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***Registration for the 2021 Baseball Season*** is officially open! Please...
Return to Safe Play Guidelines/Protocol
SJ / AYL Important Dates
  2020 AYL CALENDAR/ALL LEVELS   AYL 2020 Season...
South Jeffco Baseball Volunteers
2020 Baseball Volunteers Baseball Director - Chad Schrock and...

***Registration for the 2021 Baseball Season*** is officially open!

Please note that all players need to register prior to 10/14, even if they’re a protected player as we need to assign players to rosters.

***Please note: Minors registration (T-Ball, coach pitch & modified kid pitch) will open at a later date.

2021 League will be played through AYL again:

  • AA Teams – 12-14 Game Regular Season, 3 game guaranteed AYL Classic, Playoffs/World Series          
  • AAA / Majors Teams – 10-12 Game Regular Season, Playoffs/World Series.

Registration Costs:

Our registration costs INCLUDE the players hat and jerseys. This is often an expense that other organizations remove from their registration price, requiring families to pay after registration for their uniforms.  After teams have been rostered following tryouts the players cost will be adjusted if they are placed on an AAA or Majors Team to the $405.

8-13’s (2nd-7th grade)

AA - $370

AAA & Majors - $405

14’s  (8th grade) - $355

Included in your SJ registration …

AA Teams

  • Participation in AYL League, which is arguably the most competitive baseball league in Colorado.
  • AYL Tournament as mentioned above
  • Jersey and Hat
  • Team Insurance
  • Indoor Facility time once a week (Monday-Friday, January - March)
  • 2 outdoor weekly practices and 1 outdoor batting cage practice. (March-end of the season)
  • Practice and Game Baseballs

AAA / Majors Teams

  • Participation in AYL League, which is arguably the most competitive baseball league
  • Placement into one of the two available South Jeffco sponsored tournaments
  • Jersey and Hat
  • Team Insurance
  • Indoor Facility time twice a week (Monday-Sunday, January - March)

-2 outdoor weekly practices and 1 weekly outdoor batting cage practice. (March - end of the season) - Practice and Game Baseballs

***Tournament only option available to coaches bringing full teams  Coaches please contact Herald for information.  Registration includes:

  • Entry into two South Jeffco sponsored tournaments.
  • Jersey and Hat
  • Team Insurance
  • Indoor Facility time twice a week (Monday-Sunday, January - March)
  • 2 outdoor weekly practices and 1 outdoor batting cage practice. (March - end of the season) - Practice and Game Baseballs

Baseball Tryouts:

Our Baseball Tryout Date will be on Sunday, October 18th and there is a $60 non-refundable deposit due in order to attend tryouts. Once you are placed on a SJ team, that $60 will be credited to your dues. The tryout is for the following players:

Returning Players - Your previous coach has a deadline of 9/21 to submit their protected/unprotected player list. Protected players need to register and pay the $60 non-refundable deposit by 10/14. Payments made at registration will be credited to your dues. 

The tryout will be for those players that meet one of the following scenarios:

  • Players that want to try out for 8-Majors
  • New players joining the South Jeffco organization
  • Players that are not being protected by their previous team
  • Players looking to change teams or tryout for a higher level please email office@southjeff.org with your information.
  • The baseball divisions available starting with the highest are - Majors, AAA AL, AAA NL, AA AL, AA NL

What:          South Jeffco Baseball Tryouts

When:         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18th, Times by age group-TBD

Where:        Foothills Indoor Sports Arena - 3608 South Kipling Pkwy Denver 80227

Equipment: Players should come prepared with all their equipment, glove and bat/helmet if they have one. Regular shoes are fine as the tryout is indoors.

SJ will continue to strongly encourage players, especially at the AAA / Majors level to play their grade, even if their age falls within a younger grade based on the April 30th cutoff date. It is always OK to play up a grade, but we recommend not playing down a grade. There are so many examples of playing down a grade that negatively impacts the player.

  • 14's (8th grade)
  • 13's (7th grade)
  • 12's (6th grade)
  • 11's (5th grade)
  • 10's (4th grade)
  • 9's (3rd grade)
  • 8's (2nd grade)

Additional Info: NO PARENTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO STAY AT THE TRYOUT FACILTY DUE TO COVID.  Specific instructions for drop off and pick up will be emailed closer to tryout date.  All facility and SJSA COVID protocols will be announced by email as well.

Thank you!

South Jeffco Baseball

by posted 09/21/2020
Return to Safe Play Guidelines/Protocol




For the current Decision Tree click here

SJSA understands that our coaches, players and families are looking forward to returning to the field of play. With that in mind, we are issuing these “Return to Safe Play” guidelines for our teams to follow as we move forward. It shall be noted that these guidelines are fluid and secondary to guidelines set forth by sanctioning bodies and directors. These guidelines will continue to be evaluated and may change as activities resume.

