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Welcome to GK Lacrosse Club




3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th:

Registration cost includes: registration fee and cost of uniform that will be kept by your player instead of returning like we have done in previous years. There will be no volunteer fee this year. Practices will start in mid to late February and the season will run until late May or early June. Players on our 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 teams must be registered by 1/10/2022 to avoid a late registration fee. Registrations fees DO NOT have to be paid at the time of registration but must be paid in full by 2/7/2022 in order for your player to begin practices. Due to the change in how we are doing uniforms this year we will do our very best to ensure returning players have the same number as last year but we can not guarantee it.

Required Equipment:

  • Stick
  • Gloves
  • Shoulder Pads (with NOCSAE certified chest pad)
  • Elbow Pads
  • Helmet (NOCSAE certified)
  • Mouth Guard
  • Protective Cup


Registration fee includes stick and shirt. Players must also have an active US Lacrosse memborship. Practices will be 2x a week for 1hr. The goal of the K-2 program is to teach kids the basics and get them excited about lacrosse before they are old enough to join our competitive 3rd/4th grade team. Registration closes on 2/7/2022.

Required Equipment:

  • Cleats



  • Guests, visitors, and participants must wear Face Masks at all times. 
  • Maintain social distancing of six feet. 
  • Stadium events are limited to 200 people including players, coaches, referees, and spectators. 
  • Guests, visitors, and participants may not enter the stadium if you have a fever or any symptom consistent with COVID-19. 
  • Once the game is complete, immediately leave the stadium and wait for your player in the parking lot.

Thank you for your cooperation with the stadium policies!