Cobra Lacrosse is a non-profit youth lacrosse club in Arizona offering introductory, recreational and competitive travel level field and box lacrosse

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Fall Updates 101521




Fall Updates 101521


Week 2 of Fall Ball resumes Saturday with nearly 60 players attending. Registration remains open all season for late entries as players become available.


  • If your presently playing a fall sport and want to drop in a time or two just ask . . .


Fall Ball Registration


  • Speed, agility and strength conditioning with certified trainers Kate and David Fields is part of every practice along with lacrosse skill development and intramural games. Preparation for spring lacrosse is in full gear!


  • The Cobra Team Store opened yesterday with new products and updated logos for 2021-2022. We added performance t-shirts, long sleeves, polo, hats, pullovers and windbreakers to our standard cotton T’s and hoodies. Store closes Oct 28.


 Cobra Team Store


  • No practice next Saturday 10/23. Our coaches will attend a Cactus HS fundraising event.


  • Save the Date – Spring Lacrosse starts Jan 3! Registration opens Nov 1
  • Save the Date – GCU Showcase (9-12th grade only) is Dec 20, GCU Winter Camp (Ages 8-18) runs Dec 21 & 22. I will be coaching along with Grand Canyon University Lacrosse Head Coach Jeff Guy and his staff. Hope to see you there! 

Registration and information on




Effective January 1, 2022, shoulder pads for boys field players must meet NOCSAE standard 200

At this time they are readily available and inexpensive. But as we near the regular season they may become hard to find. SO if you plan to play in the spring and bought new pad recently check them for the “Meets NOCSAE Standard” label. Note that non-NOCSAE pads are still being sold. If you are using pads from few years ago then it’s probably time for new pads anyway!

Lacrosse Chest Protector FAQ

Product Summary

NOSCAE Certified Product List


Lacrosse Monkey

Lacrosse Unlimited


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Recreational and Competitive Cobra Fall Ball



Recreational and Competitive Cobra Fall Ball Oct 2


Fall Ball should be about options. 


But first, check out our Cobra Lacrosse Pump Up Video, and crank up the volume!


Some of our athletes are only able to commit partially in the fall as they participate in school sports. New players may be joining a lacrosse program for the first time interested in a recreational experience as they learn the game. While other players may be fully committed and ready to push their skills to a higher notch in preparation for the upcoming Arizona Lacrosse League 2022 season this coming winter and early spring.


These are some of the reasons we offer options or the fall;


Recreational Fall Ball – 6 wks, Oct 2 thru Nov 13, only $150


Competitive Fall Ball – 10 wks w/ Lax4Life Tournament, Oct 2 thru Dec 13, only $250 ($300 for HS to cover Lax4Life fee)


The only differences between the two options are that Competitive adds 4 additional weeks and entry on our teams playing in the season ending 14th Annual* Lax4Life Benefit Jamboree in Mesa (Dec 11-13).

*Our teams played in every event since this benefit for cancer research began! If you choose the Recreational option Competitive can be added at anytime!


FREE Pre-Season Fall Training every Saturday through Sept 25!


All Information and Registrations Located HERE




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Instagram: cobra_lacrosse
Twitter: @LacrosseCobra 





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Cobra Lacrosse 2021-2022







Cobra Lacrosse 2021-2022 


The summer of 2021 was a resounding success with free clinics introducing 70 players to the game of lacrosse, another 80 players taking part in box and field development, and our travel box program (AZBOXLA) bringing home Silver and Bronze medals over the course of two national tournaments. 


We now plan the fall where we expect well over 100 returning players to join a bunch of new faces after recruiting efforts into the PUSD, DVUSD, WESD, Dysart, and LESD. These numbers will allow both recreational and competitive teams in most if not all age groups as we look toward the winter/spring lacrosse season.




Fall 2021 Programs


  1. Free Clinics every Saturdays starting Sept 4
  2. Free Open Pre-Season Training and Games Saturdays from Sept 4 thru Sept 25
  3. Fall Ball with Practices, Strength, Speed & Agility, Scrimmages and Lax4Life Tournament (Mesa) from October 2 thru Dec 11 


Winter/Spring 2021-2022 Recreational and Competitive Teams


  1. Pre-Season Boot Camp with high intensity strength, speed & agility pre-season training with 6 sessions from Dec 16 thru Dec 30. Included for HS, optional for 14u
  2. Recreational and Competitive Teams playing with the Arizona Lacrosse Leagues in 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u and HS divisions from Jan 3 thru April 3 (May 6 HS)


Details and Definitions


Free Clinics


  • Who: Boys & Girls, K thru HS
  • What: Introduction to Lacrosse, No Experience or Equipment Needed
  • Where: Montara Park, 64th Ave & Becker Ln, Glendale 85304
  • When: Saturdays from Sept 4th thru Dec 4 at 8am
  • Notes: If every present family bring 1-2 players to a free clinic we can double or triple in size! Spread the word!!


