The Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club runs Boys and Girls youth lacrosse programs in Truckee, California.

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Lacrosse Fanatic

Hello Truckee Tribe Families!

We wanted to let you know that we have entered a partnership agreement with Lacrosse Fanatic.  This allows our program to get team gear and equipment at reduced prices, which benefits our entire program.  In addition to the team savings, Lacrosse Fanatic has also extended their Goal Line Extended Club for all of you.  This allows you to set up a team account, providing you discounts on every item that you purchase in-store, online or at a tournament from them for an entire year.

Annual membership to this program normally costs $25.  But, as part of our partnership Lacrosse Fanatic has waived this for the next three weeks.  Besides the great discount on everything you buy,  you also get access to exclusive content like product reviews, player/coaching tips and even stringing tutorials.

Click on the link below to set up your account.

Once you enter our special team code teamtruckeetribe20 and complete the short registration form, you can then log into your account and start saving. 

Thank you for being part of the Truckee Tribe family, and thank you to our partners at Lacrosse Fanatic!

Tribe Vibe!

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by posted 11/11/2019
TNT HIgh School Lacrosse Board news - Announcing new members

Hi TNT community participants.  The TNT Lacrosse Foundation Board voted last week to bring in new members in light of four current members retiring from the board.


I want to welcome Elizabeth Bell, Stephanie Murphy, Brad Chisholm and Tim loper to the TNT Lacrosse Foundation Board.  I also want to thank the others who volunteered to be nominated, Cliffy Clifford, Scott Ferguson, Kim Manning and Colleen Joslin.  Thanks for caring enough about TNT Lacrosse to be nominated, I’m sure there will be many ways to volunteer and contribute your services to the team.


The new Board will now consist of the following members: 


Sean Flynn - Truckee Boys

Elizabeth Bell - Truckee Girls

Tim Loper - Truckee Boys

Brad Chisholm - Truckee Boys (at Large)

Tica Lubin - NT Boys

Mark Sura - NT Girls

Stephanie Murphy - NT Girls


The Board’s goals were to have a Board with both North Tahoe and Truckee communities represented; with moms and dads participating; and with advocates for both girl and boy athletes.  I think we accomplished that, I hope you all agree.  


I suggest next steps to move forward would be for all the current and new Board members (in the To: list of this note) to quickly schedule a transition meeting to discuss hand-offs, open items, banking etc.


Potential dates for that meeting could be Nov 5, 11, or 13.  6PM at the SVFD.  Please let the Board members know of your preference.


Following that, the new Board will need to meet and elect officers and establish their own set of next steps.   Again, just a suggestion, but I think a joint communication should go to the entire TNT community from the new President and myself to hand over the reigns and cheer on the new Board and kick off planning for the upcoming season.  Open to the new Board’s guidance on this.


Thanks again for everyone’s help, input and support of TNT Lacrosse.  Go TNT!




Charlie Barrett

President, TNT Lacrosse Foundation Board

by posted 11/05/2019
Tribe Pics!
Age Verification

If you have registered your child to play, please spend a few minutes and age verify though US Lacrosse

Why Age Verification

US Lacrosse is working with youth leagues throughout the country to ensure that players are grouped appropriately to keep players safe and to help make competition fair.

Secure and Easy To Use

The new US Lacrosse age verification system is secure and easy to use. Age verification uses SSL technology, the standard for transmitting sensitive information online.

Steps to Verify the Age of Your Child

  1. Scan or take a photo of your son or daughter's birth certificate or state-issued ID.
  2. Click the button below and log into your account, not your child's.
  3. Upload your scan or photo to our online system.
  4. We'll review your documentation, record the birthdate in our system and then permanently delete your uploaded document.
  5. You'll receive a confirmation email, and you’re done. This is a one-time process that is good for the lifetime of your child’s membership.

Verify Now


You can also take a pic of your child's Birth Certificate with your mobile phone, and email that picture to:

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