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Hi Baseball Families.  Our season is officially underway.  To maintain team sizes for social distancing on the fields, we have now close registration.  Feel free to use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of the page if you would like to be contacted if any spots open up.


Thank you and have a fantastic summer!


The Clear Lake Area Youth Baseball Association (CLAYBA)




Hi Baseball Families - We will continue with our season per the message below from May 26th.  And we have some good news, CLAYBA WILL NOT BE CHARGING for the 2020 season.  If you have paid your registration, you will be getting a refund in June.  If you have not register, you still can at no cost by going to the REGISTRATION page.  Note: registration is limited due to how many kids we can have on the field.  It will be a first come first serve.   Because we will not be charging anything this season, our players will unfortunately not be receiving a hat and shirt/ jersey this season.  Wear your favorite baseball shirt and hat, or better yet if you have one from last season that still fits and your hat.


The unfortunate news is we received word that The Quad City Baseball League which CLAYBA is a part of, has decided to not have thier regular season.  This means even if The Governor’s office opens restrictions to allow for us to play games, we will not have any opposing teams to play.  This affects our T-Ball through 11U/12U teams.  13U plays Gopher State and they are still hoping to have a regular season.  Stay in touch with your coach on this.  


 Ideally we will still be able to have some In-House scrimmages between teams if the State opens it up and for sure some inner team scrimmage sorts of things.  Like 3 batters and 6 fielders.  The coaches will aim to make up for the lack of competetive games with some fun out on the field.  Again, the good news is there is no cost to the 2020 season.  


Be sure to tells your friends to join us out on the field.  We will be following all guidance of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding youth sports activities.




The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) along with the support of the MN Governor’s Office, certain Youth Sports programs will be allowed to open starting June 1st .  Under the guidance of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding youth sports activities and abiding by approved social distancing guidelines,  CLAYBA is choosing to give our kids an opportunity to participate this season and will begin its season starting June 1st.  As a youth focused organization, we are taking the Covid-19 situation seriously and expect our families to support us in following these guidelines as well. Here is a link to some of those guidelines:  


Because of the fluency of things, full details of the season are still being worked on. The following are some highlights at this time:


  • We have extended our registration deadline to support the late season start. If you have not yet registered and want to participate, sign up using the Register Online.
  • We understand not all families will be comfortable participating in the season, at this time CLAYBA will offer a refund for any families choosing not to participate.
  • Due to the fluency of guidelines and CLAYBA’s financial commitment to have a season.  If you chose to start the season, we will not be able to accommodate a refund afterwards.  
  • At this time there is a limit of 10 people practicing together as a team.
  • Guardians are encouraged to drop their players off in the parking lot and return to pick them up.
    • Because some of the younger players, will most likely allow Guardians to watch from the outfield fence-lines as long as social distancing guidelines set forth by The Department of Health are being followed.
  • We will have a check-in process for all players.
  • We will have a disinfectant process for players and equipment.
  • Players will need to have their own gloves, but are also encouraged this season to have their own batting helmet and bat, but not to worry.  We will have them available as well and a disinfectant process for them.
  • Games have NOT been approved at this time.  We are hopeful that by mid-June games will be opened by the State. 
    • Even if games are not approved, we will continue to practice, have game type scenarios and have some fun out on the fields.


Coaches should be reaching out to registered players over the next few days to start scheduling practices.  If you have any questions, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the webpage.  


The CLAYBA Board


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