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Parking at the Redding BGC
Adequate parking and associated traffic, safety, and neighbor concerns have always been an issue at the Boys & Girls Club.  In previous years, they have drawn the negative attention of the Town, to which we responded by hiring parking and trafffic monitors at our own expense.  Please help us manage this issue by remembering the following:
1.  Please do not park on the eastern edge of our parking lot so as to block the emergency access lane onto the fields.  Emergency vehicles need to be able to get through in the event of a medical or other crisis.
2.  Unless you are a coach or umpire, please do not drive down to the lower parking area.  Everyone, including coaches, should avoid driving to this area while games are in progress given the number of small children around the fields.
3.  Please do not park in the area with the large rocks across the street and just west of the Club.  The neighbors do not appreciate this and have the right to summon the police.
4.  There may be times when you will need to park on the north side of Cross Highway some distance from the Club, due to the volume of cars.  If you need to drop children off near the Club first, please do so -- but then please take the time to find an appropriate parking space, even if it is some distance away.
Your cooperation will help keep peace in the neighborhood and prevent potential accidents.  Thank you.
Carlos Collazo
Executive Director
Jesse P. Sanford Boys & Girls Club
Redding, Ct. 06876
Ph. 203-938-3166
Fax 203-938-3813

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