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FALL 2020 Intramural PRACTICE schedule

DYS is moving forward with fun, safe soccer plans for our athletes... STAY TUNED!

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The Gates Field Project is complete!

We are excited to play on the fresh grass in the fall of 2020!
We are grateful for our partnership with the Town of Danvers to get this project completed. Youth athletes will benefit from this for decades to come.


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Away OPEN (9/24) 
Beverly: Cross Lane - Beverly OPEN (9/24) 
DHS JV Field - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates OPEN (9/24) 
Gates F#1 OPEN (9/24) 
Gates F#2 OPEN (9/24) 
Gates F#3 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates Field OPEN (9/24) 
Gates Fields - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates GRD1 F#1 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates GRD1 F#3 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates GRD2 F#1 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates GRD2 F#2 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates GRD2 F#3 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates Travel 1 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates Travel 1A - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates Travel F#2 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates U10 F#1A - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates U10 F#1B - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Gates U10 F#1C - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
John George F#1 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
John George F#2 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
John George F#3 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
John George F#4 - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
John George Park - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Salem: McGrath Park - Salem TBD (9/24) 
Smith Elementary - Danvers TBD (9/24) 
Smith Game F#1 - Danvers TBD (9/24) 
Smith Game F#2 - Danvers TBD (9/24) 
Smith Game F#3 - Danvers TBD (9/24) 
Thorpe Travel F#7B - Danvers OPEN (9/24) 
Event Cancellations
Travel Families - Please confirm any cancellations with your coach!
In case of inclement weather families will receive and event cancellation email from DYS.
If a family does not receive any communication, then they can check the Field Status box. If field status is listed as "CLOSED" then all events on that field for the day are cancelled.
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