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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] Roosevelt Tonight, 4:15 warmups, 5pm game
by posted 05/18/2021



Roosevelt Tonight...   5pm game time, 4:15 warmups, lineup below


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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] Happy 9th Birthday Eamon!
by posted 05/15/2021


Good Morning Baseball Fans...


Happy 9th Birthday to Eamon!...  

Eamon will be our starting pitcher, followed by Sean and Isaiah and possibly Lachlan if we get to the 6th inning today.

We have 3 regular season games left this year, the lineup looks a little different today, and we are gonna see if we can grab a win from the 1st place team.

See ya at Kennedy @ 9:15am



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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] Tonights Lineup
by posted 05/13/2021


Lineup below, as always will adjust Pitching as we go


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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] 9:15am Warmups, 10am First Pitch @ Kennedy
by posted 05/08/2021


Good Morning Team,

We are in the last 4 weeks of our baseball season, 5 regular season games left with at least 2 playoff games (No games Memorial Weekend). 

The team has really been agressive at the plate, we are seeing a lot of balls put into play which is making the game funner to watch.  

Our fielding has been really good as well, and I mentioned to the team at practice on Thursday that I believe our last inning on Kiwanis Field this past Saturday, was our first inning in which we recorded three defensive outs without a strikeout.  (Griff's popup at Pitcher, Isaiah's grounder at Short Stop and perfrect throw to Cole at First Base and Colman's fly ball in Right Field to end the game)

Cody has been working hard both at practice and at home on pitching.  He had a really good bullpen session at practice on Thursday, and will be starting the game today.  The Morello Brothers are back from the Injured List so we have a pretty full bench today (3 players sitting each inning).

Lineup below, and as always will adjust pitching as needed.

See ya at the field





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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] Kiwanis Field! 10am First Pitch
by posted 05/01/2021


Hi Team,

Looking forward to a beautiful day at the park today.  Excited to be playing on Kiwanis Field.

We have a smaller lineup today, so we may have a lot of pitching changes not called out on the lineup.

See you at the field.


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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] Game Night @ Kennedy
by posted 04/29/2021


Hi Team,

We are back at Kennedy today for our 5pm game (4:15pm Warmups), we will be inthe 3rd base dugout and are the visiting team.


Lineup below, See you in a few hours

Sean, Isaiah & Devin will be our first 3 pitchers, and we will adjust as needed.




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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] Practice Tonight 5pm @ Mitchell Field
by posted 04/27/2021


Hi Team,

Field Practice tonight on Mitchell Field in Red Morton Park, 5pm.

I plan on running a Pitching/Catching station and getting whomever would like get some pitching or catching reps in.

We will also have fielding and hitting stations on the Main Diamond.


  • Thursday 5pm Game back at Kennedy, 4:15pm warmups
  • Friday Evening 5pm  Batting Pracitces in the Byrnes Cages  @ Red Morton
  • Saturday Morning game 10:00am (9:15am warmups) @ Kiwanis Field


Few items of note:

  • Guidance on post game sportsmanship has been sent out by our RWCLL Board to all teams/divisions, I will talk with the team today about this and do a dry run so they are all aware prior to the game 
To help keep the fun going in a safe manner, some post-game acknowledgment actions have been brought to the Board's attention, namely gathering at home plate after the game and fist-bumping, elbow smashing, high-fiving, etc.  While in any other year, we would very much welcome this sign of good sportsmanship on congratulating the opposing team of a job well done.  Unfortunately, we're not in that 'normal' year mode.  

As a sign of job well done and to congratulate the opposing team on a great game, instead of lining up at home plate and exchanging close contact pleasantries, please line your team up on your assigned foul line, face the other team's foul line and doff your cap in appreciation for the game.  This way, the same message is sent, but in a much safer manner.


  • I am loving the competitive spirit of the team, and watching each player develop and looking forward to see what the next month brings for all of us.  Our hitting is coming around, our baserunning is agressive and on any given day, any team in this division has the opportunity to be on the winning side of the score.


  • This is Little League baseball and we are all in this for the kids on the field, and this includes our Youth Umpires.   They are honing their skills just as the players are during the game.  Sometimes the call doesn't land our way, but we need to live with it.  I believe Colman will agree with me that he was safe, but any judgement call by the Umpires is final and will not be argued/questioned.   Guidance to the AAA umpires is to have a LARGE strike zone to encourage our players to swing the bat.  (image below to remind everyone of interactions with Umpires)


  • Shameless plug for our RWCLL Umpire Program:    Steve Washington and Dan Williams have been involved with our youth umpires for years, and its a great program. Most kids are playing on an older division team, but this isn't a requirement.  Our AAA teammates are eligible to umpire AA games,  Majors kids eligible to umpire AAA, etc...  and you get paid $20-$35 a game.  If you think your athlete is interested in doing this next season, I would encourage y'all to attend a training session this season with Board Member / Umpire in Chief Steve Washington.


  • Thanks Lori (Sophie) for sending out the sign up sheet


See ya tonight


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[AAA - Barrett/Waite] Good Morning Baseball Fans!
by posted 04/24/2021

Hi Team,

Great team win on Thursday, lets do it again today..

Warmups at 9:15am, first pitch 10am..

Lineup below, as always we will adjust pitching as needed.




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