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Registration for the 2021 season is now CLOSED...

Registration for the 2021 season is now open! 

For the 2021 seaon we will not be requiring payment for the 2021 season until we are certain it will be able to run. You still need to register your son or daughter in order for us to plan our teams and build the season schedule for them.

Simply register you child and once it asks for payment - exit the registration and you child will be on the roster.  

If there are any issues, please email:  

Boys 7th & 8th grade registration 

Girls 7th & 8th grade registration 

Boys 5th & 6th grade registration 

Girls 5th & 6th grade registration 


Boys 3rd & 4th grade registration 

Girls 3rd & 4th grade registration 

Boys 1st & 2nd Grade in-house clinic "Dingo Lacrosse"


Girls 1st & 2nd Grade in-house clinic "Dingo Lacrosse"


Registration for the 2020 season is now open!

The times for weekly indoor clinic / practices are as follows.
These start next Monday the 13th / Wednesday the 15th!

Boys Lightning
(3rd / 4th Graders) 6pm to 7pm - Rogers Park Middle School

Boys Senior
(7th / 8th Graders)7:00pm to 8:15pm - Rogers Park Middle School
Boys Juniors
(5th / 6th Graders) 6pm to 7pm - *Pembroke*


All Girls
(3rd through 8th) will meet Wednesdays
6:15pm to 7:15pm - Rogers Park Middle School

Note: Numbers are typically low on the girls side at the start of the season. We'll expand this once we have the numbers to do so.

We're asking for the players and parents to help spread the word about our program. Especially at the 5th through 8th grade GIRLS levels. Lacrosse is always more fun with a friend. If everyone brough in one friend, our numbers would be outstanding. Please feel free to have those interested reach out to us at: danburyyouthlacrosse@gmail.com.


Registration for the 2020 season is now open!

Welcome to the start of registration for 2020! We’re excited to have all the kids back this year and look forward to another fun season!  This email is a bit lengthy, but it’s an important one. Please read through the entire message.

Dingo Lacrosse (1st / 2nd Grade) Parents, you will find info towards the bottom of this post.

*Note: if you know your child will not be returning this year, simply reply to this email and we’ll remove you from distribution.

A few important dates / changes:

Dec 15 - Registration opened

We had a "soft opening" as we were implementing a new registration that was required by the corporation which runs all the lacrosse websites. It's been tested and everything is working.

January - March: Pre-season Indoor Training: We will be starting in January (January 13th), and it will once again take place at Rogers Park Middle School and now, Pembroke Elementary. More info will be sent out regarding that in a couple weeks. We’re looking to hold them on Monday and Wednesday nights throughout the winter again this year.

Feb 15th (ish) Uniform Orders need to be in for the start of the season.

Practice at the Dome:

Sunday Mar 8, 12pm-1pm 2 fields
Sunday Mar 22, 12pm-1pm 2 fields, 1pm-2pm 1 field
Sunday Mar 29, 12pm-1pm 2 fields, 1pm-2pm 1 field
(Dingo Lax not applicable). We paired the times down a bit due to low participation early on in the winter because of other sport commitments - but with this we hope to see more kids during these times and make better use of the space allotted to us.  

April 1: Final Registration Fees are due. In previous years registration fees extended beyond the end of the season. This year we’re looking to cap it at the start of the regular season. At this point, your player will not be able to participate until all fees are paid in full.

April 1: Practice Moves outdoors - Dress warm!

April 11 - 19th: April Vacation:  We will not hold regularly scheduled practices or games over April vacation, with the exception of Saturday April 11th.  This is the first day of April vacation, but we had good participation last year.  Most teams have a game scheduled at home on the turf on this day. We are fully aware that the start of break is Easter. We 're trying to find weekends to fit the season in.

April 4th: Start of Dingo Lacrosse Clinic 8am at the Broadview Middle School Turf.

May 23 - 25: Memorial Day Weekend:  No Games or Practices.

June 7th: Approx. End of Season.

