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Win a New Car and support our Scholarship Fund!





Hello Bluewave Families!


There have been so many exciting changes around here since the Swarm came in and became part of our family.  We have more great coaches, the program continues to grow and we have some amazing players getting some serious college looks!  It’s a great time to be a Bluewaver!


With all this change… so much has also remained the same!  There has been very little change in our daily operations, how we run this program and our philosophies definitely remain the same.  We continue to believe in teaching kids the fundamentals of basketball and strive to be a program that does not turn kids away for inability to pay.  Last year we provided approximately $50,000 in scholarships to ensure that all kids who wanted to play basketball with Bluewave had the opportunity to do so and we want to keep that ball rolling!  This does not happen without you and your commitment to our fundraising efforts… we cannot do it alone!  We will continue to fundraise for our scholarship fund in order to help the players who need it and keep Bluewave as it’s always been. 


We’re very excited about our next fundraiser and we believe you will be too!!


We have partnered with Northeast Fundraising on a raffle where some lucky winner will walk away with a BRAND NEW CAR!!


Buying a $20 raffle ticket could win you a brand new 2019 Ford Escape.


The drawing will take place in February 2020 at an event at Yankee Ford where the car will be showcased!


The raffle tickets are all being sold by local programs and a maximum of 15,000 total raffle tickets will be sold, but could also be less than that…. Not bad odds!  Higher than the lottery!


We have physical copies of the raffle tickets in the Bluewave office if you would like to purchase one while you are in the gym.  However, we would like to focus on selling them via our website.  That way players and friends of the program simply need to talk about the raffle, share it on social media and forward this email to their contacts.  This makes it so that kids don’t have to worry about handling money, returning unsold raffle tickets etc. 


Anyone who would like to purchase a raffle ticket can go to www.bluewavebasketball.org and click the link to purchase a raffle ticket(s).  The online purchase will collect your name, address, phone number and email address as well as ask for the player who you are supporting, if applicable.  There will be prizes from Northeast Fundraising for every player who sells 25 or more raffle tickets and Bluewave will offer a prize to the top seller!!  We will take the information from the online orders and manually add it to the physical raffle tickets to be added into the drawing.  You can purchase as many raffle tickets as you want to increase your chances of winning!  You do not need to reside in the state of Maine to win, but the winner will need to pick up the car here in Maine.






Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions.


Robert Pilsbury 

Andrea Jackson

by posted 12/07/2019
Winter Basketball 2019/20
Winter Travel Basketball Program
Girls & Boys 2nd - 8th Grade
Blue Wave Basketball will once again sponsor Boys and Girls teams grades 2nd - 8th to participate in the following leagues.
(XL in Saco), (Boys & Girls Club in Portland) and (Zero Gravity in NH,MA area). 
Our goal will be to establish one team for each grade, rosters will be limited to 10 players. Participants do not have to be Portland residents, this program is designed for players from all towns!
NOTE: If you are playing for your town/travel program please keep in mind that our program will not interfer with that and you can do both.
Below is additional information…
League Practices Start: Week of November 25th
League Ends: Weekend of February 1-2nd
Practice: Teams will practice 1x per/wk and get 1 Free weekly Skills and Drills session during the season. All practices will be held at MBA Gym in Portland.
Boys: Will practice on Tuesdays at or after 5:00pm.
Girls: Will practice on Wednesdays at or after 5:00pm.
Games: Games will be played on the weekend, Saturday or Sunday.
Uniform: Each player will receive a travel uniform (mesh jersey top) that will be theirs to keep at the end of the travel season. Cost is included in the program fee.
Program Fee: $295 (Due upon registration)
Registration Link: http://assn.la/Reg/?r=3:192369

by posted 09/23/2019
Blue Wave Basketball Fundraising Committee
Blue Wave Basketball 

Fundraising Committee Announcement

As most of you already know, Blue Wave Basketball is a non-profit organization that prides itself on the fact that we have never turned a kid away for inability to pay.  This is a vital part of our identity here at Blue Wave and will remain a part of our culture even as we grow. 

The amazing growth that we have seen as an organization has also increased our scholarship out-put.  In order to maintain our identity, allow kids who otherwise would not have an opportunity to afford the invaluable experiences of playing AAU basketball and still maintain competitive pricing for our non-scholarship kids; we have identified a need to enhance our fundraising goals. 

We have recruited two Blue Wave Mom's who are eager to jump in and really drive our fundraising efforts.  They have some great ideas planned and they are excited to see how we can all come together as a program to make sure that all kids who want it, have the ability to learn and play basketball with Blue Wave.   

It's important to remember that this is bigger than just basketball... helping these fundraising efforts is giving kids an opportunity to cultivate new friendships and networks, a safe place when they need it most and for some of our players- travelling out of state to AAU tournaments is the only opportunity they have to travel and experience being out of Maine.  For some of our scholarship players- playing Blue Wave basketball is life altering and opens doors that they wouldn't otherwise be able to walk through.  It is an amazing feeling to be able to give that chance to a child who needs it... so whenever and however you can jump in to help our fundraising efforts and events will be most appreciated and rewarding. 

Andrea Jackson (207-332-0810) and Rene Hoglund (207-712-4701) will be the primary force behind our fundraising.  They will be organizing several events throughout each year to benefit Bluewave Basketball.  They can also be reached at: . 

If you have any fundraising ideas- Andrea and Rene want to hear them!  If you own or work for a business that looks to donate to non-profit organizations- please let them know.   


We sincerely appreciate all of your support and look forward to some fun filled events and basketball!


Thank You-

Steve, Shawn, Dajuan, Pils & Bluewave Fundraising Committee


by posted 12/10/2017
Robert Pilsbury discusses Maine Basketball

Blue Wave Basketball Directer of Basketball Robert Pilsbury discusses basketball in Maine and Blue Waves role.



Blue Wave Basketball standout Terion Moss talks basketball and how has prepared for the season and how his game has evolved over the years.

Delaney Haines who has been with Blue Wave Basketball since day 1 talks about the new season for Deering.


Blue Wave senior for Brunswick discuses Brunwicks finals run last year and what it takes to try and bring home the gold ball this year.

Blue Wave junior and Deering standout talks about teamwork and what it takes to gain an edge in varsity basketball.

Blue Wave & Portland High senior as well as founding player Shayla Eubanks talks basketball and her dad's impact on her career.



by posted 12/08/2017
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