Guidelines to be followed: 1. Federal, state and local guidelines must be the highest priority. 2. Proper personal hygiene and COVID 19 guidelines must be practiced at all activities. 


  • Any player or coach who is not feeling well, has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, or has symptoms identified by the CDC (CDC Symptoms Here) shall not attend any practice or event. Players will not be reprimanded for not attending. 
  • It is recommended all participants wash their hands prior to and after activity. 
  • Face coverings MUST be present and worn at all team practices and events for all coaches, officials and spectators. 
  • All players at a field MUST wear face coverings going to and from the field, while in the dugout and while not actively playing. While players are actively participating on-field, they do not have to wear their face covering.  The preference is to not use the dugout at all, but rather space 6ft apart along the fence.
  • All participants are recommended to have their own hand sanitizer with them at activities. 
  • It is suggested that Coaches have disinfectant at the field and use it on all equipment in case equipment has to be shared  (team, and individual players). No equipment should be shared between players. This is a precautionary measure.
  • All participants must have their own hydration containers. No sharing of containers. 
  • Social distancing shall be maintained at all times. Players, spectators, officials and/or coaches shall not congregate in close

areas before, during or after activity. When social distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained, a face covering must be worn.

  • All Coaches MUST maintain an attendance log of practices and games and a current roster for their team.  This is required to aid public health officials in their tracing abilities shall an exposure occur.
  • As facilities come available, guidelines may be in place restricting the number of participants in a group. Teams must adhere to those guidelines at all times.  
  • Spectators are strongly discouraged. If a household must remain at practice, social distancing of 6 feet from players, coaches and other households must be maintained and face coverings must be worn.

All participants at the field should adhere to the following:

  • NO spitting
  • NO sunflower seeds
  • NO chewing tobacco or spitting out of gum
  • NO sharing hydration containers
  • NO sharing equipment

We recommend all participating families adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Not drop off or pick up your player in an area where another family is dropping off or picking up their player.
  • Not congregating with other households at the field.
  • Please practice social distancing and wear masks whenever possible at the field.



  • Leave the field as soon as reasonably possible when practice is completed. Wash your hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer after coming off the field. No extra-curricular or social activity shall take place. No congregation after playing. 


  • Event guidelines must be adhered to at all times. 
  • Our “Return to Practice” guidelines shall be adhered to, if event guidelines are less stringent. 
  • Social distancing in the dugout area shall be maintained to the best of participants ability. 
  • Participants shall return to their vehicle area between games. Do not loiter around the facility risking cross exposure with other participants. 



Team members and their families have the right to choose not to participate in any activity, i.e. practice, competition and/or travel without fear of repercussion from the organization or any member of the organization. The health, safety and personal welfare of our coaches, players and their families are the main priority for the SJSA Baseball organization.

by posted 06/10/2020
SJ / AYL Important Dates




AYL 2020 Season Schedule

  • AYL Baseball Schedules posted:
    • C-Prep League ~ 2/19/20
    • 9 - 14 Year Old AAA/MAJ Leagues ~ 2/19/20
    • 8 Year Old AAA Leagues ~ 3/18/20
    • 9- 13/14 AA League ~ 3/18/20
  • AYL AA Jamboree Dates ~ 4/4/20 - 4/5/20 (Included for all AA teams)
    • 3 Games Minimum
  • C-Prep League:
    • Season Opener ~ 3/2/20
      • 8 Games min + overschedule module + Single Elimination Playoffs
      • Rosters are Frozen! ~ 4/1/20
    • Season End ~ 5/7/20
    • Playoffs ~ 5/11/20 ~ 5/14/20
    • World Series ~ 5/20/20 (lower) ~ 5/21/20 (upper) ~ TBD
  • AAA/MAJ League (8-13):
    • 9 - 13 AAA/MAJ Season Opener ~ 3/9/20      
      • 10 Games min + overschedule module  + Single Elimination Playoffs
    • 8 AAA Season Opener  ~ 4/6/20
      • 10 Games min + overschdule module + Single Elimination Playoffs
    • AAA/MAJ League Season End ~ 5/29/20
    • AAA/MAJ League Playoffs ~ 6/3/20 – 6/6/20
    • AAA/MAJ League World Series: Both AAA/Majors ~ 6/9/20 ~ 6/10/20
  • AA League (9-13/14):
    • AYL AA "Season Opening" Jamboree ~ 4/3/20 – 4/5/20
    • AYL Regular Season Opener ~ 4/11
    • 10 games min + overschedule module + Double Elimination Playoffs
    • AA Regular Season End ~ 6/7/20
    • AA League Playoffs ~ 6/8/20 – 6/21/20 
    • NOTE: (Games could be played during the week)
    • AA League World Series:  AA ~ 6/23/20 ~ 6/24/20 (6/30/20 ~ 7/1/20 make-up dates)
  • Important Dates:
    • AA/AAA/Majors rosters are Frozen! – 4/30/20

Rockies night – 6/12/2020 – Pittsburg Pirates

by posted 12/04/2018
South Jeffco Baseball Volunteers

2020 Baseball Volunteers

  • Baseball Director - and
    • Baseball Assistant Director - 
  • Minor Baseball Director 4-8 -
    • Minor Assistant Director - 
  • Fall Baseball Director -
    • ​​Fall Baseball Assistant Director - Mike Claiborne
  • Cages Director - Tony Harpstreith
  • AYL Delegates - Joe Charette, Herald Woolsey and Chad Schrock

by posted 09/25/2015
Sponsored By
South Jeffco Sports Office


Can vary at holidays, call for details.

