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Caledonia Little League (CBSL)

CALEDONIA BASEBALL SOFTBALL LEAGUE (CBSL), a chartered member of Little League Baseball, Inc., is a volunteer organization that provides Caledonia, MICHIGAN community youth with a friendly, instructional setting to participate in baseball & softball play, skills development, and good sportsmanship in a safe and nurturing environment. The best interests of the children may not be compromised for the interests of a parent, fan and/or coach.


Reminder - 2023 Player Evaluations

Dear CBSL Families -

A friendly reminder, our annual player evalations will be held tomorrowMarch 18th at Max Effort Fieldhouse in Caledonia from 2:00 - 5:00 PM.

Individual player evaluations will be 1 hour in duration, determined by player last name or league age.   

Please see the link below for your son or daugher's specific evaluation time.


Please Note 

Player evalutions are only those wishing to play in Girls Minors, Girls Majors, Boys Majors and Boys Juniors.  If your child is registered for or wishes to play in any other CBSL division (Teeball, Coach Pitch, AA/AAA) they do not attend evaluations.

Due to facility and league constraints, evaluation make-up dates will not be available.


2023 CBSL Player Evalution Schedule 


Evaluations Flyer



by posted 03/17/2023
CBSL Update and Important Dates

Hello CBSL Families, 


As the weather turns cold, again, we want to assure you that warm days are ahead and this season is going to be outstanding! Caledonia Baseball Softball League is thrilled to have you and your kiddo[s] playing ball with us this season, and we appreciate your continued support. 

In a week's time, we will be sharing team rosters, colors and this seasons’ schedule. This communication will happen through your Head Coach / Manager, who will introduce themselves and share the teams' next steps. 

Until then, we want to share some exciting dates for you to put on your calendar:

CBSL Field Maintenance Days | April 15 & 16


  • Help us get our fields ready for the season by volunteering to hang nets, clear trash, rack the fields and so much more. This is a wonderful volunteer opportunity for the entire family! 
  • Click here to register today >>


CBSL Opening Day | Saturday, April 22 


  • Team pictures will be held at Duncan Lake Middle School throughout the day.
  • At Cal-Plex our older divisions [AA, AAA, Boys Majors, Minors] will play their first game, with special guests for the first pitch, community tables and photo booth fun to celebrate.
  • NEW THIS YEAR - 1:30pm 'Parade of Teams' for our younger division [Tee ball and Coach Pitch].

To stay in the know, please join our Facebook group at, and email any questions to


We also want to take this moment to thank our volunteer board members, volunteer coaches, our umpires and all the family members and friends who make this game possible for so many Caledonia children. Now, let’s play ball.


CBSL Board


by posted 03/17/2023
Important Cal-Plex and Youth Sports Update

March 9, 2023

Dear CBSL Families,

In May 2011, Caledonia Community Schools opened a new youth sports complex called the “Cal-Plex” for our local area athletes.  At the time of its opening, Cal-Plex provided much needed to fields and greenspace for our youth players in football, baseball, soccer and lacrosse and, annually, has served as the primary fields for more than 2000 players.

During its original construction, Cal-Plex was designed with the vision of future expansion, commonly referred to “Phase 2”.   Over the years, many conversations amongst the schools, township and league officials have surrounded an eventual Phase 2 expansion.   As our participants in youth athletics have soared, the need for additional playing spaces has equaled this demand.  

Until recently, Phase 2 has been little more than a long-term dream for our players, however, with the upcoming May 2nd bond proposal we are glad to say that funding will be made available for significant upgrades and expansion of Cal-Plex as originally envisioned.  As a key member of the Caledonia Youth Sports Association (CYSA), our CBSL board asks for your support in helping our children receive the fields and playing areas they desperately need.

Below please see a communication from Kyle Clement, CYSA President, on the upcoming bond proposal.  As the original Cal-Plex served the needs our of our growing community in 2011, Phase 2 will allow for the growth of our youth sports programs tomorrow and into the future.  

On behalf our entire team, we ask you to support the Cal-Plex Phase 2 expansion and VOTE YES on the bond on May 2nd.


CBSL Board of Directors

Hello Caledonia Youth Sports Association Family and Friends,

On May 2, 2023, Caledonia voters will vote on the Caledonia Community Schools' Supplemental Bond proposal. I'm writing to ask you to vote Yes, because this bond commits $3 million to Cal-Plex, adding additional fields and parking!  Outside of this fantastic support of Caledonia Youth Sports, this bond will:

  • Help make necessary repairs to buildings and facilities, from replacing outdated school buses to upgrading parking lots and replacing roofs.
  • Increase safety and technology, district-wide, enabling our students to receive real-world, hands-on experiences to better compete in the global marketplace, including skilled trades jobs.
  • Renovate Caledonia’s football stadium, and construct a new Dutton Elementary School, both needed projects for CCS to continue its proven track record of success inside and outside the classroom.

Approving this bond proposal will attract more families, businesses and increase property values, making Caledonia a better place to live, raise a family and retire. Additionally, it is a fiscally responsible proposal that will allow us to invest without raising tax rates for residents.

To get more involved in our efforts to approve this bond, visit our Friends of Caledonia Community Schools page >>

If you have any additional questions, or would like to talk through this bond further, please reach out. I am on the leadership team to pass this bond, and would enjoy the opportunity to connect.

