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 Mon 11/04/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Baker Field 3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Boys Blue Practice U10/2010 Boys Blue only Monday practice next week  RD 
Middlesex Lower 3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U10/2010 Boys Orange Practice  Monday practice only next week.   RD 
4:30p 6:00p  >Premier> Rivals 2006/05 Boys Practice    NW 
MMS Upper Large 3:00p 4:00p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U12/2008 Boys Blue Practice    MW 
3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U12/2008 Girls Orange Practice    KW 
4:00p 5:30p  >Premier> Rivals 2008 Boys Practice    NW 
 Tue 11/05/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Baker Field 3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Girls Blue Practice U10/2010 Girls Blue ONLY Tuesday practice next week.   RD 
Middlesex Lower 3:00p 4:00p  >Travel>U13/2007 - U15/2005 Travel> U13/2007 Girls Blue Practice    EB 
MMS Upper Large 3:30p 4:30p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U12/2008 Girls Blue Practice    LD 
3:30p 4:45p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U11/2009 Girls Blue Practice    JS 
3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U11/2009 Boys White Practice    CS 
 Wed 11/06/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Baker Field 3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Boys White Practice U10/2010 Boys White Only Wed practice next week  RD 
Cherry Lawn Park 3:45p 4:45p  >K-2 House>1st Grade Girls> Blue Jays Practice Cardinals Optional makeup practice due to Thursday rainouts  RD 
3:45p 4:45p  >K-2 House>1st Grade Girls> Eagles Practice Ducks Optional makeup practice due to Thursday rainouts  RD 
3:45p 4:45p  >K-2 House>1st Grade Girls> Falcons Practice Hawks Optional makeup practice due to Thursday rainouts  RD 
3:45p 4:45p  >K-2 House>1st Grade Girls> Orioles Practice Owls Optional makeup practice due to Thursday rainouts  RD 
3:45p 4:45p  >K-2 House>1st Grade Girls> Penguins Practice Ravens Optional makeup practice due to Thursday rainouts  RD 
Middlesex Lower 3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U13/2007 - U15/2005 Travel> U15/05_06 Boys Blue Practice  *may end 5 minutes early due to loss of daylight  EA 
MMS Upper Large 3:00p 4:00p  >Travel>U13/2007 - U15/2005 Travel> U13/2007 Boys Blue Practice  Last team practice. Earlier time due to daylight savings.  MB 
4:00p 5:00p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U11/2009 Girls White Practice    JS 
 Thu 11/07/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Baker Field 3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Girls White Practice U10/2010 Girls White only Thursday practice next week.   RD 
DHS Center Oval Turf 4:00p 5:00p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U11/2009 Girls Blue Practice    JS 
DHS Upper Oval Turf 3:00p 4:00p  >Travel>U13/2007 - U15/2005 Travel> U13/2007 Girls Blue Practice    EB 
4:00p 5:00p  >Premier> Rivals 2006/05 Girls Practice    MM 
Middlesex Lower 3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Boys Orange Practice  Thursday practice only next week.   RD 
MMS Upper Large 3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U11/2009 Boys Blue Practice    CM 
Tokeneke Elementary 3:45p 4:45p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Girls Orange Practice    CG 
 Sat 11/09/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Away, Away TBD TBD   >DHS High School Roster> Boys Varsity CIAC Playoffs  away - Higher seed qualifying round  SB 
Bethel, Rockwell School 11:45a 12:45p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U10/2010 Girls White Game Bethel Maroon Rescheduling of last week game. Location in Bether TBD   
Baker Field 10:00a 11:45a  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U12/2008 Girls Blue Playoff Game ERU U12 Girls Playoff game  LD 
