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CAA Basketball COVID Plan

Link to CAA Basketball COVID Plan, outlining expectations and responsibilities for everyone to do their part guarding against the spread of COVID-19. Please read thoroughly, understand completely, and follow the guidelines diligently.

This document is stored in the DOCUMENTS section on the left menu, inside the 2020-2021 SEASON INFORMATION folder.

The document may be updated as circumstances in our world change, and we will inform you of any updates.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation as we navigate this season together.

by posted 10/16/2020
New Basketballs!!!

THANKS to all of you who contributed to the purchase of brand new size 27.5 basketballs by participating in our weekend Open Gyms and Skills Clinics at the end of the summer! Wilson Sporting Goods gave us a great deal, and we now have 140 brand new basketballs for our younger teams!

Size 27.5 basketballs are now the standard for grades 1-4 players. These balls are smaller, and easier for the younger kids to work with. They will help our grades 1-4 players begin to develop better ball-handling skills, and proper shooting form.

Thanks to your generosity, we are equipping our teams with these new basketballs this season!


by posted 10/12/2020
Registration is OPEN! 2020-21 CAA Basketball Season Announcement

REMINDER!! CAA Basketball registration for the 2020-2021 season is OPEN!!!

See the announcement below, and CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!


CAA Basketball Families:

The 2020-21 basketball season is quickly approaching, but the reality of what it will look like is still unclear.  We are planning for a normal season, but changes and disruptions are likely.  Our goal will be to provide updates on the season and our intentions in a timely manner.  Below is a summary of where we are today.


Registration opens August 1st for the following programs:

Boys Development League Grade 1

Boys Development League Grade 2

Girls Development League Grades 1-2

Boys Development League Grade 3 - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Girls Development League Grade 3 - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Boys Community League Grades 4-8 (SW League grades 6-8, STORM HAWKS League grades 4-5)

Girls Community League Grades 4-8 (West Metro Girls Basketball League)

Boys Travel Grades 4-8 - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Girls Travel Grades 4-8 - REGISTRATION CLOSED


What will these programs look like this year?

Much like school there is still uncertainty.  A summary of what each offering may look like is below.



Option 1:  Regular season and schedule aside from expected limitations on crowd sizes, social distancing, etc.

Option 2:  No leagues.  CAA would still hope to offer some sort of clinics/scrimmage opportunities as allowed by heath guidelines.



Option 1:  Regular season and schedule aside from expected limitations on crowd sizes, social distancing, etc.

Option 2:  No tournaments.  CAA would still hope to offer some sort of clinics/scrimmage opportunities as allowed by heath guidelines.

Option 3:  Potential for league play with other communities.  May or may not be administered by MYAS.  Still have a number of details to work through.


When will each program begin? (more details available on Important Dates page)

Travel Tryouts for boys are scheduled for 9/20 and 9/27 at Chanhassen High School.

Travel Tryouts for girls are scheduled for 9/19 and 9/26 at Chanhassen High School.

3rd Grade League starts October 3rd.

Grades 4-8 Community League Evaluations are scheduled for October 24th.

1st-2nd Leagues start January 4th.


What will the cost be for each program?

Boys and Girls Development League Grade 1-3:  $90

Boys and Girls Community League Grades 4-8:  $140

Boys Travel Grade 4:  $405

Girls Travel Grade 4:  $390

Boys Travel Grades 5-8:  $485

Girls Travel Grades 5-8:  $470


A few additional points with respect to fees:

Chanhassen was a leader in moving to the no admission model for tournaments last year.  This year several more of the tournaments we will attend have adopted this model.  This is big step in the right direction for parents and other fans as they will no longer have to pay (as often) to see the kids play.  

No admission fees drives up the cost for each team to enter, and as a result upfront costs to CAA have increased significantly this year.  However, CAA did receive a modest refund form MYAS after Boys Grade State was cancelled last year, and we intend to use that amount to help offset cost increases. 

We will keep costs flat for all players during the upcoming season, which we thought was important given the current economic uncertainty.

Please understand this is a one year freeze and increased fees should be expected next year.

As always, scholarships are available to any family that needs assistance and Bill Kemble is happy to walk you through that process.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and welcome any questions or comments you may have.


Stay Healthy and Go Storm!

by posted 07/31/2020
Current CAA Basketball Leadership Team Opportunities

CAA Basketball is looking for volunteers to join our leadership team. Current available opportunities:

  • Grades 4-8 Boys Community Leagues Leader
  • Uniforms & Apparel Coordinator/Midwest 3-on-3 League Coordinator

Please reach out to any CAA Basketball Leader with questions, or to request an interview.


by posted 03/07/2020
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