Information on Winter Indoor Training at Rogers Park Middle School / Pembroke
These sessions are a good opportunity to shake the rust off, or develop skills for first time players. We’ll be focusing on the fundamentals of the game, as well as start to introduce kids to new concepts of lacrosse.

This year you may (and are encouraged) to bring a friend at no cost.  They’ll have to sign a basic waiver, but this is a great way to introduce new kids to lacrosse.  We have a limited number of real sticks available to borrow for these sessions. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD.

Uniforms and numbers will be handled during the pre season. If you need a new uniform, or are a first time registrant, please see Christine Fournier. Uniforms are approx $60 and can be used for multiple years or until your child grows out of it.

Dingo Lacrosse Clinic: Last year we completely revamped the K2 clinic and found it to be significantly better for the kids.We’re looking to start K2 on Saturday April 4th.  The Clinic is typically held at 8am on the turf at Broadview Middle School. All Children will receive a Pinnie to play in. All other equipment is provided.

**Note: We are now limiting our clinic to 1st and 2nd Graders. We found that Kindergarteners in general are not quite able to particiate in the clinic and feel it is better suited for kids first grade and above.

Coaches 1: We are in need of coaching assistance at multiple levels including.

Boys Lightning
Girls Junior (If we have the registration numbers - see referral program)
Girls Senior.

I know coaching can be a daunting task to undertake.  It is however necessary in order to keep the program running.  Experience is preferred, but if you have the drive to learn the game, you can become a very successful coach.  Our current coaching staff will help teach you the fundamentals you will need, and we will send you to a Level 1 Coaching Certification Course once they become available.  Please let me know if you are interested. If you are on the fence and have questions, please reach out. We also pay the US Lacrosse Fees for any coach on our staff.

Coaches 2: It’s really important. See above.

Thank you for your time, if you have questions about anything above, please let me know.  



CONNY Grade-based Player Segmentation Policy

September 27th, 2016

CONNY lacrosse has adopted a grade-based player segmentation policy for all member programs. The change was driven by the US Lacrosse age-based guidelines and their goal of increasing fairness and player safety. The new policy also addresses the confusing mix of CONNY age-based and grade-based teams that seriously complicated scheduling.

This summer, a broad CONNY subcommittee was formed and tasked with making a recommendation to the CONNY Board. The objective was to strike the right balance between the USL proposal and what was best for the diverse CONNY member programs. The draft was vetted, revised, and approved overwhelmingly by the CONNY membership on September 27th. The policy creates a unified player segmentation that will be effective immediately.

The CONNY policy, which is grade-based and has an age filter, is a modified version of the USL recommendation. The committee felt this configuration would encourage participation and better ensure fairness and safety.

For players in grades 5-7, the age cutoff will be September 1st of the year preceding the season. Those born before September 1st would automatically play up one grade. Players who are “young in grade” (i.e., are younger than their grade's birthday span) have the option of staying with their grade or playing down in grade.

The cutoff for 8th grade was moved back to March 1st of the year preceding the season, which results in an 18-month age span. This allows the vast majority of 8th graders to continue playing for their town program. Those 8th graders born before the cutoff date can petition CONNY to be allowed to play. To help avoid mismatches at scheduling, the 8th grade section of the CONNY team tiering spreadsheet will include additional columns to show the number of players who do not meet the cutoff, as well as the birthdate of the oldest player.

All programs will require grade declaration at the time of registration. Where feasible, CONNY requires programs to configure teams by single grade. If this is not possible, teams can be combined, but only within divisions (i.e. 7th and 8th grade Seniors and 5th and 6th grade Juniors).

For players in grades K-4, CONNY will enforce no age cutoff. There was strong consensus for keeping these grades to an intro-to-lacrosse model. Most of these players are relatively new to lacrosse and the committee wanted to stress keeping it fun, emphasizing fundamentals, and playing 7v7 or another small-sided play configuration.




by Danbury Lacrosse posted 11/15/2016
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