Thank you for your Yes vote on May 2. Take care and talk soon,

Kyle Clement

CYSA President




by posted 03/09/2023
2023 DICK'S Sporting Goods Event


Dear CBSL Families,

We are glad to announce that our league partner, DICK’S Sporting Goods, will be holding an exclusive CBSL Player Appreciation event the weekend of March 24th.

This event will allow you to save 20% off throughout their store to help you gear up for the upcoming 2023 season!

Be sure to use the coupon linked below, as this is specific to our organization.  The coupon is valid the Grand Rapids and Grandville stores and should be shown at the register during checkout.  

Save the date! March 24-27, 2023





by posted 03/01/2023
2022 COVID-19 Policy

Caledonia Little League (CBSL) has adopted strict COVID-19 safety protocols for all players, coaches/volunteers, and spectators. The protocols are established to adhere to guidelines set forth by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Kent County Health Department (KCHD), Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Caledonia Community Schools (CCS), West Michigan District 9 Little League (MI-D9), and Little League International.  

April 2022 Update

CBSL has adoped COVID-19 protocols for its 2022 season as prescibed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  To review the CDC's latest guidelines for COVID-19 quarantine, isolation and precautions please vist the CDC Website below.


CDC COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation



by posted 04/02/2022
Little League Pledge

Little League Pledge

I trust in God

I love my country and will respect its laws

I will play fair and strive to win 

But win or lose I will always do my best

Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge

I will teach all children to play fair and do their best

I will positively support all managers, coaches and players

I will respect the decisions of the umpires

I will praise a good effort despite the outcome of the game


by posted 11/14/2019
Weather Policy

Caledonia Baseball Softball League (CBSL) Lightning Safety Policy

CBSL will implement and follow these Lightning Avoidance Procedures; these guidelines are
in accordance with current NOAA policies and will be updated to include the most current
thinking and technologies.

The President of CBSL will see to it that all Board Members, Coaches, and Umpires are
trained in CBSL’s Lightning Avoidance Policy. The President may appoint a designee to
handle this function.

CBSL will adhere to the following two Avoidance Procedures:

1. When Thunder Roars (or Rumbles), Go Indoors!
2. When the SPARKY function of WeatherBug indicates Lightning within 10 miles.

When either criteria is met, ALL field activity WILL BE SUSPENDED for 30 minutes after the
last audible Thunder or when SPARKY indicates the current Lightning Strikes are greater
than 10 miles away.

Visually sighting Lightning is not a criteria but should sharpen awareness. Under certain
conditions, Lightning can be seen over 50 miles away and does not pose immediate danger.

The individuals responsible for postponement due to Lightning are as follows:

1. The President
2. A Board Member
3. Umpire
4. Coach

The President will attempt to schedule a Board Member as the Daily Field Director. This
Director will be responsible for calling a postponement. However due to CBSL utilizing
several field locations, the lack of personnel, unexpected weather conditions, etc., a Field
Director may not be available. The Coaches and Umpires are also authorized to order a

The Coaches and Umpires will receive Annual Training in CBSLs Lightning Avoidance

If a postponement is necessary, seek adequate shelter immediately. Adequate shelter is a
building with plumbing and wiring such as a school, church, restaurant, or home. An
automobile is also acceptable and in most cases the only option at a ball field.
Picnic pavilions, dugouts, under trees, are NOT places of refuge.

Coaches will be responsible for making sure the players and umpires have adequate shelter.
If the game can not be resumed, the Coaches will make sure the players are returned to
their parents or offer other arrangements.

A game will not be allowed to resume if it is too dark to safely play. If the field is under
water, play may have to be cancelled. The Field Director is the preferred individual to make
this decision but the Umpires are also trained with regard to safe play conditions. It is
preferable NOT to have the Coaches make this decision as they are emotionally attached to
the game.

Under the RARE instance where someone is struck by Lightning, apply the following:

1. Call 911
2. The victim is NOT electrically charged and can be touched.
3. Often the heart’s rhythm is stopped due to the electrical charge. CPR or an AED will
often times get the otherwise undamaged heart beating again.
4. If possible, move the victim to a safer location———Lightning CAN strike twice.

A Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm WATCH do not automatically dictate a cancellation. However such conditions will bring a heightened awareness to the weather situation.
The President, or appointee, will use all available resources such as local forecasts, radar,
WeatherBug, etc., to decide if Play should be cancelled. If it is deemed safe to play as
scheduled, additional Field Directors will be called and placed into service.

Under NO circumstances will play commence or proceed if a Tornado or Severe
Thunderstorm WARNING is issued for CBSL’s Fields.

When Thunderstorms threaten, Coaches and CBSL Officials must not let the desire to start
or complete a baseball game hinder their judgment when the safety of players and
spectators is in jeopardy!

Lightning Safety is an Inconvenience that can save YOUR Life!

by posted 08/27/2019
Bat Rules & Other FAQs

Important Notice

Little League International has updated its bat rules & requirements for the 2018 season.  As a member organization, CBSL is required to comply with these rules for all play ages and divisions.  Therefore, before purchasing a new bat, please carefully read the rules linked below as players will not be allowed to use a non-conforming bat in any games or practices.

Little League Bat Rules 


Other Frequently Asked Questions

For common questions regarding player registration, volunteering, sponsorship opportunities, schedules, etc. please visit our updated FAQ Section

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