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Squirt B Team Rules
by posted 10/15/2021

Squirt B Team Rules

Player Rules

Hockey is a team sport. For the team to be successful, each and every player, parent and coach must put the needs of the team before personal feelings, opinions and desires. To play well during the season, our coaches, players and parents must act as a team. In addition to the Simsbury Hockey Youth Association Code of Conduct at http://www.simsburyhockey.com/Page.asp?n=156378, all Squirt B players will:

  1. Be on time for practices and games. Arrive for games and practices 30-45 minutes before scheduled game time. Players are to be fully dressed 15 minutes prior to going on the ice.  Bottoms on 30 minutes prior to going on the ice. Due to our mixed gender team, please arrive at the locker room with base layers on.
  2. Give your full attention when getting instructions: gather quickly; no talking; no horseplay/fooling around; no shooting pucks unless instructed to do so. If necessary, take one knee with open ears and eye contact.
    1. If you're fooling around, then you are not listening. After the first warning, you will do a lap or the side boards. Second time, you and your line will do a lap or side boards. Third time, the whole team will do sideboards. Fourth time, the pucks will be removed for the next practice.
  3. Work as hard in practices and during drills as you would in a game.  
  4. Show respect for your teammates, opposing players, the officials/referees, your coaches, and parents.
  5. Don’t play for individual glory at the expense of teammates.
  6. Play fair: no cheap shots or intent to injure another player.
  7. Show commitment to the team: take responsibility for what you contribute to games and practices.
  8. Put the team first: praise your teammates; use your teammates; go for team goals ahead of your own.
  9. No fighting amongst each other, pushing, shoving, name calling or making someone feel bad or using profanity.
  10. All sticks are to be kept in a stick rack or outside the locker room doors until ready to go on the ice.
  11. Bring both jerseys to all games, on their hanger.
  12. After a game or practice players are to remove helmets and gloves only to listen to the coaches. Once the coaches are done talking, you may remove other gear.
  13. If a coach in practice blows the whistle 3 times, do three laps around the half ice, if the whistle blows one time while doing laps, change direction. The Coaches will show the direction.
  14. Email Coach Cook ( ) or call/text 860-202-2615 at least 24 hours in advance, when possible, if unable to attend a practice or game.
  15. If you're running late, please let your team managers (Nicole: 860-733-5258 & Craig: 860-869-5726) and Coach Cook (860-202-2615) know via text or call.
  16. Win with pride, lose with dignity, and learn from both.
  17. Above all else, have fun!


Parent Rules

Hockey is a team sport. For the team to be successful, each and every player, parent and coach must put the needs of the team before personal feelings, opinions and desires. To play well during the season, our coaches, players and parents must act as a team.

  1. Accept that every player gets treated fairly and equally.
  2. Cheer for the team, not just your favorite player. Cheer, support, encourage all players and their teammates from the stands.
  3. Be a team building block, not a stumbling block.
  4. Realize that team rules are for everyone, all the time.
  5. Do not use profane language; do not argue with coaches or officials; show respect for other players and their parents.
  6. Offer all players, coaches, and officials positive support in all situations.
  7. Show respect for all players, coaches, officials, other parents and spectators.
  8. Support the team’s coaches and encourage my child to play in a manner consistent with the team strategy or plans.
  9. Encourage my child to play by the rules and resolve conflict without resorting to hostility or violence.
  10. Demonstrate and encourage good sportsmanship and the concept of fair play.
  11. Encourage my player to speak directly with the Head Coach if my player has a concern regarding any hockey related issue (including playing time), as soon as possible – after practice is the best time.
  12. Do not approach the bench during a game unless called/instructed by a coach or the team manager.
  13. Allow for a 24 hour window after any game or practice to email the head coach with any hockey concerns, problems or issues. Any physical or verbal confrontation before, during, or after practice and/or game is prohibited. Parents and coaches will discuss issues with the appropriate parties in a calm manner for all types of communications.
  14. Will not send inappropriate emails copying the entire team (including parents and players) which are negative and divisive, nor will post any negative/divisive comments about my player, their teammates or coaches, opposing teams or officials on any social media site (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

The consequence of breaking a parent rule may include banning the offending parent from being in the building for team practices and games.

Remember that your child plays hockey for his or her enjoyment, not yours. Keep things in perspective, the odds of your child reaching the NHL are slim while the odds of playing in the midnight adult leagues are great. Hockey is only a game.

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