 10 to 12 games and we expect Babe Ruth to have a similar regular season during the same time frame.  Still TBD but game play could start around July 1st.  This would put our regular season ending in early to Mid-August.  We would plan to have larger teams to accommodate those that may have summer vacation plans and missing a week will not hurt the team’s ability to play.  We also have discussed the possibility of an All Star Tournament ending by Labor Day.
  • Parents – We need everyone to be super diligent about social distancing…DO NOT RUIN IT FOR THE KIDS!!!  We will have Board members and Volunteers on duty at all events ensuring teams and spectators are practicing social distancing.  PLEASE RESPECT OUR REQUESTS IF YOU ARE ASKED TO SEPARATE.  Phase 1 clinics can be watched by family members, with members living in their household or their own extended family, from beyond the Outfield fence for Vets and Bergeron.  We will have markers to ensure each family group stays 6 feet from each other.  In situations where you cannot Socially Distance masks MUST be worn.
  • PPE – We are going to need an abundance of Hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and disinfectant spray – Any help from any of our membership on how to get affordable/donated sanitizing products is appreciated!!
  • Contact Tracing – We ask that all parents and players be very diligent on realizing who they have come within close contact of at our Phase 1 clinics.  In the event that we ever had a positive Covid-19 test within our SYB community contact tracing will make it easier for us to stop any further spread.

We will be putting together a further detailed SYB COVID-19 Guideline to make sure these and further guidelines are adhered to.

Thank you all….and we look forward to seeing you at the baseball fields very soon!!

Sean Conway – President – Salem Youth Baseball

by posted 05/29/2020
Baseball is Coming Back!!

We hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend.  The weekend started off with some exciting news when Governor Sununo provided direction on the return of Youth Sports.  With this announcement came a mountain of guidelines that are to be followed and put in place. We are already working on how we can put everything together and get the kids of Salem back on the baseball fields!  The guidelines have been posted to our website and can be found here:

We plan to meet as Board on Tuesday evening and discuss our approach on how to return to baseball activities in Salem.  We will provide an update to everyone following that meeting on how the 2020 season may look to start. 


Play Ball!

Sean Conway - President - Salem Youth Baseball

by posted 05/24/2020
2020 Salem Youth Baseball BOD Announcement

Please join me in welcoming our 2020 Salem Youth Baseball Board of Directors.  Please also take a minute to review our vacant positions to see if it is something that YOU can help us with!

Executive Board:

  • President - Sean Conway
  • Vice President Baseball - Lee Stevens
  • Vice President Treasury & Administration - Leo Martin
  • Vice President Challenger - Vacant
  • Secretary - Ashlee Stevens
  • Player Agent - Ted Shpak
  • Executive Advisor - Tom Plante

Board of Directors :

  • Concessions Director - Ashlee Stevens & Jen Roy
  • Summer Tournament Director - Vacant
  • Information Officer - Tom Ward
  • Safety Director - Brock Ueda
  • Equipment Director - Jim Briggs
  • Umpire in Chief - Ed Kuegel
  • Babe Ruth Director - Tom Plante
  • Majors Director - Ken Gabriel
  • AAA Director - Steven Quinn
  • AA Director - John Lozowski
  • Tee Ball Director - Adam Abbas
  • Fundraising Director - Tina Doherty
  • Fall Ball Director - Ryan DeStefano
  • Field Maintenance Director - Vacant
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Jamie Cabral
  • Coaching Coordinator - Dan DeFrancesco

Thank you for all the time and efforts put in by our Board of Directors and growing number of parent volunteers!

Sean Conway - President - Salem Youth Baseball

by posted 10/15/2019
Lost and Found Section in the Exchange.

The Exchange Section of the web site is now open.   This service can be used to post information about used baseball equipment that is in working condition and you would like to sell.  This area will also be used as an on-line lost and found where the posting can take place.

To access the exchange, click on the "Exchange" tab on the left on the home page of SYB.  You can also see current items in the Exchange listed on the right side of the SYB home page.

Please note that the Exchange is a service for the membership of SYB and should only be used for listing your own used equipment.  It  is not to be used for non-baseball advertising by the SYB membership or by any outside companies with out the permission of the SYB Board of Directors.

Inappropriate listings and messages will be immediately removed.

by posted 12/18/2011
Field Status
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