Free Open Pre-Season Training and Games


  • Who: Boys & Girls, K thru HS
  • What: Station training for returning and new players with stick work, speed & agility and small-sided games
  • Where: Montara Park
  • When: Saturdays from Sept 4th thru Sept 25th 9-11am
  • Notes: Free of charge - A “welcome back” to returning and “welcome to the team” for new players!


Fall Ball


  • Who: Boys & Girls, K thru HS 
  • What: Practices, Strength, Speed & Agility, Scrimmages and season ending Lax4Life Tournament in Mesa
  • Where: Tuesdays and Thursdays at Thunderbird Paseo Park and Saturdays at Montara Park
  • When: October 2 thru Dec 13. Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm, Saturdays 9-11am
  • Notes: 60 hours of training over 10 wks, intramural and external scrimmages plus a tournament, Cobra reversible and a t-shirt. Development and training for the 2022 Winter/Spring season. The Lax4Life tournament (Dec 11-13) registration is included for ALL players and ALL players are expected to play in this fundraising event


Pre Season Boot Camp


  • Who: Boys HS (Inclusive) & 14u (Optional)
  • What: High intensity strength, speed & agility pre-season training
  • Where: Cactus HS
  • When: 6 Sessions, Dec 16 thru Dec 30, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm, Saturdays 9-11am
  • Notes: Free of charge – Included in season registration. Trainers are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) with a Masters and Bachelors in Kinesiology 


 Cobra Recreational and Competitive Teams


  • Who: Boys & Girls, K thru HS, 8u/10u/12u/14u and HS divisions  
  • What: Practices and Arizona League sanctioned games with paid referees. 
    • 8u thru 14u - Two (2) Games on Saturdays in Anthem, Glendale, Maricopa, Scottsdale with possible home games planned.  Season ending Cactus Cup Arizona State tournament
      • Recreational” team is defined as every child learns at their own pace with significant playing time and rotating positions with fun as the primary goal
      • Competitive” team will be chosen by coaches and earn their playing time at a higher level practices and games against the more skilled teams in the league while contesting for the Arizona Cactus Cup
    • HS play a minimum 12 league games to qualify for the Arizona State Championship. Home games will be at the Cactus HS Stadium, away games TBD
  • Where: Practices at Cactus HS, Thunderbird Paseo and Montara Park on occasion
  • When
    • 8u thru 14u - Jan 3 thru April 3. Practices are 2x a week for 8u thru 12u, and 3x a week for 14u
    • HS – Jan 3 thru April 29. Practices are 4x a week
  • Notes: ALL registrations practices, league games, a NEW uniform AND equipment bag






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Winning vs Development?

Winning vs Development?


Winning matters. But development matters more.


The score at the end of a game commonly determines a “winning” and “losing” team, but what does winning mean after all? Does winning mean having the better score in a U9 league game? Does winning mean a team that goes unbeaten in Division 1 in their U11 group?


I submit that “winning” is a long-term proposition. Too often we look for short-term gain and therefore miss the opportunity to reach the higher goal. In our case that means more time spent developing ALL players with a well thought out LTAD approach, ensuring that we have avenues for new players to learn, recreational players to enjoy this great game, and finally training and travel programs for those that wish to reach their highest potential.


Although “winning over development” survives to this day, the keepers of the flame are losing steam based on solid research. We know that by the age of 13, 70% of kids involved in organized sports drop out of the game. The main reason for this is kids aren’t “having fun anymore” and they’ve lost interest. By maintaining the short-term “win at all costs” mentality, many youth players are lost in the fight to win meaningless games. Far too often over my years I’ve heard comment that youth players have to “win” or they will be upset, or even depressed. This is simply not true.


In fact in a study conducted in 2014 by George Washington University found, when kids were asked why they participate in sports over 90 percent of children responded that they did so because it was fun. Fun, however, means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. The children were asked to describe what fun meant for them, and 81 different explanations arose throughout the study. 81 different explanations for what fun means, ranked in order of most important as a response.


Winning ended up 48th on the list.



The top fun factors were; Being a good sport, Trying hard, Positive coaching, Learning and improving, Game time support, Games, Practices, Team friendships, Mental bonuses, Team rituals, and Swag.


Trying your best is essentially the idea of giving 100%. It’s that winning mentality, and if we can continue to foster it, we are one step ahead of the game in helping to create “winners.” Kids generally forget about results soon after the game is over. The game is really won or lost, however, in the car ride home. As Project Play explains, kids often forget about the result ten minutes after a game is over, but are often reminded of it constantly in the car-ride home and at dinner that day.


Winning is important, but development is more important. Develop the winning mentality, see kids take ownership of their own technical development, understanding that one hour of practice a week is not enough, and watch the results come, eventually. Eventually is the key word here. Don’t expect this to happen over the course of a week, a season, maybe even a year. Development is not a straight line. Ups will come with downs, and development does not mean constant, unchecked progression.


So this is great but how do we develop skills in youth players and keep them playing sports?


I will summerize here, but encourage you to read the a complete solution, and our model, from The Aspen Institutes Project Play here;


The 8 Plays



Winning matters. But development matters more.


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