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Due to Covid-19, All FAIRPORT LITTLE LEAGUE activities are SUSPENDED until further notice...

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Update from the President - 5/29/2020
Hello everyone,   I hope all are doing very well and everyone...
FLL Return to Play Plan
FLL Return to Play Plan 05.26.2020   Overview This...
REGISTRATION OPEN - 13+ Softball and Baseball Leagues
13+ Softball and Baseball Leagues are OPEN for registration until...
Update from the President - 5/29/2020
Hello everyone,
I hope all are doing very well and everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!  I am writing to let you know we, as a Fairport Little League organization, have submitted a plan to Robert Duffy, the Finger Lakes region coordinator, our “Return to Play Plan.”  He has received it, thought it looked great, and passed it on up the chain to those who make decisions.  I have included it as a PDF.  Please read it as they are guidelines we all will follow as we re-open.
I want to thank Dan Adams, Tim Ackerman, Chuck DiPiazza, Steve Gossin, Mike McDonnell, Mike Romano, Jason Rucker, Brian Short, and Tom Halter for dedicating their Saturday on May 23rd in Phase 2 of our High Acres Extraction.  We moved the bleachers to the Lyndon Road complex.  Phase 3, our last phase, will occur when we clear out the warehouse of our gear.  We will let everyone know when that will occur.
On that same line, tomorrow, May 30th, at 8:00am (or later if that suits you, as we will be there for a few hours) at the Lyndon Road complex, we are looking to make the finishing touches on our fields so they are ready to go the minute we get the thumbs up.  We will be power washing the concession stand, the dugouts, repairing fence, and cleaning out the dugouts.  If you wish to help, please come out.  If you have a gas powered leaf blower, that would be especially helpful.  Make sure to have a mask for the dust.
Other than that, we are still sticking to our June 20th date.  On or before June 20th, we plan on playing a full season of baseball.  After June 20th, we will be playing an abbreviated season of some sort.  Hopefully, with our plan submitted, we can still meet our timeline.
Thanks again for doing all you do in keeping your families safe and, hopefully, we will have more news for you in the upcoming weeks.
Please take care of yourselves and I hope the good weather continues so all can get outside and have the kids get some ball in some way, shape, or form.
Please contact me with questions.  I will do my best to answer.
Stay safe,
Tom Caputo

