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Seth Ernst 14th Annual Memorial Soccer Slam
We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2020! Register...
No practices on Field 1, 5, and 6
To ALL Coaches, both REC and TRAVEL. As has always been the case,...
2019 Board News!
Board Meeting Notice(s) The Next GSC Board Meeting is in...
Seth Ernst 14th Annual Memorial Soccer Slam

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2020!

Register TODAY!!

6/7 - 14/15






Geneseo HS Men and Women




         Geneseo Foundation Activity Center

Geneseo, IL


14th Annual



           JAN. 24 – 26, 2020             AGES 6/7 – 11 & U2OLD


    FEB. 28 – MAR. 1, 2020   AGES 12 – 14/15 & GHS



          LEARN MORE AT:  sethernstsoccerslam.org


  We welcome ALL TEAMS who love to play soccer!

                   Birth Year:                     Age Division:

                                       2005/2006                 14/15 *May not be in high school

2007                       13

 2008                       12

 2009                       11

 2010                       10

 2011                        9

 2012                        8

 2013                        7

 2014                        6





$30. / player guarantees 3 games, 2 rounds of our Contests, a Seth


Biggest Trophy to ONE team each day is SPORTSMANSHIP.


1st and 2nd in each Division also receive trophies.

Contest Winners receive trophies.



On Sat. 1/25 is a U2Old Division for Geneseo Alumni,

District 228 residents,

Seth Coaches, and one Guest Player.

**U2Old teams must be co-ed.


Join us for two fun weekends at the

Geneseo Foundation Activity Center!


   DEADLINES TO REGISTER: 1st Weekend: 1/7          2nd Weekend: 2/11

by posted 12/30/2019
No practices on Field 1, 5, and 6

To ALL Coaches, both REC and TRAVEL.

As has always been the case, No practices are allowed on 3 specific fields at Richmond Hill, at any time.  They are, Field 1, Field 5, or Field 6 at Richmond Hill.  Those fields are for actual games on Saturday for REC, and Saturday/Sunday for Travel.  At no other time should anyone be on those fields. 

If 1 team practices on those fields, everyone else feels they can use the field as well.  We have very limited game fields, and we are trying to keep them in the best condition for all teams on game days.


Practices are allowed everywhere else at RH.  This applies to all teams in the GSC soccer program.  Please don’t make the board come find you, and ask you leave the field, and find another place to practice.

There are places not being used, on the sled hill, Culver Valley, and all around the ball diamonds at RH. 


We get it, the fields are a great place to practice on, they are the right size, they look nice, a guy comes and mows and stripes it every week, but it if all teams that played on those fields practiced on them as well, they would be in no condition to use on game days.  There are 9 teams that are the right age for Field 1.  13 teams for Field 5, and 11 teams for Field 6.

We play sometimes 6-7 games on some of those fields on Saturday, and 4 more games on Sunday.

The fields all need to recover during the week.   There is a lot of space in Richmond Hill, and other places around town to get this done. 


This is not the first year this has been an issue. 

So to be clear once again.  There are NO TEAMS allowed on these fields. 

This rule includes scrimmages arranged with other teams and even out of town teams. 

Anything not officially arranged with the board in advance, is NOT ALLOWED. 

We have not allowed any team an exception to these rules over the past 2 seasons.

Thank you

GSC Board

by posted 04/27/2018
2019 Board News!

Board Meeting Notice(s)

by posted 02/10/2018
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