Mondays 9AM-5PM

Wednesdays 9AM-5PM

Fridays 9AM-4PM

Closed Tuesdays, Thursdays and Weekends

You can also email us anytime at office@southjeff.org

6657 W Ottawa Ave
Suite D1
Littleton CO 80128


Field Status
OPEN (9/29) 
Arvada West High - Arvada OPEN (9/29) 
Aurora Sports Park - Aurora OPEN (9/29) 
AYL Locations - Centennial OPEN (9/29) 
Bear Creek High School - Lakewood OPEN (9/29) 
Beech Park - Lakewood OPEN (9/29) 
Blue Heron Elementary - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Bradford North (Inter) - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Bradford South (Primary) - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Brent Mayne Fiel - Englewood OPEN (9/29) 
Brett Mayne (Eas - Englewood OPEN (9/29) 
Brett Mayne (Wes - Englewood OPEN (9/29) 
Challenger Regional Park - Parker OPEN (9/29) 
Chatfield Senior High - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Cinco de Mayo - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Clem N/E Picnic Shel - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Clement #1 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Clement #2 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Clement #3 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Clement #4 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Clement #5 (old 13) - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Clement #6 (old 12) - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Clement Park - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Colorow Elementary - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Columbine Hills Elem #1 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Columbine Hills Elem #2 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Columbine HS - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Community Park East - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Coronado Elementary - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Dakota Ridge High School - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Dakota Ridge Hitting - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Dante - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Deer Creek - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Denver Christian - Lakewood OPEN (9/29) 
Denver Metro - Denver OPEN (9/29) 
D'Evelyn - Denver OPEN (9/29) 
Diamond Club - Wheat Ridge OPEN (9/29) 
DR Hitting Facility - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Dupont #1 - Louviers OPEN (9/29) 
Dutch Creek Elementary - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Easton North - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Evergreen High - Evergreen OPEN (9/29) 
Everitt Middle School - Wheat Ridge OPEN (9/29) 
Fairview High - Boulder OPEN (9/29) 
Falcon Bluffs MS - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Foothills Indoor Sports - Denver OPEN (9/29) 
FRCS Auditorium - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
FRCS Batting Cages - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Golden High - Golden OPEN (9/29) 
Gov Ranch Elem - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Grant Ranch Field - Denver OPEN (9/29) 
Hit by Hit - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Holy Grounds - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Hyland Hills - Westminster OPEN (9/29) 
K&E 2 & 3 Past Outfield - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
K&E Batting Cage #1 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
K&E Batting Cage #2 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
K&E Batting Cage #3 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
K&E Batting Cage #4 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
KE 1 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
KE 2 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
KE 3 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
KE 4 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
KE 5 - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Ken Caryl MS North - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Ken Caryl MS South - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Lakewood High - Lakewood OPEN (9/29) 
Lakewood Park - Lakewood OPEN (9/29) 
Leawood Elementary - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Leawood Park - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Linderer - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Long Lake Ranch #1 - Arvada OPEN (9/29) 
Lutz Sports Complex - Arvada OPEN (9/29) 
Marker Park - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Michael & Cora Betts Tou - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Monarch High - Louisville OPEN (9/29) 
Mortensen Elementary - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Mosley - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
MSK Batting Cage - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Normandy Elem East - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Normandy Elem West - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Parisi Speed - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Peak North - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Peak South - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Pomona High - Arvada OPEN (9/29) 
PrimeTime Hitting - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Rocky Mtn USSSA/ UNDER A - Lakewood OPEN (9/29) 
Schaefer Athletic 1 - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Shaffer Elementary - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Shaw - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Sheridan Rec Center - Denver OPEN (9/29) 
Slammers - Lakewood OPEN (9/29) 
South Jeffco Sports - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Splash Water Park - Golden OPEN (9/29) 
Sports Authority - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Spring Blast Tourney - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Stony Creek Elementary - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Summit Ridge MS - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
TBD - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
The Barn - Greenwood Village OPEN (9/29) 
The Batter's Box - Englewood OPEN (9/29) 
Ute Meadows Elem - Littleton OPEN (9/29) 
Wayside Park - Littleton TBD (9/29) 
Woodmar Park - Littleton TBD (9/29)