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Change Team: 
by posted 04/07/2021


Hello Parents and Players.

Wow. So many logistics and so little time.

Our new players are already showing improvement and our experienced players are showing great focus and leadership.  

Practice tomorrow night at 5:30.  Both Lightning and Junior Jerseys will be distributed.  I will try and be at the field by 5:15 to get that process started.


Lightning: Saturday at 11:15 at Home.  And, Sunday at 9:00 am in Brookfield.  The schedule has a link to directions.

Juniors: Saturday at 12:30 at Home.  And, Sunday at 9:00 am in Brookfield.  The schedule has a link to directions.

Please show up to the respective fields at least 20 minutes before the game.  The coaches and I will try and arrive 30 minutes before.  Throughout the season we will need to be sensitive and aware of away game protocols.  

In Brookfield, all players, coaches and spectators must wear a mask at all times at the facility.  This is why our players have been wearing masks at practice.  

At home games, players and parents must wear masks to and from the field from the parking lot.  All players should come to the field with their equipment on or put their equipment on in the parking lot.  

Parents, it is my preference that you wear your masks anytime you are on our home field.  But, the choice is yours once you get to the field and are socially distanced from any non family member.  

Finally, please take your players temperature the morning of the game.  If they have a fever or have any Covid symptoms please do not come to the game.  I have to certify to these items prior to every game.  Please take this serious and be ready to confirm when you arrive at the games.

As for our preparation for these initial games, well, it is a work in process.  The players have done a great job in our limited practice opportunities and my hope is that they will have fun and improve everytime they come to the field. 

Please encourage your players to run fast!!!  When in doubt ... RUN!!!!




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Great First Week
by posted 04/03/2021

Hello Parents and Players.

Today was a great day of practice.  Players had great focus.  The two hours flew by.  

Today we split up by team. Registration at the Lightning level has picked up and as a result we will have a stand alone Lightning team. This is a great development. Our Juniors and Lightning teams will continue to practice on the same days and times.  We will work on our skill development together and will then split up by team. 

Lightning plays 7 vs 7 on a short field. Juniors play 10 vs 10 on the giant field. The Juniors learned today how big that field is. Learning to play as a team on both offense and defense will take time. 

This coming week we will practice Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 7:00. 

Have a great Easter!!!!

Jim Strub


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by posted 03/31/2021


Hello Lightning and Junior Parents and Players:

What a great turnout the last two practices.  Thank you to all the parents for attending the parent meeting last night.  As discussed, please let me know if you have any questions.  The players are doing a great job following direction from the coaches.  

Practice Thursday April, 1 is CANCELLED.

Our next practice will be this Saturday April 3, from 10:00 - 12:00.  Depending on how cold it is we may end closer to 11:30.

Also, a big thank you to our assistant coaches who probably see lots of youth lacrosse players running in circles when they close their eyes.

Saturday, the Juniors will work together to understand life on the big field.  It is a long run from one end to the other!!!  And, our Lightnings will work together on some team concepts that they can use on the smaller field.

Saturday we start learning how to SHARE.  Share the ball on offense and share responsibilities on defense.  




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2021 COVID protocols
by posted 03/22/2021


Litchfield Hills Youth Lacrosse:  COVID Protocol, 2021 Season

In order to play the 2021 lacrosse season, the following protocols must be followed by coaches, players, and parents:

Player Responsibilities:
1  All players will wear masks when they come to and from the fields and while on the bench.  Masks will not be required during the flow of the game.
2 Players will do their best to socially distance (while masked) on the benches by maintaining a minimum of three feet distance, as feasible.
3 Players will supply their own water bottles.  Water bottles are not to be shared under any circumstances.
4 Players will not share equipment.
5 Players will not attend team functions if they have any symptoms on the COVID checklist.
6 Any player that misses a team function because of illness may only return to practice if they:
have a doctor’s note clearing them to play, OR
have a negative PCR COVID test
7 Players will report to their coach if they have been contact-traced or considered a close contact for a COVID-positive individual at their school, family, work, etc.
8 Players will report to the coach if they have received a positive COVID test.
9 10% of High School players (chosen at random) will obtain a negative COVID test in weeks where our opponents require such a test.

Coaches Responsibilities:
1 Coaches will wear masks while coaching and on the benches.
2 Coaches will take and maintain attendance for all practices and games using the COVID checklist.
3 Coaches will respect the wishes of our opponents regarding COVID protocol.  (This includes players wearing masks on the field if our opponents request that protocol.)
4 Coaches will enforce player responsibilities, including mask-wearing, equipment sharing, etc.

Family / Spectator Responsibilities:
1 Family units (who live in the same household) may watch the games, unmasked and without social distancing, as long as they are six feet away from other spectators.
2 Spectators must be masked walking to and from the fields.
3 Spectators must stay at least six feet apart while watching the game unmasked.  If this is not possible, masks must be worn.


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