by posted 05/29/2020
FLL Return to Play Plan
FLL Return to Play Plan
This plan is designed to create a safe environment for players, coaches, umpires, volunteers, and members of their household or immediate family while they are participating in youth baseball and softball activities at the Fairport Little League Lyndon Road baseball complex in Fairport, New York.
Table of Contents
  • Overview and Table of Contents
  • Universal Guidelines
  • Coach/Volunteer Guidelines
  • Player Guidelines
  • Umpire Guidelines
  • Game Guidelines
  • Family Member Guidelines
  • Equipment Guidelines
  • Dugout Guidelines
  • Concession Stand Guidelines
  • Restroom Guidelines
Universal Guidelines
All persons using Fairport Little League (coach, player, volunteer, umpire, spectator, employee) must abide by these universal guidelines while at the facilities.
  • If you or a member of your household are sick, please stay home.
  • If you or a member of your household becomes sick or begins experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, notify Fairport Little League.
  • Practice social distancing (minimum of 6 feet distance) when outside at all times when not around your immediate family or other household members. When not able to socially distance, wear a well-secured paper or cloth that covers your nose and mouth (PPE)
  • When inside, wear PPE.
  • Frequently wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer, especially after touching surfaces (doorknobs, light switches, gate latches, handles, etc.)
  • No spitting, eating of sunflower seeds, or chewing of gum on the premises.
  • When parking on the premises, please use best efforts to park with one parking place in between another vehicle.
Coach/Volunteer Guidelines
Coaches, managers, and other assistants follow these guidelines.
  • Disinfect multi-used items (bats, helmets) if players do not have their own.
  • Minimize number of coaches and assistants for games/practices.
  • Clean/disinfect team equipment.
  • Clean/disinfect high touch surfaces before and after games/practices.
Player Guidelines
Players are to follow these guidelines at all times.
  • When not in the field, they must wear PPE if not able to keep social distancing.
  • When in the field of play, wearing PPE is optional.
  • Use or touch only their own equipment.
    • If they do not have their own equipment, use team’s which will be cleaned between uses.
  • Bring their own beverage and do not share.
  • Follow dugout guidelines.
Umpire Guidelines
Umpires are to follow these guidelines at all times.
  • Wear PPE if unable to keep social distancing.
  • Plate umpire will be calling from behind the pitcher’s mound on the grass.
  • Base umpires will keep distance in set-up positions.
  • Umpires will not handle baseballs.
    • Passballs, foul balls will be retrieved by players.
  • Pre-game player’s equipment check is visual only.
Game Guidelines
Pregame, in-game, and post game guidelines to be followed at all times..
  • Show up maximum of 30 minutes before game time.
  • Game field must be exited completely and cleaned by previous teams before new teams enter the field and dugouts.
  • 15 minute maximum pre-game warm-ups for each team.
  • No pre-game meeting at the plate with umpires and coaches.
  • New baseball/softball every 2 innings.
  • Between inning warm-ups must use same ball.
  • Foul balls will be retrieved by players only, not spectators, not coaches, not umpires.
    If touched by another, the ball will be disinfected before being reintroduced.
  • No physical contact celebrations between players (i.e. high fives, fist bumps, etc).
  • End of game - line-up out front of dugouts and tip hats in good sportsmanship.
  • All high touch surfaces must be sanitized before any other team is permitted on the field or in the dugout.Clean and disinfect common contact points of field.
    Dugouts, fences, gate latches, benches, bleachers, etc.
  • Must leave premises no later than 20 minutes after the end of the game.
Family Member Guidelines
Household and immediate family members are to follow these guidelines at all times.
  • Household or immediate family only (parents, guardians, brothers, sisters).
  • Bring their own seats and sit along the outfield fence or in their cars.
  • Do not retrieve foul balls.
Equipment Guidelines
Guide to equipment use at all times.
  • Players are not to share their equipment.
  • Players who need equipment, will use team’s equipment.
    • If team equipment is used, it must be disinfected after each use.
  • Equipment bags are to be placed outside of dugout separated from each other.
  • Players must bring their own beverages.
  • New baseball/softball must be used every 2 innings.
  • Warm-up baseballs between innings must be the same.
Dugout Guidelines
Guide to dugout use at all times.
  • Only 1 coach inside the dugout at a time.
  • Only 2 players inside the dugout at a time.
  • Remainder of the team is separated on the bleachers outside the dugout or along the fence in assigned places.
  • Must be cleaned and disinfected after each game/practice using EPA approved household disinfectant or a solution of diluted household bleach..
Concession Stand Guidelines
Guide to the concession stand at all times.
  • Currently closed.
  • Four concession windows will be open
    • 1 Grill item orders, 1 Cold item orders, 2 Pick-up windows,
  • Patrons will be spaced 6 feet apart with clear markings for their standing in line to order and for pick-up.
  • All food will be made “to go.”
  • All concession stand workers will wear PPE.
  • Food will be dressed by concession stand workers.
Concession Stand Clean-up:
  • Workers will wipe down equipment.
  • Workers will sweep the floors.
  • Workers will disinfect common touch areas.
  • Garbage will be thrown out in waste bin.
Restroom Guidelines
Guide to restroom use at all times.
  • One occupant at a time.
  • Wash hands before exiting.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected each day.

by posted 05/29/2020
REGISTRATION OPEN - 13+ Softball and Baseball Leagues
13+ Softball and Baseball Leagues are OPEN for registration until a week before the season opens**  
(date yet to be determined by Little League)

by posted 05/10/2020
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