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 Mon 02/17/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Hatfield, Apex Baseball 6:00p 7:30p  Raiders 9U (2020) Practice    JT 
6:00p 7:00p  Raiders 10u Red (2020) Practice  This will be infield practice on the turf  SW 
 Wed 02/19/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Hatfield, Apex Baseball 7:00p 8:00p  Raiders 12u (2020) Practice  Pitching Practice - note time changes to 7 pm starting 2/19  DC 
 Sat 02/22/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Hatfield, Apex Baseball 9:00a 11:00a  Raiders 12u (2020) Practice  Must sign waiver in advance  JC 
3:30p 5:30p  Raiders 10u Black (2020) Practice    BE 
 Sun 02/23/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Hatfield, Apex Baseball 12:00p 1:00p  Raiders 8U 2020 Practice  Batting Practice - Please bring $5  PL