Bryner Chevrolet continues its unwavering support of CLL

Phil Sokol is pictured with Dave Peterson, accepting the donation
Cheltenham, PA (CLL) - Cheltenham Little League's longest running sponsor, Bryner Chevrolet has once again knocked it out of the park, with another generous donation.
Twenty five years ago, Bryner Chevrolet began its long-running sponsorship with CLL and it will continue for years to come.
"Helping the Cheltenham community, and especially CLL, has been a very important part of our business," said Dave Peterson, President of Bryner Chevrolet. "We're proud to support Cheltenham Little League, and its hundreds of players and families."
"It's always a pleasure to visit with Bryner each spring for their wonderful contribution to CLL," said longtime member Phil Sokol. "Dave Peterson and the entire Bryner team have for many years been a staunch proponent for our community."

by posted 05/15/2022
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