OYA Boys organization of Orland Park, Illinois, provides quality leagues for baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

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Thanks for visiting the OYA Boys website. We hope that you can find what you are looking for.  Our mailing address is PO Box 402, Orland Park, IL  60462.  The OYA OFFICE is located at 10649C W. 163RD Place.  We are on the side of the American Financial Funding building (big white building). Office Hours can be found in the Headlines Section of our Website, please check back often as days and times change weekly.

Communicate thru oya@oyaboys.org



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Umpires for Fall Baseball
  The OYA is looking for some umpires for...
Warriors Travel Baseball 2020-2021 Tryouts
The O.Y.A. (Orland Youth Association) will be conducting its 2021...
COVID-19 Update Regarding IN-HOUSE (Recreational) Baseball
  Dear OYA Boys Families We hope this message finds you...
Rain Hotline and Rainout Line App
  The Village of Orland Park Parks Department has two options...
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Umpires for Fall Baseball


The OYA is looking for some umpires for the upcoming fall baseball season.  We welcome all ages, but this is a particularly good opportunity for young adults who enjoy baseball, are responsible, and want to earn a few dollars.


Umpires work several games a week during August, September and October and must be in 7th Grade or older to be considered. New umpires receive training and start out at the lower levels (Maverick and Pinto).


The umpire application can be linked through the left column on the home page or by clicking HERE.  Please complete the application and the umpire coordinator will contact you to discuss the opportunity and answer any questions. Games start approximately August 27th.

See you out on the fields!



OYA Board of Directors

by posted 08/14/2020
Warriors Travel Baseball 2020-2021 Tryouts

The O.Y.A. (Orland Youth Association) will be conducting its 2021 Orland Park Warriors Travel baseball Tryouts starting in July and running through September 2020.


The O.Y.A. is excited to announce tryout INFORMATION for the 2021 Orland Park Warriors Travel baseball season:

* Warriors teams generally play 40-50 games with one practice a week during a given baseball season.

* With Winter Training (Bo-Dome facilities & Cangelosi baseball trainers, Carl Sandburg coaches, Sportsplex and O.Y.A. batting cages), uniforms (multiple), tournaments and games. The approximate cost ranges from $1,500 - $2,300 per player depending which team team you are placed on after tryouts. The 12U teams cost is much higher due to the Cooperstown trip.

* We will form as many teams as appropriate based on the tryouts with each team playing at the appropriate level of competition. No spots are guaranteed, and opportunities are available for new players at all age levels. All rosters will be set by the O.Y.A. organization.

* PLEASE pre-register for tryouts on our web-site at www.oyaboys.org. ONLY players who register will have a chance to tryout. Each manager will reach out to All registered players to inform them of tryout information regarding Date, Field and time if NOT listed below. The O.Y.A. feels this process will keep everyone safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

* Alternate dates may be available, please e-mail the age group coach listed below to inquire.

* We have multiple bids to Cooperstown available at 12U The Tryout dates are as follows:


8U - Mike Madsen

Email: madsen_michael@comcast.net

* NOTE: We are currently seeking a manager and coaches for this age group. Mike will be coordinating the tryouts and we will determine the number of teams based off the turnout and talent. Please reach out if you are interested in volunteering. This year is unique because of the Covid-19 pandemic and cancellation of our Spring Rec season.

Tryout Date: Will take place late August or early September - TBD. Please register. Rainout Date: TBD

8U Eligibility: Players born 05/01/2012 thru 04/30/2013 and players entering 2nd grade.


9U - Mike Madsen

Email: madsen_michael@comcast.net

Tryout Date: TBD - Individual tryouts will be made by appt. Please contact Mike by e-mail or phone (708) 691-5466..

9U Eligibility: Players born 05/01/2011 thru 04/30/2012 and players entering 3rd grade. 


10U - Kevin Palmer

Email: kevin.palmer@thehortongroup.com

Tryout Date: TBD - Individual tryouts will be made by appt. Please contact Kevin by e-mail or phone (708) 912-7924.

10U Eligibility: Players born 5/1/2010 thru 04/30/2011 and players entering 4th grade.


11U - Bob Mase

Email: bobmase98@gmail.com - Phone# (708) 670-4802

Tryout Date: 07/27/2020 - Centennial #2 - 5:45 pm. til 8 pm. Rainout Date: TBD

11U Eligibilty: Players born 5/01/2009 thru 04/30/2010 and players entering 5th grade.


12U - Brian Boll

Email: Brian.boll@herregan.com

Tryout Date: TBD - Individual tryouts will be made by appt. Please contact Brian by e-mail or phone (708) 846-3634.


12U Jim Pittacora

Email - jrp@pittacoralawgroup.com - Phone# (312) 617-7360

Tryout Date: 07/21/2020 - Centennial #5 - 5:45 pm. til 8 pm. Rainout Date: TBD


12U Tom Kowalewski (Part-time Team) e-mail - tomkowal@comcast.net

Friday August 14th - 6:00-7:30pm - Jerling Junior High School

Parent Meeting/Questions following tryout

Please contact Tom by e-mail or phone(708) 417-0382

12U Eligibilty: Players born 05/01/2008 thru 04/30/2009 and players entering 6th grade. 


13U - Marc Detampel

Email: mdetampel@yahoo.com

Tryout Date: Individual tryouts will be made by appt. Please contact Marc by e-mail or phone (773) 771- 4374.