12:00p 1:30p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U11/2009 Boys Blue Playoff Game SCOR   CM 
Cherry Lawn Park 12:30p 2:00p AP, MS, FD >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Girls Orange Game FUSA U9 Girls Team 2 Darien wear white jerseys  CG 
2:00p 3:30p AC, CS, RM >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Boys White Game Greenwich   MR 
3:30p 5:00p AC, KM, RM >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Boys Blue Game Trumbull United U9B Kickers   KL 
Darien Town Hall 12:00p 1:30p KS, EV, BG >Club Excel>Club Excel 5th & 6th Grade> 5th/6th Blue Wave  Game Westport   MR 
DHS Center Oval Turf 10:00a 12:00p  >Travel>U13/2007 - U15/2005 Travel> U13/2007 Girls Blue Playoff Game Wilton GU13 Blue Warm-ups at 9:30. Wear white jersey, bring blue jersey.  EB 
12:30p 4:00p  TBD No Game  Football Game  MR 
DHS Upper Oval Turf 11:00a 12:30p  >Club Excel>Club Excel 3rd & 4th Grade> 3/4 Girls NC Courage Combined Teams Game 3/4 Girls Portland Thorns   NW 
11:00a 12:30p RB, AM, BC >Club Excel>Club Excel 3rd & 4th Grade> 3/4 Girls Chicago Red Stars Game 3/4 Girls Utah Royals Combined Teams Game  AF 
12:30p 4:00p  TBD No Game  Football Game  MR 
12:30p 2:00p KB, EC, AD >Club Excel>Club Excel 3rd & 4th Grade> 3/4 Boys LA FC Game 3/4 Boys LA Galaxy   NW 
12:30p 2:00p  >Club Excel>Club Excel 3rd & 4th Grade> 3/4 Boys Portland Timbers Joint Game w/ LA teams  Joint event with LA FC and LA Galaxy  NW 
2:00p 3:30p DS, JV >Club Excel>Club Excel 3rd & 4th Grade> 3/4 Boys Atlanta United Game 3/4 Boys Seattle Sounders   AF 
Middlesex Lower 12:00p 1:30p RG, AJ, EG >Club Excel>Club Excel 7th & 8th Grade> 7th/8th CE Travel White Boys Game Westport   NW 
1:30p 3:30p AJ, PS, EG >Travel>U13/2007 - U15/2005 Travel> U15/05_06 Boys Blue Game Danbury make-up from 10/27  EA 
MMS Upper Large 8:30a 9:30a EL >K-2 House>1st Grade Girls> Blue Jays Game Cardinals   NW 
8:30a 9:30a KB >K-2 House>1st Grade Girls> Ducks Game Ravens   NW 
8:30a 9:30a MB >K-2 House>1st Grade Girls> Eagles Game Orioles   NW 
8:30a 9:30a MC >K-2 House>1st Grade Girls> Falcons Game Penguins   NW 
8:30a 9:30a MP >K-2 House>1st Grade Girls> Hawks Game Owls   AF 
9:45a 10:45a CW >K-2 House>2nd Grade Girls> Piranhas Game Sting Rays   NW 
9:45a 10:45a MF >K-2 House>2nd Grade Girls> Orcas Game Angelfish   NW 
9:45a 10:45a GR >K-2 House>2nd Grade Girls> Sharks Game Dolphins   NW 
9:45a 10:45a EA >K-2 House>2nd Grade Girls> Marlins Game Makos   NW 
9:45a 10:45a LS >K-2 House>2nd Grade Girls> Barracudas Game Seahorses   AF 
11:00a 12:00p DP >K-2 House>Kindergarten Boys> Monsoon Game Thunder   NW 
11:00a 12:00p AV >K-2 House>Kindergarten Boys> Tornadoes Game Typhoons   NW 
11:00a 12:00p TB >K-2 House>Kindergarten Boys> Whirlwinds Game Twisters   NW 
11:00a 12:00p EB >K-2 House>Kindergarten Boys> Wildfire Game Volcanoes   NW 
12:15p 1:15p OS >K-2 House>1st Grade Boys> Admirals Game Captains   NW 
12:15p 1:15p SB >K-2 House>1st Grade Boys> Avengers Game Chiefs   NW 
12:15p 1:15p IA >K-2 House>1st Grade Boys> Braves Game Crusaders   NW 
12:15p 1:15p JW >K-2 House>1st Grade Boys> Heroes Game Patriots   NW 
12:15p 1:15p LR >K-2 House>1st Grade Boys> Mavericks Game Pioneers   NW 
12:15p 1:15p CB >K-2 House>1st Grade Boys> Rebels Game Trailblazers   NW 
12:15p 1:15p YA >K-2 House>1st Grade Boys> Soldiers Game Titans   NW 
1:30p 2:30p SK >K-2 House>2nd Grade Boys> Dragons Game Warriors   NW 
1:30p 2:30p CL >K-2 House>2nd Grade Boys> Giants Game Wizards   NW 
1:30p 2:30p MG >K-2 House>2nd Grade Boys> Rangers Game Gladiators   NW 
1:30p 2:30p MC >K-2 House>2nd Grade Boys> Magic Game Knights   NW 
1:30p 2:30p MC >K-2 House>2nd Grade Boys> Kings Game Vikings   AF 
2:45p 3:45p AN >K-2 House>Kindergarten Boys> Hurricanes Game Blizzards   NW 
2:45p 3:45p KW >K-2 House>Kindergarten Boys> Avalanche Game Cyclones   NW 
2:45p 3:45p AM >K-2 House>Kindergarten Boys> Earthquakes Game Tsunamis   NW 
2:45p 3:45p LK >K-2 House>Kindergarten Boys> Landslides Game Lightning   NW 
