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5/6 League Guidelines
by posted 12/08/2022

5/6 League Guidelines


Cockeysville Recreation Council

5/6 Year Old Girls Basketball League

Rules for the 2022-2023 Season



The objectives of the 5/6 Year Old Girls CRC Basketball league are threefold: (1) to introduce the girls to the fundamentals of basketball, (2) to provide a positive experience centered around coaching and learning and (3) most importantly, to foster a love of the sport in the girls.  During practices, games and scrimmages, all participants – players, coaches, parents and other fans – will focus on having fun.

Our expectations of all participants:

▪ Players will try their best, will listen to their coaches, will encourage their teammates and will have fun!

▪       Coaches will create a learning environment on the court, will focus on developing fundamentals, will be fair and will foster fun!

▪        Parents and other fans will offer positive reinforcement, will allow the coaches to coach and will cheer loudly for all players!

Specifications and Standards

Size of Ball:     

Size 5 / 27.5”

Height of Basket:

6’ – 6.5’ (where available)


Coaches will referee the games.  One coach per team will be on the court during the game

Game Length:

Game day will commence with a short practice followed by 25-35 minute games.  Games will be timed by coaches without an official clock. Score will not be recorded. There is no win-loss record, standings, or playoffs. Games will end no later than one minute prior to the allotted time to allow for the teams to shake hands.


No three-point field goals.  


Game Tactics

Full-court (where available). Boundaries will be determined by coaches. 

Playing time:  

Equal playing time for all players. Game play will consist of 4-on-4.  If needed games can play 3-on-3.


Man-to-man defense only. No double teaming or zone defense.


Not allowed.  Defensive players must return to their defensive zone.

Defensive area:  

Defensive play may only occur on the far side of the court (defined by court markings)


Not allowed

Stealing from dribbler:

Not allowed

Stealing on the pass:


Allowed once the player with the ball has released the ball

Personal Foul: 

Call every time


Double Dribble: 

Not applicable



Not applicable


Time Limits:  

Not applicable


Over and Back: 

Not applicable



It is very difficult to call infractions such as double dribble, traveling and time limits.  We encourage coaches to work with their players and, as appropriate, to pause play to remind their players of these infractions.  However, the ball should not change hands based on these infractions.  




▪     Please teach your players to play defense with their hands out to the side or straight up in the air.  To prevent reach-ins, we will not allow stealing from the dribbler.  If a reach-in disrupts play, whistle the play dead and hand the ball back to the player who lost the ball.  If a player is reaching in, try to redirect them without stopping play.   

▪     If a defensive player touches the shooter or makes contact away from the ball, the coaches should attempt to continue play while addressing the foul or should stop play and inbound the ball near where the foul occurred. As the season progresses, one foul-shot can be awarded to the shooter on a shooting foul.

▪     If a player receives two fouls during the game, the coach may want to consider removing the player from play (with a temporary substitution) to discuss the reason for the foul and to reiterate the correction that is expected.  The coach should return that player to the court as soon as possible.  While we do not foul out players, if girls are playing rough, demonstrating poor sportsmanship that is disrupting the game or deliberately fouling, they will be taken out of the game, regardless of the number of fouls they have previously received.  This should only occur on rare instances, but please focus on safety above all else.  

▪     Coaches should focus on creating a learning environment during the games.  Coaches will serve as referees, but the primary role of the referee at this level is to redirect based on basketball fundamentals.  Coaches will ensure equal playing time and, as possible, equal experience.  Try to rotate who inbounds the ball, who brings the ball up, who plays various positions and who starts the game.   

▪ Parents should review these rules with their players to ensure a clear understanding of the rules.  

▪ Above all, we all contribute to creating a positive experience for our players.   Please think of ways that you can make this season fun for all of us.   


Our age group coordinator is Bryant Will.  Please feel free to reach out to her using the contact information below:

Bryant Will:      bryant.will@yahoo.com

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