13U Todd Faifer

Email: tfaifer@yahoo.com

Tryout Date: Individual tryouts will be made by appt. Please contact Todd by e-mail or phone (773) 519- 4874.


13U Dave Spinella

Email:spinellade@yahoo.com Please contact Dave by e-mail or phone (708) 595- 3277.

Tryout Date: 07/24/2020 - High Point #11 6:00pm

Please contact Dave by e-mail or phone (708) 595- 3277.

13U Eligibility: Players born 05/01/2007 thru 04/30/2008 and players entering 7th grade.


14U - Glenn Nagel

Email:gnagel60@comcast.net - Phone # (708)846-1466

Tryout Date: 08/11/2020 - Centennial #4 - 6 pm. til 8:30 pm.

Rainout Date: 08/12/2020 - Centennial #4 - 6 pm. til 8:30 pm.


14U Mike Mraz

Email: michaelmraz95@hotmail.com - Phone # (708) 828-1569

14U Eligibility: Players born 05/01/2006 thru 04/30/2007 and players entering 8th grade. 


15U - Chris Evoy/Dave Stapleton

Email: david.stapleton@att.net

Chris Phone # (708) 363-8412 - Dave Phone # (708) 557-1266

Position Spots still available. Must have solid pitching background - Also offering Pitcher Only pots.

For private tryouts please email Mike Angel at mjangel20@gmail.com.


15U Matt Miller

Email: mattm4283@yahoo.com - Phone# (708) 770-1542

15U Eligibilty: Players entering Freshmen HS (Class of 2024)

by posted 07/17/2020
COVID-19 Update Regarding IN-HOUSE (Recreational) Baseball


Dear OYA Boys Families

We hope this message finds you all safe and well in these uncertain times.

With the governor’s recent announcement that the Illinois stay at home order will be extended through the end of May, we as an organization are now faced with some very tough decisions. While the recently extended stay at home order is currently set to expire on May 30, it is expected that social distancing and limits on group gatherings will continue. We recognize that in a baseball playing environment, players and coaches are in close contact in the dugouts and share certain types of equipment. A gathering of a single baseball game including players and family spectators is roughly 50 people on average. A full slate of games at Centennial Park could produce gatherings up to 500+ people. We have kept these numbers as well as recommendations from our state and local government in mind while making our decisions.


IN-HOUSE (Recreational) Baseball – Shetland, Maverick, Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony

It is with heavy hearts that we are forced to cancel the 2020 Spring Season of IN-HOUSE (Recreational) Baseball. While the board had internally created plans to start this season as late as June 1st, the logistics of starting up later than that simply don’t make sense for the league or for many of our players and their families. We as a board have decided that it is better to focus our efforts and our hopes towards playing baseball during the Fall Season.

We are hopeful that we may be able to expand our typical Fall Baseball Season. Our hope is that we are able to have this season start in August and go into October, possibly increasing the number of games and providing full uniforms.

With the 2020 IN-HOUSE Baseball Spring Season canceled you will be able to choose one of the following options:

·      You can elect to receive a 100% credit for the full amount paid to use towards the 2020 Fall Baseball Season.*

·      You can elect to receive a 100% credit for the full amount paid to use for the 2021 Spring Baseball Season.*

·      You can elect to receive a 100% refund via check. (Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to process your request for this option).

*Should the 2020 Fall Ball or 2021 Spring Baseball Season fees increase compared to what you paid for the 2020 Spring Session, you will NOT need to pay the increase if you choose the credit option.

Should you elect to receive a refund via check please send an email to requesting that refund. In your email be sure to include your name, the registered players name and date of birth, the baseball division the child was registered for as well as your mailing address. All check refund requests must be submitted no later than July 1st.

We are happy and fortunate to be able to provide full credits/refunds for the IN-HOUSE Spring Baseball program. As a Non-Profit Organization we will be stretched to our means to be able to provide these full refunds. Our hope is that you all plan to participate in either 2020 Fall or 2021 Spring Baseball. We ask that if you are able to opt for the credit to please chose that option.

We thank you for your ongoing support and participation in OYA Programs. All of us at OYA Boys miss our sports greatly. We can’t wait to get back out on the fields and see the smiles of our children playing the sports we have all come to love. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and each other. We hope to see you all soon!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out.



OYA Board of Directors


by posted 05/01/2020
Rain Hotline and Rainout Line App


The Village of Orland Park Parks Department has two options for you to verify the cancellation of baseball fields:

  • The 1st option is the NEW Rain Hotline Phone Number. The phone number is (708) 401-0043. In the case of inclement weather please call the Rain Hotline for up to date information on field cancellations. Please note the New Rain Hotline lists all fields individually and you must choose the appropriate extension to find out if your particular field is cancelled.
  • The 2nd option is to use the Rainoutline.com website and/or app. You will need to create an account to use this website. **This will be the fastest way to find out about field cancellations.**


Instructions for Rainoutline.com

Go to Rainoutline.com

Click on Log In.

Create a New User Account.

Use the Search Feature to add "Orland Park" Fields to your list of Favorites.

Once the Orland Park Fields are added to your Favorites you will be able to see all of the fields and which are cancelled. A Highlighted Red Stop Sign indicates a cancelation.

You can also follow the prompts from the website to add the Rainoutline App.


We ask that you use one of these two methods to verify all field cancellations. Please do not rely on your coach to keep you informed of daily field cancellations.

by posted 04/03/2018
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by posted 05/28/2015
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