3:50p 4:45p KE >K-2 House>Kindergarten Girls> Crickets Game Dragonflies   NW 
3:50p 4:45p JM >K-2 House>Kindergarten Girls> Bumblebees Game Crickets   NW 
3:50p 4:45p JD >K-2 House>Kindergarten Girls> Fire Ants Game Hornets   NW 
3:50p 4:45p EG >K-2 House>Kindergarten Girls> Grasshoppers Game June Bugs   NW 
3:50p 4:45p AD >K-2 House>Kindergarten Girls> Ladybugs Game Yellow Jackets   NW 
3:50p 4:45p QK >K-2 House>Kindergarten Girls> Scorpions Game Fireflies   NW 
3:50p 4:45p AV >K-2 House>Kindergarten Girls> Butterflies Game Dragonflies   NW 
Greenwich , Parkway School 10:00a 11:30a  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U10/2010 Boys Blue Game Greenwich   EA 
New Canaan, New Canaan HS Track 1:30p 3:00p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U11/2009 Girls Blue Game New Canaan   JS 
Norwalk, Nathan Hale MS 12:00p 1:15p  >Club Excel>Club Excel 7th & 8th Grade> 7th/8th CE Travel White Girls Game Norport 1 Lower Field  NW 
norwalk, West Rocks schoo 2:00p 3:30p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U10/2010 Girls Orange Game NJSA U10 Girls Blue West Rocks Middle School 81 W. Rocks Rd., Norwalk, CT.   LK 
Ridgefield, Scotland A 12:30p 2:00p  >Club Excel>Club Excel 5th & 6th Grade> 5th/6th Reign Game SCOR   NW 
Ridgefield, Scott's Ridge MS 9:30a 11:00a  >Travel>U13/2007 - U15/2005 Travel> U13/2007 Boys Blue Playoff Game SCOR Black Arrive 8:45am. Wear Blue. Dress WARM!  MB 
Wilton, Ambler Fields 3:00p 4:30p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U11/2009 Boys White Playoff Game Wilton Ambler 1/Hurlbutt 1 field. Arrive by 2:30 and wear blue.  CS 
 Sun 11/10/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Bethel, Rockwell School 12:00p 1:00p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U10/2010 Boys Orange Game Bethel U10B Maroon   CR 
Baker Field 3:00p 4:45p AJ, SM, OB >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U12/2008 Boys Blue Game Danbury 2008 Danbury make up game. Please arrive 2:15  MW 
Cherry Lawn Park 11:30a 1:00p JC, MS, MG >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Boys White Game Westport U9 B White   KB 
1:30p 3:00p AD, GS, HC >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Girls Orange Game Westport Red   CG 
3:00p 4:30p AD, GS, HC >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U10/2010 Girls Orange Game Monroe Panthers U10G Girls will wear WHITE  LK 
MMS Upper Large 10:15p 11:15p  >Skill Sessions> Travel Prep Practice  makeup date.   RD 
MMS Upper Small 1:30p 2:45p NB, RG, JL >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U10/2010 Girls Blue Game Westport Blue arrive 30 minutes prior; girls wear white   
3:00p 4:30p RG, PS, JL >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Girls Blue Game Westport U9 Blue   MR 
Tokeneke Elementary 3:00p 4:30p ZB, LS, JL >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Boys Blue Game New Canaan FC   KL 
New Canaan, Saxe Middle Schl 12:15p 1:45p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U11/2009 Girls Blue Game OGRCC   JS 
Newtown, Newtown TBD 11:00a 12:30p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Girls White Game Newtown U9 Girls Blue Game is at Sandy Hook 12 Dickinson Dr Newtown, CT  EE 
Old Greenwich, Eastern Civ Center #1 11:00a 12:00p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U10/2010 Girls White Game OGRCC Wear blue please bring white. Field #3   
Redding, RCC 2 Community 11:00a 12:30p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U10/2010 Boys White Game ERU Gold Wear Blue   WM 
Ridgefield, Scott's Ridge A 2:00p 3:45p  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U12/2008 Girls Blue Game TBD   LD 
Stamford, West Beach Field 12:00p 1:30p  >Travel>U9/2011 - U10/2010 Travel> U9/2011 Boys Orange Game Stamford FC - U9 Boys West Beach Field 1A  VC 
Westport, Wakeman B 10:00a 11:30a  >Travel>U11/2009 - U12/2008 Travel> U11/2009 Boys Blue Playoff Game Weston Darien wears white. Go BLUE WAVE!!!  CM