Canton Youth Hockey Association is a non-profit youth hockey organization formed to serve the youth of Canton, Massachusetts. The program is dedicated to introducing boys and girls to ice skating and the great game of hockey. We seek to offer a competit

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Heads Up, Don't Duck



Concussion Signs and Symptoms

Signs Observed by Coaching Staff

·         Appears dazed or stunned

·         Is confused about assignment or position

·         Forgets sports plays

·         Is unsure of game, score, or opponent

·         Moves clumsily

·         Answers questions slowly

·         Loses consciousness (even briefly)

·         Shows behavior or personality changes

·         Can't recall events prior to hit or fall

·         Can't recall events after hit or fall

Symptoms Reported by Athlete

·         Headache or "pressure" in head

·         Nausea or vomiting

·         Balance problems or dizziness

·         Double or blurry vision

·         Sensitivity to light

·         Sensitivity to noise

·         Feeling sluggish, hazy, foggy, or groggy

·         Concentration or memory problems

·         Confusion

·         Does not "feel right"

Action Plan

If you suspect that a player has a concussion, you should take the following steps:

1.    Remove athlete from play

2.    Ensure athlete is evaluated by an appropriate health care professional. Do not try to judge the seriousness of the injury yourself.

3.    Inform athlete's parents or guardians about the known or possible concussion and give them the fact sheet on concussion.

4.    Allow athlete to return to play only with permission from an appropriate health care professional.


It's better to miss one game than the whole season

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