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Change Team: 
by posted 05/17/2022

Our game time for Sunday has changed. The schedule now shows 9:45am.  I'm not sure why the change, and hopefully it doesn't change again!  


9:45am game start

8:45am player show time  

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Sunday’s Game
by posted 05/17/2022


Where: Shea Stadium, 3270 Redstone Park Circle, Highlands Ranch

Game Time: 1000am

Player Showtime: 900am



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by posted 05/16/2022

Based on weather outlook and greater field availability, I'm making the following changes to this week's practice/prep plan for Sunday's championship game.  Please note the change in practice time to 5-630pm.  This makes it easier for some kids to make it on time.

Today/Monday, Stagecoach, 5-630pm.

Wednesday, Stagecoach, 5-630pm.

Thursday, Evergreen Middle School, 5-630pm.



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Next week’s plan
by posted 05/14/2022

Fun day.  Boys did fantastic. 

One more game to go.  The game will be on SUNDAY.  Location and time has not been announced. 

I'd like to make the most of this week.  I have Stagecoach field time M/W/F, so we will use it to prep for the final.  430-6pm each day.  


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We are in far west end of park. Near field 1
by posted 05/14/2022

Tents set up far west side of park. Near field 1

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Playoff Day!!
by posted 05/14/2022

Cornerstone Park, 5150 South Windermere St, Littleton

I think we are playing on the two fields in the far west of the park.  I hope to set up our tent in that area.  

Hydrate and feed you son some rocket fuel this morning...hopefully two games.  

See you at 9am.


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Saturday/Game Day
by posted 05/11/2022


We are the top seed in our division, so we get a bye the first round.  We have to win 2 games to get to the final/championship played next weekend.  But it all starts with game 1.

Game 1, 1000am, Cornerstone Park field 1.  We will play the winner of Coyotes vs. DLC.  
Showtime at 9am please.  

I will get there about 830am to to find a good spot to set up a shade tent which will be our staging/hangout area.  If you can't find us, send me a text. Seth, you have tent #2...come when you can and we'll set up our base.

If we will game 1, game 2 will be at 1200pm, field 3.

Please bring quality fuel for you son between games.  Only two games, but it will be hot, and hydration is the #1 factor of performance!

The boys have come along way since practice 1, and I'm sure they will do well.  It will be a fun day for sure.  

See you Saturday morning.


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Stagecoach, 430-6pm today
by posted 05/11/2022

Practice today, 430-6pm, Stagecoach.

Hoping for a good showing!

I'm told the tournament brackets/schedule for Saturday will be up by the end of the day.  I will pass info as soon as it is available.


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Post Season Play
by posted 05/09/2022

There are summer tournaments to keep the fun going.  They are a bit of a logistical challenge, but if we can put together a crew, it's a lot of fun and I'm willing to lead the effort.

The Rocky Mountain Jamboree is played at Stenger Park in Arvada.  It's a one day tournament (Sunday June 5), 3 games.  12 is the bare minimum to have a viable team.  Please respond if you are in town that weekend and your boy would like to play.  If we get 12, we can do it.  Registration is $900, split between players.  With 12 it would be $75/player.  Firm commitments required please, as once we commit, we're in.  

Please respond with your interest/ability to support by Wednesday.  Deadline to register is end of this week.


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by posted 05/08/2022

Tuesday's practice/scrimmage at EMS will be 430-6pm. 
Wednesday, Stagecoach, 430-6pm.


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Todays game/Next week
by posted 05/07/2022

That was a fun one to end our regular season play.

The boys continue to play with consistency and move the ball very well.

A special shout out/congratulations to Pax, Ben, Harrison and Jed for getting their first goals in a game!  

Next week we will scrimmage the 5th grade team on Tuesday, Evergreen Middle School.  Still working out the time...will advise when it's worked out.  I would love a full/solid showing so we can play our true game plan against the older kids.  

Then we will practice again Wednesday, 430-6pm, Stagecoach.  

Next Saturday is TBD at Cornerstone park.  It would be good to set up a team "hub" somewhere at the park and put up some shade tents.  I have one I can bring.  If we can get 1 or 2 more, we can have a nice shady area to hangout together between games.  Please let me know if you have one you can bring and set up.  Tents with guy lines only they dont get blown by the wind.  Tent crew can show a bit early to stake a claim and be set up.  If I hear any news about limits on tents I'll advise.

Also, hydration and quality calories are important between games.  Sugar=bad!!!  Please make a smart fuel plan part of your prep for next Saturday.  

Lastly, fall lacrosse will be back in August/September.  More relaxed, but very important to keeping sticks in their hands and continuing our development as a team.  Please let me know if/when you are able to declare that your son will be back with the crew for fall ball.  Of course not a hard commitment...just helps me plan.

And summer camps...get your boy to one!  

That's all...enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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Saturday/Game Day
by posted 05/06/2022


Game 7 vs. Denver Lacrosse Club

Rosamond Park, Field 4

8051 East Quicy Ave (vicinity of I25/225)

1030 show, 1115 game start


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