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Game Tonight CANCELLED
by posted 08/04/2020

Good Afternoon,

The decision was made to cancel tonight's game. We will be playing tomorrow. It was touchy all day and my preference is to always wait until we have the most information available before disrupting the schedule but unfortunately, the league did not want to hold off any longer. All Dover Baseball was cancelled due to the likely impact of this storm. 

We will play tomorrow at Beckwith at 5:30, will still have batting practice/infield prior to the game so I am planning on getting there at 4:30 for anyone who is available to arrive a little early. Our second game will also be pushed back, but nothing was finalized prior to this for this exact reason. If I were to bet, then I would say that if we win, we will play Saturday morning at 9. If we lose, it will be Friday at 5:30, but that is just for planning purposes, not official. If this is a problem for anyone, please let me know asap. If we are not going to have enough players either day, I need to begin to plead our case for a different day if possible.

Thanks for your patience and we'll go get em tomorrow.


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by posted 08/03/2020

Good Morning Everyone,

I want to start off by saying again how proud I am of all the kids and how they pulled together Saturday Night. The coaches stressed the importance of that game and what it could mean for the playoffs etc. and they all responded well and we put together one of our best games all year with contributions from everyone.

The good news is that we captured the 3 seed, which saves us an extra game and makes our chances of advancing far better. Our first game is scheduled for tomorrow evening. If we win, we likely play Friday, lose and we play Thursday. I won't go too far past that as the tree has a few branches from there but for planning purposes this week, I wanted to give you a sense of where things stand. Either way, we will play two games this week and hopefully continue into the following week.

Having said that, there is obviously a storm coming up the coast that may impact the whole tournament. When I know something, you will know it too but please keep your eyes open for any communication from the league. My sense is that if there is any cancellations then everyone will move a day later, with the possibility of playing on Saturday. The way the tournament works is that games need to basically go in an order because of all the variations based on winning/losing but that will ultimately be a league call.

If we have any significant breaks in between games (for instance if we win our first two, there will be 5 days before we play again) I will look to schedule a practice, or maybe rent out Hilltop again just to keep everyone fresh.

I am looking forward to this week, the boys have worked hard all year and I am excited to keep playing our best ball. Any questions please feel free to reach out.



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Practice Today
by posted 07/29/2020

Hey Everyone,


heads up that we may not use the full two hours tonight. So if you are planning on dropping off and picking up, I am likely going to end around 7. Should be a hot one and we just played last night so we will work on a few things that need to be cleaned up and call it a night. Thanks. Tim

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by posted 07/27/2020

Good Morning All,


Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Looking forward to getting back out there with everyone this week. We have a game on Tuesday, practice Wednesday and game on Saturday. All are 5:30 starts. I know that the Saturday game was a time change so want to make sure everyone got that. Please let me know if anyone will not be available at either game as soon as you can, Nolan won't be there Tuesday so trying to make the pieces fit as we speak.

I believe everyone received the email from the league that we will be running a double elimination playoff tournament starting next week. Really exciting to get a few more games in, but I know not everyone was counting on it (I personally was waiting until final word from the league before planning on them) so if you have plans for the two weeks please let me know. Game days aren't going to be established until the final standings are out this weekend so I don't have a lot of clarity yet, however, if I was to guess, the first game will be the 4th/5th place teams. Second game will be 2nd/3rd and then first place will play the winner of the 4/5 game on the third day. After that, it is all going to be dependent on results and we won't know what is next until we know if we win or lose. Based on where things stand in the league right now, we will likely be playing on one of the first two days next week, and then possibly on day 3/4 as well. Stay tuned for more but I am planning on playing once or twice next week.

Look forward to seeing everyone this week, let me know if you have any questions.


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by posted 06/23/2020

Good Morning Team,

Can't wait for the game tonight, it should be a lot of fun. I wanted to share with you that I am going to try to use an app called Game Changer to keep the scorebook tonight and for the whole season. We will see how it goes as it is an experiment for me, but have heard good things. One of the advantages of it is that it will have live scoring for anyone who wants to follow along. I know with schedules, a family member may not be able to make it to the game, or if there are grandparents etc who would like to be there but can't due to the circumstances. With this app, they can still follow along pitch by pitch.

I am not great at tech advice, but you can go to your device's app store and search Game Changer Team Manager (green logo with GC on it) and download the app. When you open it, search for our team, Collins Sport Center. If you request to be a family member of your son, I will approve it (not sure this is necessary as I set it up for all fans to watch, but certainly as a parent, please do)

Next step is to click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen. Select the in progress game and you will be able to watch pitch by pitch. Hopefully this will add a little extra enjoyment for all the friends and family that can't attend. I will try not to mess it up too badly!

Please note, for the time being, I will continue to communicate through the Dover Baseball Website and the Sports Illustrated app that houses our alerts from the league, so this will be for live scoring/stats only and won't be mandatory for anyone. I know how valuable storage space can be on phones so no worries if you don't have the app. 

See you tonight.



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