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Congratulations to Sophie Nash who turned an unassisted triple play in her summer league game. Sophie was playing 3rd base where she caught a line drive, stepped on 3rd to double off the runner and then tagged the girl that had been running from 2nd to 3rd.

Great job Soph!



by posted 07/23/2021

2021 Minor League Champions - Jr Womans Club

Jr Womans Club beat Classic Pizza in an extra inning game with Luiza Cosby stealing home for the win.
Congratulations to the players.
MVPs were Keira Miller for Jr Womans Club and Nora Crozier for Classic Pizza

by posted 06/25/2021

Major League Champions crowned
Embroidery Unlimited gave Triton Financial a run for their money but Triton came from behind in game 2 to hang on to become the Major League Champs for 2021.
Game 1 went to Embroidery with Emma Devens hitting her 6th homerun of the season and Daucen Chamberlain shutting down Triton's batter in the bottom of the 7th to push the series to game 2. Great defense by both teams kept this game close.
Emma Devens hit 2 homeruns in the 2nd game her 7th and 8th to lead the league but it wasnt enough as Erin Dwinells hit her 3rd of the season a Grand Slam in the bottom of the 6th inning to propel her team to victory. MVPs for the series were Erin Dwinells for Trition Financial and Emma Devens for Embroidery. Congratulations to all players and coaches for a well played series

by posted 06/25/2021


4/30/2021 Emma Devens kicked off the homeruns for 2021 hitting 2 HR's in her first game of the season.
Her 3rd and 4th of her career. She missed her 3rd of the night by a couple of feet! 4/30/2021

5/7/2021 Erin Dwinells hit her 1st Career Homerun to help her team to a win. Erin hit a 2 run blast to centerfield.
Congrats Erin!!

5/13/2021 Abby Asman hit her 1st Career Homerun vs Triton Financial. Way to go Abby!!

5/19/2021 Emma Devens continues the hit parade with her 3rd homerun of the season! Way to go Emma!

5/26/21 Catherine Seay hit her first HR of the season. A solo shot. Congrats Catherine!!

6/4/21 Catherine Seay hit her 2nd HR of the season, another solo shot in her teams tie game against Fairway Mortgage. Congrats Catherine!!

6/7/21 Erin Dwinells hit her 2nd homerun of the season, this time a GRAND SLAM!! Way to go Erin!!!

6/9/21 Catherine Seay hit her 3rd HR of the season a 2 run blast off the scoreboard in right center! Congrats Catherine

6/13/21 It was a busy  All Star Game today with 4 homeruns being hit in the game.
Emma Devens led off the homerun parade with her 4th of the season followed by Catherine Seay who also hit her 4th of the season.
Later in the game Taylor Attaway hit her 1st career Homerun at Baldelli
Abby Asman rounded out the homeruns with her 2nd HR of the season
Congrats to all of you!!

6/21/21 Emma Devens hit her 5th HR of the season a 2 run blast in her teams playoff win vs Fairway Mortgage. Congrats Emma!

6/23/21 Emma Devens hit her 6th HR of the season a 2 run shot in her teams win over Triton Financial in the 1st game of the championship

6/24/21 Emma continued her hit parade hitting her 7th and 8th Homeruns of the season a 2 run shot and a solo shot. Great job

6/24/21 Erin Dwinells hit a GRAND SLAM to propel her team to the Championship with her 3rd HR of the season!! Great job!

7/1/21 Kaitlyn Cabral hit her 1st career HR! A solo shot in her first at bat of the game. Congrats Kaitlyn!!


by posted 05/03/2021
Field Status
Baldelli 2 - Marlborough OPEN (7/24) 
Baldelli Field - Marlborough TBD (7/24) 
Batting Cage/Mounds - Marlborough OPEN (7/24) 
Farrell 1 - Marlborough OPEN (7/24) 
Farrell 2 - Marlborough OPEN (7/24) 
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